Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Hoon, and Hwang In Yeob Showcase Enchantment in Poster and Stills of The Sound of Magic

Magic is in the air in the first posters and stills for the upcoming Netflix drama The Sound Magic with Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, and Hwang In Yeob. March and April does not have any Netflix K-dramas on deck so The Sound of Magic arriving on May 5th will be the first one in a few months and it looks really pretty. Like a Harry Potter-esque magical vibe with a student encountering a maybe real magician in a life changing way. Ji Chang Wook looks really convincing and charismatic as the magician and Choi Sung Wun and Hwang In Yeob bring the fresh student vibes to the table.


Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Hoon, and Hwang In Yeob Showcase Enchantment in Poster and Stills of The Sound of Magic — 10 Comments

  1. I really like the 3 actors. I didn’t like Beyond Evil, but the actress was great. When Hwang In-Yeob will stop playing student role? He’s 31 years old!

    I really like JCW’s style for this drama.

    • The industry is so competitive… Hwang In-Yeob must be so happy to be part of a Netflix project with a interesting storyline. Why should his age matter? Him looking young is his advantage!

      • Because he played a highschool student in 18 again, True Beauty, The Sound of Magic and a college student in Why Her.

        He’s not only about his age but the diversity of his roles.

  2. I liked the poster with the blue background looked enchanting.

    But I am not a fan of the male lead. Haven’t watched a single project of his. And same with the second male lead.

    But I like the actress who is still quite new but seem capable. I hope this does well for her career’s sake.

    Will probably check out the first episode because I like anything magical. If done right, I might even continue watching despite the male leads.

    There really isn’t much Kdramas to choose nowadays. Most are just too depressing or dull..

    • While JCW picked indeed quite a lot of dull projects which can be ignored easily, not to watch ‘Healer’ is a really a shame! Maybe you want to give it a try in spite of him?

  3. The posters really looks good, but I will be waiting for good reviews before watching.
    It’s interesting to note that K-dramas are gearing towards fantastic plotlines without relying on romance as the selling point eg. Tomorrow, Tale of Nine Tail S2.

  4. Netflix have really help push the K-Drama industry to thee next level. I may not enjoy all their projects but I certainly look forward to every single projects. Now, Apple is investing in these area too… That will be fun to watch.

  5. Missed JCW. The last drama of his that I watched was MMS which I regret even finishing but I still like him. Hope this one will be fun.

  6. I like JCW in Empress Ki. Thought he was really hot in K2 and Healer. Lol. Likeable in Suspicious Partner but post military I have not watched any of his dramas. He does look a bit thin in the face here. Please look after yourself Wookie. Will catch the first two episodes to see how it goes.

  7. finally a ji chang wook drama i look forward to! his last projects were disasters. hope this drama can boost his domestic popularity because i think he is a good actor despite his hallyu status overshadowing his talent.

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