Lee Min Ho Poses for the W Magazine But Keeps His Distance and Lets His Artistic Side Speak

It’s been two decades since Lee Min Ho entered K-ent and he’s still challenging himself and keeping in the headlines. His latest project the prestige show Pachinko streaming on Apple Plus adapted from the same name book is a critical darling, the feedback is good to glowing and shines a halo on the emotional core of existing through a turbulent period. Lee Min Ho isn’t the center of the story but he’s performed as required to match the performances of the three female leads who play the central role of Sun Ja in her young, adult, and older woman iterations. His latest pictorial for W Korea continues the long locked look he’s been sporting for the last three months but throws a quieter moody aura to wrap him in a sense of solace.


Lee Min Ho Poses for the W Magazine But Keeps His Distance and Lets His Artistic Side Speak — 13 Comments

  1. I am opening a can of worms. No one here is trashing Lee Min Ho’s acting in Pachinko. He must be doing okay. LOL. I think I can be an unbiased critic of his acting. Pachinko is his first work that I’ve watched. Not interested in his other high school dramas. International critics have nothing but praise for his portrayal of Koh Hansu.

    Anyone who says Lee Min Ho can’t act should watch Pachinko ep 4. He has Sunja brought to his office in a last-ditch effort to get her to stay. His low tone voice climbs from sweet-talking, intimidation, insults to rage. His eyes burn with hate after Sunja leaves in disgust.

    In ep 6 he tells his wife nonchalantly that another woman has given him something that she couldn’t: a son. LMH brings out the dark, self-centered and cruel side of Hansu. Want to slap him. BTW, Variety has Pachinko as one of the contenders for Emmys 2022.

    • I feel like his acting has gotten more nuanced over the years, and I’m here for it. He’s never been the best actor, but he’s not as terrible as everyone is saying he is, in my opinion. Loving the improvement!

    • For me, he doesn’t have the charisma for this kind of role, seductive and dangerous. But to be honest, I found the scenes of in the past the least interesting. Apple promoted a lot this drama but I don’t think the praising is right. The way they decided to tell the story is making the story lacking heart. I didn’t read the book, but I don’t really care about the characters in the drama.

      • @Sayaris That’s fair. I personally just like this improved version of LMH compared to before when his acting feels more.. acting-y, if that makes sense lol.
        I get what you’re saying, but he exceeded my expectations is all

    • The Emmy staff is the same promo style they do with Squid Game. Netflix or Apple don’t care about anything else but to get more subscribers. Disney followed the same formula but they did make a mistake for allowing it to be broadcasted on the local platform.

      Lee Minho did improve. It would be too harsh to say that he didn’t but his performance is still lacking compared to the top performers even with those younger than him. Set aside Apple’s intention on lobbying him for Emmy nominations, it’s also a fact quality standards of dramas of American or western productions has been surpassed by Korean productions.

      Although I have different opinion on Korean films. I fell they still have some catching up to do. But if they’ll be given opportunity to access similar amount of production budget, I believe they’ll surpassed Hollywood in no time.

      • Except Pachinko is an American production…..

        Apple is definitely pushing Pachinko for Emmys but I don’t know if they’ll throw their weight behind LMH for best supporting actor. They might go for the Solomon actor instead if they choose to go for that category.

        I think LMH is doing well in Pachinko. It’s definitely the meatiest role he has taken so far. He does have acting talent but he’s been cruising for too long. He needs to take on more Pachinko-like roles and less of that Kim Eunsook stuff.

    • Para hacer una crítica constructiva hay que ver la psicología de los personajes en Pacheco, Hansu es un hombre qué no demuestran totalmente sus sentimientos porque piensa que es eso lo hace vulnerable, la interpretación se denota en los tonos de voz en la mirada en una leve sonrisa cuando ve a Sunja, el utiliza su traje con un caparazón. La serie es la fortaleza que tiene la protagonista femenina para sortear las dificultades que se presentan en su camino nos demuestra el empoderamiento de esta mujer para salir adelante

  2. His performance is going viral on tiktok and reels expecially that scene he dumped sunja that was pregnant for him… I hope he gets nominated for emmy.. Mark this.. But I have to say that lady that played sunja is just wowwww

  3. I’m really liking Pachinko! It’s not completely faithful to the book, but the screen adaption is just as riveting. I didn’t really have any expectations of LMH’s acting in this show, so I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s not doing too badly. For sure, the actresses (young Sunja and old Sunja) are the show-stoppers, but LMH is holding his own. I’m glad he has decided to take on more challenging roles, though he still has a long way to go. Getting there, slowly but surely!

    • I really like LMH to get that award, he was great in Pachinko , that was his biggest assets, and the popular celebrity in the film industry .

  4. Apple should push Kim Min Ha (teenage Sunja) for best supporting actress, but I don’t see her name mentioned anywhere. Maybe it’s politics since she’s still a rookie. it’s a long shot for Pachinko to be nominated for Best drama since Squid Game is also in the category. No one can beat Squid Game.

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