Yoon Eun Hye Signs Publishing Contract to Release Collection of Essays and Hand Drawn Illustrations About Her Life

It’s little news but good news with respect to Yoon Eun Hye and I’ll take what little public works she wants to engage in these days. She’s signed a contract with a publishing house and is working on a collection of essays with accompanying hand drawn illustrations that will chronicle her ordinary life. I’m not surprised she can do this as she is industry known for being quite artistic in both penmanship, drawing, and design. For her fans it’s definitely something I’m sure there will be interest for, but those who like her as an actress will be waiting a bit longer for any return to the screen. She is reportedly fielding offers still but nothing definite on any film or drama comeback on the radar.


Yoon Eun Hye Signs Publishing Contract to Release Collection of Essays and Hand Drawn Illustrations About Her Life — 56 Comments

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  2. She should play at least second lead or preferably in weekend drama to make a comeback.
    We can only see her in her YouTube channel or some variery shows.

    • The Korean Wikipedia page for KBS’s upcoming weekender 삼남매가 용감하게 (The Three Siblings are Brave), to be written by Kim In-young of The Equator Man, claims YEH has been cast as the older sister of Lee Jang-woo. Wikipedia editors tend to get those casting rumors right a few times (they correctly predicted Cha Ye-ryun’s casting for Golden Mask so I suspect there are leakers from the production outfits among them), but one can hope YEH can finally stage a comeback.

    • Yes i agree she should be in weekend drama like Once Again or My Father is Strange. I love that drama. The rating is good

  3. Isn’t she copied people’s ideas before? By the way, isn’t she and Son Ye Jin very closed before? What actually happened that they both are drifted apart?

    • @Sirey Yes her and SYJ were besties, and her first celebrity friend. MooN ChW was also besties with SYJ, and they drifted since then. SYJ said she had no celeb pals back then, & I wonder if it was her personality or people who grew apart?

      • Ohhh didn’t know SYJ was besties with YEH & MoonChW before. Wonder why they drifted apart. Perhaps it is a competitive industry.

      • Never thought she and MCW were besties. I think they were close agency mates but never really bffs the same way SYJ and LMJ are. YEH and SYJ became close because they were mutual friends in Song Yoonah and Sol Kyungu. A few years back when SYJ was asked if she and YEH still kept in touch she said they had lost contact.

    • @Umijane, she didn’t copied anyone , she just made some outfits for a chinese show and a korean stylist accused her of plagiarism . But she named all the creators who inspired her . At that time she was popular and her reaction was more a western one than an asian one as she didn’t apologize as she didn’t do anything wrong . BUt knetizens called her an arrogant girl and she became a persona non grata . Until this day , i still think that she was too severely treated as some did very bad things and resume their career . Double standards . She used to be a friend of Son Ye Jin and she even helped her with a fan meeting in 2010 . What happened , i don’t know . Son Ye Jin Became friends with Lee Min Jung who is Lee Byung Hun’s wife . I don’t like him as he did harm to Yoon Eun Hye with a sexist comment about her as he gave her a score of 9/10 . YEH is a religious person and she found comfort in it . Now she seems to be more happy and healthier than before . She has a good friendship with Kim Jae Wook, Choi Si Won, all the members of Baby V.o.x , she was in a show with veteran actress Goo Da Shim and the actress who acted as her mother in law in Goong like her very much, but she is a very private person . Thoese who tend to minimize who she was , have amnesia ,she was the first actress to win the baeksang award of best actress in 2008, the younger one to be the highest paid, she endorsed during some years Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, L’oréal professionnal, LG, she was a sold out girl, she is part of the hallyu’s legend .Even Gong Yoo stated that she gave him the strengh to pursue his career at a time he was losing interest . Fun fact she endorsed with Hyun Bin the Basic House campaign of 2009 . I stand by her .

      • I always have a feeling the real SYJ is not the persona she crafted for all to see. You know the girlish, smiley, nation’s first love. I once happened to watch a youtube video of 2005 or 2006 Blue Dragon award show. The camera panned to the smiling faces of the attendees including Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Seung Gi and a leery Lee Byung Hun. There was a famous girl band performing a much loved pop song. Everyone was smiling or clapping showing respect as the camera zeroed in on them except SYJ who rolled her eyes and remained grumpy face. It was a fleeting moment but very telling of her real personality. Not surprised YEH being a devout believer of her faith would not want to associate with anyone related to LBH.

      • I agree! YEH is very genuine.

