Lee Jun Ki Tests Positive for COVID-19, Filming Halted on Currently Airing SBS Fri-Sat Night Drama Again My Life

Oh noes, get well soon Lee Jun Ki! His agency announced this week that he tested positive for COVID-19 and will be in quarantine until he’s recovered. Filming for his currently airing second chance drama Again My Life will be halted since he’s the male lead and basically in most of the scenes. The drama is actually gaining traction, with ratings in the second week going up to 8.1% and 7.0% from the prior week. The production has added that there will be no disruption to the airing so likely there is enough footage banked for episodes to air and the live filming to catch up. I watched the first episode and really like it so hopefully it stays good to deliver a win for this production team.


Lee Jun Ki Tests Positive for COVID-19, Filming Halted on Currently Airing SBS Fri-Sat Night Drama Again My Life — 18 Comments

  1. Praying for his speedy recovery…hope he get better soon. Anyway this is my current favorite show. It’s so great.

  2. I wish the Australian kdrama fans could see Again My Life. We can only access Netflix. Can it be on Netflix please along with many other great Kdramas? We miss out on so many terrific Korean dramas.Had been waiting for LJG s new show, now cannot access it.

  3. I hope he gets better soon. I only meant to check out the first episodes of Again my life because I am more of a romcom viewer but ended up watching up to the latest episode because I’m so curious about what’s gonna happen next. He’s got that charisma on screen and angsty action thriller is his genre nowadays. I wish he’ll do a romcom next time hopefully something with substance. He is still awesome either way. Fighting!!!!

    • U should check out his other drama called “ flowers of evil” it’s on Hulu and Viki and also “lawless lawyer” he did amazing in both

  4. Get well soon,ten members of my family had coved and they are all doing great as I know you will from a big fan in australia

  5. I hope you’ll be fine soon, remember God, your family, we your fans our here for you. God bless 우상이 배우 이준기, 아자!아자! 화이팅!❤?????(snap)(finger heart)(bang)

  6. I’m praying ? for you, just read. To get well soon. One of my favorite actors. Love this new drama. It’s so suspenfull. Prayers ? to you and your family.

  7. Please be safe Lee Joon Gi
    Love your talent,
    I am up to episode 5 “My Life again “
    I like for your work , here in Australia we can’t get everything you have done.

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