Rising Actor Kim Min Kyu Breaks Out with Second Male Lead in A Business Proposal and Picks Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One as His Ideal Role

Breakouts happen in K-drama land only when the right actor/actress meets the right role, it’s tough and I appreciate it moreso because it introduces me to someone I may not have noticed otherwise. The latest breakout is Kim Min Kyu thanks to SBS drama A Business Proposal, he was the least famous of the four leads so definitely got a much needed boost of visibility. He needs to strike while the iron is hot and for the post drama media interviews he admitted that his looks are neither that handsome nor that not handsome, so he can play either a nice guy or a bad guy and slip into the role visually. For his future challenges, he was really taken with Nam Joo Hyuk‘s character in Twenty Five, Twenty One and really wants to play that kind of role if its offered to him.


Rising Actor Kim Min Kyu Breaks Out with Second Male Lead in A Business Proposal and Picks Nam Joo Hyuk in Twenty Five, Twenty One as His Ideal Role — 28 Comments

    • We’re talking a four year difference in their friendship, Which he waited on for 2-3 years. I think the media should focus on something else,like why the end was so bad…

  1. This guy is fireworks. Honestly I find him way more interesting and the sky is the limit. 25-20 was just boring for my liking but maybe it had some sort of attachment for koreans from the 90s but other then that didn’t like the show.

  2. Nam Joo Hyuk is very good actor; he showed a wide range of emotions in Twenty Five Twenty One.
    I agree with Kim Min-kyu about his choice.
    I really am rooting for Min-kyu to get a leading role in a romcom. He is adorable and entertaining. I think he’ll be good in a drama, too.

  3. that’s three actors who have mentioned nam joo hyuk in the last few weeks as their role model/someone to watch – choi byung chan, kim sejeong’s lil bro in abp, lee do hyun, and now kim min kyu.

    kim min kyu seemed very charming in abp. hope he gets a lot out of its success.

      • he may not have explicitly called him a role model, but saying a role njh played is his ideal role means he thought njh did exceptionally well in said role. that he picked a role njh played is still credit to njh.

  4. He mentioned in another interview that he is doing 1 more drama and enlisting. The timing is just not great for him as the 19 months away will surely see the rise of alot of new actors especially with the amount of content Korea is producing now. Suspect this is one of the reasons why ABP cannot renew for a second season and a new actor will need to be casted. It will be 2024 before KMG comes out.

    • I’m not sure a second season would have worked for ABP since the ending felt like an ending and they would have to create all sorts of obstacles for the second season. And the other 3 actors will have other projects. I can feel Seol Inah getting a primetime lead soon. I hope Kim Min-kyu’s next drama is a hit.

      • I hope when he is back from military service he can reunite with Seol In Ah in another drama. Their chemistry is off the chart! Both were excellent as the second lead couple.

  5. His looks are totally in the handsome category! What is he talking about?! I love hearing about other actors watching dramas. I wonder what he thought of the ending. LOL

  6. his craft is not that nuance in acting as for me he is the least my fav in terms of acting performances among 4 actor, so it’s justified. He was decent in snowdrop, might be he suit roles which require more intense roles, as he is not that subtle. His handsomeness is not the problem as I think his face is on par with the likes of some handsome actor who has more pupularity.

  7. Best wishes to KMK. He has bad luck in timing. Sad to see him enlist soon. Fandom building is very tricky business. Ahn Bo Hyun is another actor that lacks strong fanbase though his MPD drama is doing well in ratings. He and Jo Bo Ah didn’t manage to enter top ten drama actors on good data buzz ranking in April but MPD managed to enter top ten drama list.

    • JBA is weak in generating chemistry with her male leads. Thats why her romantic dramas seldom do well. Glad MPD is doing well in ratings despite a lack of buzz. Even on dramabeans, theres few comments there posted on MPB. That said switching her out to Kim So Yeon in the Tale of Nine Foxes is a super odd choice… I liked ABH alot in My Name but still 50/50 on him being a romantic lead. Did noy feel his chem with KGE on Yumi’s cells either. That casting for My 19th Life is pretty odd. Seo Kang Joon would have been the perfect lead to Shin Hye Sun. Hes a closer description to the ML in dource material. Too bad hes in the army now.

      • I’m rooting for SIG to be SHS’s ML-chaebol heir who lost memory in car accident sounded awfully familiar. In the other OP, I mentioned how he cameo in Oh My Ghost in which SHS played JJS’s younger sis in a wheelchair. I had wanted his sous chef Edward Seo to flirt with SHS’ char instead of an extra playing the receptionist. SHS was also in High School King of Savvy as Go Yoon Joo a member of the Retail Team that IG’s director Lee Hyung Suk presided over. Both of them had two missed opportunities to work as leads together. SHS’s comedic skills would match IG’s impeccable comedic timing perfectly. Their age and looks would match too.

  8. He captivates me in his role in Snowdrop. And now, he became so stunning in his role in Business Proposal. His dimples and tone of voice make my heart melts. Way to go, oppa!

  9. I have loved him as an actor for years now. He’s just so adorable. Why did it take so long for him to catch his star. Find a great role for this talented actor.

  10. The Baek Yi Jin we saw Nam Joo Hyuk deliver is very different from the original script. In the interviews, the cast mentioned how the original BYJ was a tsundere, but NJH provided the team with his own ideas to transform BYJ into the role we see on-screen. I think if anyone else was cast into the role of BYJ, the audience wouldn’t have been enamored the same way they became enamored with NJH’s BYJ. They may end up loving the original script’s BYJ, but NJH’s BYJ was his own. I’m not an actor, but I respect that NJH was able to deliver his own take on BYJ and show tremendous growth in his craft since his School 2015 days.

    • i couldn’t agree more. also worth noting: the tunnel scene where he breaks down after reading the graffiti on the wall, arguably the highlight of his performance, was something he came up with on his own without any guidance from the director. the director told him to do whatever he wants, and that the rest of the crew and tae ri would follow his cue. the result speaks for itself. nam joo hyuk is the reason why baek yi jin has become such an iconic character.

  11. when i first watched the clips of business proposal, i really thought kim min kyu was the lead but later while watching series, it took me 2 episodes to realize that he is the 2nd lead….. he was too good for the 2nd lead and i almost mistook him for JK coz of his spectacles. I really want to see him as a lead in a drama…

  12. I don’t know who told him he wasn’t handsome or what scale people use to qualify that word, but he is adorably gorgious and the cutest with those dimples. Kdrama has a diamond if y’all continue to act up send them to USA . Asian Kings are spectacular artists and businessmen.

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