        Son Ye Jin on the other hand.. Hyun Bin, RUN and divorce her as soon as you can.

      • Son Yejin has been a friend of Lee Min Jung way before she married Lee Byung Hun. Their friendship has started since Lee Min Jung joined MS Team in 2009 and at that time, she there were only 2 of them in the agency. They are also same age.

        And then, in 2010, Moon Chaewon joined MS Team and the company became 3 actresses agency until she left in 2016. I’m a long time fan of Moon Chaewon, so I can tell you all for sure that Son Ye Jin is not her best friend. She never said it because they were not close. Son Ye Jin is her senior. Her sunbae whom she look up to as an actress.. who helped her with some advices in acting especially during ‘The Princess’ Man’ days. And that’s all about it. But people always easily go around making claim about this and that actresses are besties blabla just because one attended one’s event or mentioned about the other. It’s always ?. Especially the one above who made a bold claimed about Chaewon being besties with SYJ when she can’t even write Chaewon’s name properly. Who is Moon ChW? *facepalm*

      • @who knows I just want to correct your exaggerated and misleading comment. It made me curious so I tenaciously searched for that certain YouTube video you’ve mentioned. Considering the time frame, you’re most probably pertaining to Wonder Girl’s special stage of their hit song Nobody at the 2008 Blue Dragon Awards. As expected, YJS and LSG weren’t there since it’s obviously an award show for movie actors. It’s true that SYJ showed a poker face (which is kinda funny because 14 years later, she ended up working with Ahn Sohee in Thirty-Nine), but she didn’t roll her eyes, more like she blinked her eyes twice. And it’s not only her, but other actors like So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul, and Song Yoon Ah also displayed similar expressions. The only actors who seemed to genuinely enjoy the performance were Kim Hye Soo, Han Ye Seul, and Lee Mi Yeon. Anyway, just like what you’ve said, it’s just a fleeting moment where the camera caught their faces for a few seconds, so to judge someone’s real personality based on those frames is a bit too much. These actors might have managed to put small smiles on their faces in other parts of the performance.

    • @ Na. Why are you so mean to curse people to divorce each other. Son Ye Jin & Yoon Eun Hye drifted apart doesn’t mean Son Ye Jin or Yoon Eun Hye are bad person. Maybe due to personality and characters that cause the friendship to be distance.

      I grew up with my childhood friend since 5 years old. But after going through different high school and different careers, we actually not that close anymore because we liked and enjoyed different stuffs. But we still catch up maybe 1-2 times a year to maintain our decades long friendship.

      • syj used to be known as queen of hot scenes for her daring bed scenes in april snow and white night two movies frequently mentioned in p*rn sites. she also had a bed scene with yeon woo jin in 39 but it was cut upon her request as it was near her wedding time. so she strikes me as the type of person to be morally ambigious for the sake of art. anything goes. maybe that’s why religious yeh and her drifted apart.

  4. She is just “One Hit Wonder” actress. I think she didn’t have good EQ to bring her career to a secure level. If she is starting over it is a bit too late because of her age.

  5. I feel like even though she’s got acting talent, she just isn’t that into acting anymore and that’s okay. If she’s got enough money (through savings and her variety appearances) to live comfortably and also pursue her interests, then she’s doing well.

    I’m curious about her ordinary life – the ordinary life of a person who doesn’t have to work a regular schedule.

    • I think she’s more happier behind the camera.
      Being an owner of a management agency (J’army), although isn’t as big as YG etc., and owning some properties doesn’t make her have to earn her money like other people with office hours work. Something she’s enjoyed it very much.
      After spending her life being the bread winner as a member of girl band and an actress, it’s time for her to explore other talents.

      For other comments, say as much (negativities) as you can cause she won’t be defined by your prejudice

    • While she is not as active before, I’m sure a lot of actors/actresses would kill to have her career. Goong and Coffee Prince are massive hits and still mentioned until now. People forget how big she was back then. I agree with you in that she may not be into acting nowadays and that is fine. She is pursuing other creative interests.

  6. So much negativity…

    Anywayzzz, always waiting for a drama from her…. Enjoy what you like doing. If I had the stability to do all that I want without having to “work”, I would too… so let her do what she wants…. She is busy with other things… she even filmed a music video…

    • She did all, even the story board ! The mv came out very well and it suits the beautiful song . To @vegaspink , i still read all the comments on Soompi .

      • Haven’t been in soompi in so long…. Maybe I will stop by from time to time…

        A lot of us YEH fans are not as active anymore, esp in soompi but some of us have groups in twitter..

