K-ent Snaps Kim Sun Ho at the Airport Returning From Thailand Filming of Sad Tropics

The return of K-actor Kim Sun Ho to his entertaining acting career is not a question of if but when, and it appears the first steps are being taken. This week he was snapped by K-ent and with lots of fans waiting for him at Incheon Airport for his return to South Korea after an extended stay in Thailand filming the movie Sad Tropics. Of all his lined up movies, this was the only one to go forward with him still as a cast member after his scandal with his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy and abortion back in October of 2021. She alleged he was a bad boyfriend, he apologized, then Dispatch went on a tear and released tons of text messages and interviews with her alleged friends and his friends to portray her as conniving and the allegations not what she claimed. In the end his reputation took a hit still as some did not believe the Dispatch counter-attack while others believed that exonerated him. In the case of he said-she said it seems apropos, but what she said about him even if fully true just made him seem focused on his budding career and a bad boyfriend, nothing that should tank his career. So this slow step return feels like it would have happened anyways and now I’m curious to see which direction he takes – it was as romantic leading man before the scandal but he could go the way of a Yoo Ah In and do diverse, indie, or serious fare and eschew the “good boy” vanilla leading man route.


K-ent Snaps Kim Sun Ho at the Airport Returning From Thailand Filming of Sad Tropics — 53 Comments

  1. Not a fan of him, but for me, it’s as simple as if the actor/actress in question didn’t really commit a crime, then I don’t give a hoot about their personal lives.
    I do understand tho that the issue here for koreans is that he had a “good boy” image, that’s why they felt betrayed. I get that.
    But for me personally, I just assume that all celebs’ public image is just that, an image, not really their real personality, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if a celeb gets “exposed” or whatever, again, unless they committed a crime lol
    So I say good for him for coming back.
    Also, saw on my feed that the fans prepared a birthday ad or something on thailand for him. I think that’s really sweet and I admire the dedication of his fans lol wish my fave has that kind of dedicated fanbase too

    • my exact sentiments too. same with syj, wouldn’t have cared about her personal life but it crossed the line for me when she ruined a drama production and endangered kjw’s life. seonho did neither so whatever, good for him

  2. Didn’t he just recently topped the poll on which male celebs koreans want to be with on black day or something like that over freaking yoo jae suk? He’s definitely still popular in korea and casting directors can’t just ignore that ?‍♀️

  3. It’s the smelling hypocrisy in the comments, why should one expect even better, it’s after all a man’s world. In other news people would come back especially when they work very hard and are just trying to do their job.
    Seems one is right never to take this comments seriously

    • It’s a man’s world? Lmao Seo ye ji has an upcoming drama after being exposed as the psych* she is and ruining a production
      LOL Don’t even pull that stupid feminism card ?
      Sorry not everyone is itching to cancel people for their personal life drama like you overly woke people ?‍♀️
      Bet you were expecting negative comments huh ?
      Well most people are sane and can separate the artist from their personal life. Cry more ?

    • Aaand here’s the twitter feminist I’m talking about ?
      What hypocrisy? Hypocrisy over what?
      And “it’s a man’s world”? Lmao Seo ye ji has an upcoming drama even after being exposed as the psyc** she is and ruining a production
      LOL Don’t even pull that st*pid feminism card ?
      Sorry not everyone is itching to cancel people for their personal life drama like you overly woke people ?‍♀️
      Bet you were expecting negative comments huh ?
      Well most people are sane and can separate the artist from their personal life. Cry more ?

      • “This is a man’s world but it would be nothing , nothing without a woman or a girl “! . For Seo Ye Ji i will say ‘ Every breath you take ” ( the song is about stalking ) I don’t care about their private life but SYJ did not separate privacy and work . That was her wrong .

      • @cahill exactly. Literally couldn’t care less about her personal life. in fact I don’t care about any of celebs personal lives but she affected a production, and like the comment above said, endangered another actor’s life, and that’s where it stopped being “personal” lol
        Funny how feminists like in these comments section are still defending her lmao
        Meanwhile whatever drama KSH has in his personal life at least he didn’t affect any production. THAT’S the difference

      • @Jo Bold of you to assume he’s my “oppar” just because I’m sick of you all feminists double standards lmao
        What other predictable words you’re going to use next, “Oppalogist” or “internalized misogyny” LMAO You all so predictable haha
        And whatever you say, at least KSH still popular and winning polls unlike your SYJ who is FINISHED LOL

      • Mmm keep clowning for your oppar. Seo Yeaji doesn’t need jobless losers to spam random polls for her. Her talent speaks for itself. Internalized misogyny indeed, glad u brought that up. So funny to see u caping for that has been. Keep up the good work. You’re really owning the feminists rn lmao

      • @Jo Blah blah blah Go back to twitter and keep worshipping that psy***
        LMAO “can act” my foot, she was literally just playing her psyc** self in IONTBO, not that hard to do ?