    • Sorry to disagree with you. I don’t find her beautiful. She’s average looking. She looks better in short hair. Long hair made her look old & haggard. I think she aged badly compared to Son Ye Jin, Gong Hye Jin, Lee Min Jung.

      • I agree with you, she age badly but she’s very beautiful in her youth days. I still think she’s pretty although she might not meet the standards like Son Ye Jin, GHJ, and LMJ in many eyes. I personally think GHJ, SYJ, and LMJ are pretty but they still look old. To me YEH is beautiful like Sung Yuri, KHS, and SHK. I have my own preferences. I mean no one will look young forever.

      • @Ashi Love GHJ but she certainly does NOT fit korean beauty standards lol her looks has always been quite controversial, actually. I agree with the rest of your comment, just find it interesting that you used GHJ an example of someone fitting korean beauty standards when she’s very unconventional-looking lol if anything, it’s YEH who fits korean beauty standars albeit her image in her peak was more cute/bubbly than glamorous beauty

      • It is really sad because she was really pretty when she was young even with super short hair. She still looked good in Lie to Me 2011.

        It was in I Miss You that her eyes started to look different. By the time she did Marry Me If You Dare 2013 she already looked the way she does now.

        And yes it would be a good idea if she opts for a shoulder length hair. Any longer than that really makes her haggard.

        Visual youth really is needed for actresses to remain on top. Sad but true.

      • She is lovely but i prefer her with short hair . It makes her look younger . The same for Song Hye Kyo, she looks younger with short hair . As for aging, you may be the most beautiful woman, eyes reflect your age . Except if you are Jang nara !

      • I think her current hair color has a lot do with it too. I think her hair is too warm and light for her, washing her out and aging her more.
        Probably unpopular opinion, but to me she looks the best in Lie To Me/I Miss You Era (early 2010s), her hair color back then was just a tad lighter but still had depth that kept her from looking washed out. I remember watching those dramas as a teenager and wanting so bad to look like her lol
        I still think she’s pretty though not the prettiest actress in her age bracket

  7. Hopefully Gong Yoo will choose to marry or even date her. They are getting old, and seemed very compatible. Gong Yoo’s still a superstar and hasn’t settled down. I really hope they can come out as a couple.

  8. That design show kerfluffle really did in her career. I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion and had to do more with tall poppy syndrome and wanting to pull her down. I don’t think she’ll ever be A-list again but she seems to be content and has friends in the industry.

    The thing is she is probably one of the better idol actors and had such great chemistry with all the actors she co-starred with. She actually surpassed the idol actor stigma so the whole thing is regretful.

  9. Some people in this blog are really envious of Son Ye Jin. Probably because they want what Son Ye Jin has for their bias and for themselves. Ya’ll stay pressed while Son Ye Jin continues to win at life and career.

    • You’re a true Son Ye Jin stand. I see you bash every other actress but is so protective over your favorite. You’re so desperate and ignorant. Son Ye Jin should be glad she has a fan like you.

      • And you are also a true Song Hye Kyo’s fans to always responded to anything about Son Ye Jin even in the things that not related to your bias. It’s like a pot calling the kettle black. You are no different ???

      • @Rara Another desperate fan is also here to protect Son Ye Jin and Penny girl. What is so funny is why you all associate everyone who has a different opinion a Song Hye Kyo fan? Show how pathetic you are as well. It seem like all Son Ye Jin fans are too proud and some gotta fake bring her name in anything that has nothing to do with her. Just to get some gaslight so they can rave how beautiful and young looking she is. Lol I’m waiting to hear you’re so jealous of Son Ye Jin that’s why you make such remark about her. No gonna waste my times on some narcissist and desperate fans.

      • @Rara LOL my as off at how lame you Son Ye Jin fans are. ????? I didn’t know a little saying will hurt your heart so much.

      • Ups! Someone got triggered LOL

        I don’t have to response to your replies as your replies already tell that much about your fandom ?‍♀️

    • It’s funny how this post has nothing to do with her except that she was mentioned as one of YEH’s old friends and suddenly you got comments judging her personality from one video from a 10+ years ago, her association with LBH/LMJ and someone asking HB to divorce her.

      • Antis sick of SYJ stans putting her on a pedestal. Just taking her down a notch. Two baeksang awards she won are probably for showing her chesty parts out. My wife got married and April snow had very glowing critical reviews. Lol.

      • 13 min in all male viewers in cinemas crane their necks ala basic instinct moment. Her 18+ rated movies are hot man. LOL.

  10. Wish to see more from her acting though. She’s not very lucky in picking drama and movie. But i guess, some other actresses and actors are also having high and low in drama ratings. I’m just glad she’s still active behind the scene and doing some variety shows. I just wish to see her in Sixth Sense or Running Man or having her own show like Youn’s kitchen, or maybe get invited to that show.
    Her stars hasn’t faded. She’s got an avid fan base even though not as many as idols’s fan but still enough to cheer for her. Her soompi forum still active and her fans still updates on her news from time to time. But of course as a fan, I am greedy. I want to watch she acts in a drama with Gong Yoo again. Their chemistry is out of this world. Still got butterfly whenever i watch Coffee Prince. Too bad there’s no Kdrama as good as Goong and CP these days.
    To haters, we don’t care if you dislike YEH because her fans love her so much and will always be loyal to her. Your harsh words don’t matter because our girl is well loved by her previous cast mate and crews and by her friends.

  11. She seems to be happy and content with her life right now, she probably doesn’t care as much if she ever stars in another hit drama?

  12. I don’t think that she wants to be a Top actress anymore . As she stated that she suffered a lot during all the time she worked. She was really happy when she did Coffee Prince and the others actors of the drama seem to have feel the same . She had as much fans as she had antis . She suffered from bodyshaming, and many others things . It’s not that she doesn’t want to act anymore but perhaps the roles aren’t appealing enough . And she was the breadwinner for years, now she can do the things that she likes as cooking, directing, drawing ,…and enjoying life … and she stills waiting for the destined one ! I do admire her for being able to overcome all the hardships . I do admire Park Shin Hye for being able to put aside her successfull career to get married and have a child when she stills young , I do admire Shin Min Ah for standing by her man during his illness ,…

    • I wish the same for yeh. To get married and have kids. She will be a great omma and wife. Her husband is going to be so lucky with 5 star meal every day. Please God let 2022 be a good year for yeh!

    • “It’s not that she doesn’t want to act anymore but perhaps the roles aren’t appealing enough”

      Yup, I think she takes her time to find the right role, that’s if she still interesting in acting.
      After already been at the peak of her career as an actress before, she doesn’t have to prove to anyone about her “capabilities” (again).
      Popularity/fandom and money aren’t what she’s looking for right now. She’s been there before and done with it.
      So when people said she should starting her acting career from the bottom again I just laugh. She doesn’t care about all that. Being happy with the life she choses (doing what she loves) and still communicates with her fans are her priorities right now.

  13. She has her priorities sorted out now. After years of working her bones off, suffered from physical and emotional traumas, she’s finally taking charge of her life. She’s not looking for fame anymore. She had it and it nearly kills her self-esteem. She’s moving forward to another phase of her life. She wants peace, freedom to choose, freedom to say no and to explore/indulge in her creative endeavour. I can’t never understand why people are bent on comparing her to other actresses. She’s beautiful, crazy talented, received numerous awards and accolades. The only thing that differs her from others is she doesn’t want to be in toxic limelight anymore. She had it and it nearly destroy her life. Also, people saying she’s not pretty anymore…? Honey, that’s life. Aging is normal. I’m glad that YEH is still a beautiful woman and hey, she’s still in her 30’s for crying out loud.

  14. YEH is very pretty even though she’s not aging very well. The audacity of these people ? comparing her to other actresses like SYJ and others. I wonder do you guys think that everyone sees beauty in the same light. Not to be mean but I think YEH is a very lovely actress and she is prettier than those actress being name here.

  15. So the trolls and antis are now not just envious of Son Ye Jin herself but of how much her fans love her? Lol. I can’t with some people, they’re too funny. Lol.

  16. Why are some people taking issue with how much Son Ye Jin’s fans love her? Lol. I can’t with some people, they’re too funny. Lol.

  17. I always lament her fall from grace. She had a lot of potential being the youngest Baeksang Best TV Actress awardee. It’s regretful how the Koreans were so uptight about the supposed plagiarism yet they were still watching killers and rapists on their screen. Unfortunately her time has passed, I just hope that she has enough to lead a comfortable and happy life.

  18. She can still bring it if she’ll be given a good material. Sadly, people are too easy to cancel her yet there are other artists (mostly male) who did way much worse yet are openly accepted as if they have done no wrong. I guess being a nice person made her an easy target of hate and envy. What a shame. People should start cutting her some slack. Seriously.

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