      • I really like both of them so kinda sucks seeing two fandoms fighting. IDK for me they both deserve second chances ?
        waiting for their comebacks and wishing them both the best

      • @SomeRando
        Sounds more like you’re the only one worshipping a psych* here. I get that defending ur oppar gets u through the day but stop foaming like a deranged maniac at the ~feminists~ & get some help

  4. There are new actors with exploding popularity who came after him and Seonho brings nothing new in terms of acting, his age range is filled with actors more popular and talented than him, his image that separated him from others turned out to be a fluke, he is still popular within his rabid fandom, but in a year he will be forgotten by the general public and even looking at his current situation he will never be able to achieve what he had just haf a year ago.

  5. Me alegra mucho, ojalá y regrese pronto, mi abuela y yo hemos visto hometown chá chá chá, estamos esperando otros proyecto de Seon Ho. Por ahora solemos ver otros dramas y programas dónde aparece Seon Ho. Queremos mucho a Seon Ho nos ha dado muchas alegrías, la experiencia linda que comparto con mi abuela y nos ha metido en este mundo de K-dramas. ?

  6. Don’t care about his personal drama but as an actor he’s nothing special. He only lucked into getting himself a rabid fanbase bcs of that boring second lead role. He can’t act and it’ll become pretty apparent in his future roles now that he can’t sell his “good boy” shtick anymore

  7. Hmm… For me the only ones who really deserve cancellation are people like seungri, yoochun, etc.
    Maybe unpopular opinion on this blog but I wouldn’t mind KSH or any of the other cancelled stars (YEH, KJH, SYJ, Jisoo, JBG) coming back again. everyone deserves a second chance as long as they didn’t do anything illegal and can change for the better

  8. Good luck to his comeback. The entire scandal was a 180 experience.

    He and his agency should choose a Netflix production for his comeback project, in order to tap into his international fan base.

  9. Even some of his fans are ashamed to admit they’re his fans. They swear they’re not his fan yet they aggressively defend him in every post of his with multiple aliases. Ain’t fooling anyone. Lmao.

    • Are you perhaps pertaining to me? Because I’m the only one on this post who claimed to be not his fan lol
      I really don’t care if you don’t believe that I’m not a fan of his. But if you read my whole comment, I did say that I don’t care about celebs’ private lives. And that applies to all celebs, not just Kim Seon Ho. I just don’t understand why people care about celebs’ personal lives and cancelling them if they’re not as squeaky-clean as the public thought they are. That’s it, really. Maybe it’s because I’m a westerner and here we don’t really expect our celebrities to be paragons of morality. If I sound like a Kim Seon Ho fan, well what can I do lol
      But my comment applies generally. Didn’t reply to the other comments because I’m not here for some weird KSH vs SYJ fanwar, didn’t even expect her name to be mentioned. Thought I’d just clarify because I’m the only one who said I’m not a Kim Seon Ho fan. I have another favorite actor, he’s very underrated and that’s why I said I wish he has half the support Kim Seon Ho has

      • Love, I wasn’t even referring to you but it’s interesting how you jumped to claim my comment for yourself and wrote a whole essay. LOL. And if you read the comments again, you’ll know the person claiming not to be his fan but aggressively defending him like their life depends on it.

      • Oh my bad then. I “jumped” because as you can see, I’m the only one who straight up said I’m not his fan, so I thought you meant me. Didn’t really mean to argue or come off as defensive

      • And yeah, don’t know what’s going on the comments above lol. Didn’t expect this to turn into some fanwar lol I was expecting some discussion about cancel culture and fans being entitled to celebs’ private lives, but alas…
        The two really have some, uh, intense fans wow

  10. I like him as a ‘ Daddy Long Leg Second ML’ in Start up.

    But in Hometown Cha Cha Cha, his acting
    was nothing groundbreaking.
    It was decent but not award worthy or something.

    For his career, I do think he deserves a second chance.
    He did not do any criminal acts . Everybody can have bad relationship problems.

  11. I’m okay with his comeback though I believe he said this movie was it for 2022. They’ll probably wait and see how it does whenever it is released to determine the next step. I think a darker Netflix original or something from another OTT service would be the best move. He’s not the greatest actor ever, but he did theater for years, I think he could play other roles. He certainly has a dedicated fanbase.

    I think there was truth to what the ex wrote. I think there was truth to the Dispatch stuff. Basically, I think neither were saints and the truth was somewhere in the middle, but at the end of the day, it was a personal matter. As long as actors are professional on set and aren’t breaking laws, I don’t care much.

    I will say I’m rather glad he had to exit 2D1N as I enjoy Na In Woo so much more.

  12. Strongly agree with the comments that say private lives are private lives and actors and actresses shouldn’t be judged for it. I mean imagine if your boss or your colleagues at your job start judging you for your personal life or your boss fires you just because you have a complicated relationship/marriage. That’s totally unfair lol
    Actors are entertainers. Show up on our screen and entertain us with their acting, that’s all I need from them. Period.
    If having an opinion that doesn’t condemn KSH to hell makes me look like a KSH fan, so be it. Don’t care ?

  13. My personal take is that it’s his personal life, and none of my business. If he can’t ride on the squeaky clean image anymore, then he’ll just have to prove his worth in actual acting. Lets be honest, there’s a ton of popular actors on screen nowadays that act worse than him. He’s not the best and he’s not the worst. I actually quite liked him when he was playing secondary roles like in Strongest Delivery Man, but haven’t been able to finish a single one where he’s been the lead. I found Hometown Cha Cha cha incredibly boring, and dropped Catch the Ghost halfway through (I mostly watched for Moon Geun Young anyway). As others have said, as long as the celebrity didn’t commit a crime, I believe in second chances. None of us are perfect, and we shouldn’t expect others to be either. I hope we offer others the same grace that we would want offered to ourselves if we ever made a mistake.

    • yes to all this! and same, never finished the dramas where he played lead. that just proves that second lead roles are more interesting than main lead roles in kdramas for some reason lmao that’s why plenty of actors got popular playing second leads (won bin the og, kim hyun joong, kim woo bin, yook sungjae, and now ksh)

  14. I really hope he will comeback in a drama. He’s a great actor. But he needs to comeback when he’s ready and not because his fans are pushing him… Not sure that he really wanted to make this movie after the scandal. Even if it was nice that PD kept him in the casting.

    • It was reported that there were other acting and ad offers, but this year he choose to concentratre on sad tropics, a movie that he is very keen to participate, and continue with some ads (glad that advertisers stood by him, knowing him personally what he is really like). Agree with you, he is a great actor, and would be most happy to watch him in any drama. Btw, TVN had a few rerun on Homecha n ratings is still good. I am looking forward to watch sad tropics.

      • I just don’t get the appeal of this guy and why his fans are so rabid. He isn’t particularly talented or great looking compared to many other actors. He makes questionable life choices too. What is there to stan so fiercely?? His sweet boy image? Well that ended up being a farce.

      • And, oh he was swamped by reporters at the airport not fans. Adverisers do facts checked n i am so grateful to them for embracing Seon Ho.

      • Lady Louise> It’s our opinion. Personally, I think he’s a really good actor. I liked him before Start Up. He can do different genres.
        His personnal life doesn’t concern me.

      • @Lady Louise it’s literally their opinion. And rabid fans where? I only see one above. I see more comments like you rabidly hating on the guy and trying to change other people’s opinions. People can like him and not be a “rabid fan”, you know?
        But oh, I forgot I’m on koala’s playground where nuance doesn’t exist. It’s either you’re a fan or a hater of someone, you can’t have a neutral opinion of anyone, apparently lol

      • @lady louise oh wow leave them alone lmao
        people can’t even talk about him in peace without some edgy hater chiming in with their unwanted opinion on how he’s “average looking” and “not talented”
        lmao and you all say it’s the fans who are “rabid” lmao okay

  15. He’s the definition of average. His acting is cringe worthy and underwhelming. Don’t know what drug his rabid fangirls are on.

    • People have different opinions, you know? The world doesn’t revolve around you. There are many actors I don’t get the appeal of (song kang, Ahn Hyo Seop, etc), but I’m not going around saying their fans are on “some kind of drugs” just because they like those actors. Each to their own and all that. At this point I see more people being more rabid on hating him than “rabid fans”. In fact in this post only one above is going ham in defending him, the rest are just neutral and saying they think private lives of celebs should stay private. And then the others are insulting KSH (his appearance, his acting his fans) and accusing everyone who doesn’t insult him as fans. Let me guess, I’m going to be accused of being a fan too even tho I’ve literally never seen the dramas where he’s the lead lol

      • @sigh its the mainstream curse lmao
        as a fan of bts and timothee chalamet, ive had my fair share of edgy people insulting my taste because they’re too mainstream.
        i remember when this guy was just playing second leads, everyone is saying “why is he playing second fiddle to nam joo hyuk, he’s so talented, he should be main lead!” and that he’s “underrated”
        and now that he’s a lead actor, the narrative somehow switched to how “overrated” and “mediocre” and “untalented” he is
        lmao seems like a lot of people here are just edgy people who hate on people who become mainstream and also bandwagoners on whatever the popular narrative is lmao

  16. Dude is a good actor but a walking cautionary tale about promoting celebs as some kind of boyfriend/girlfriend to fans. I wish k-ent just stop with the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. That’s what invites the entitlement of fans and leads to pedestalization, and it’s the actors and actresses who suffer when they don’t meet the unrealistic expectations of fans. Happens a lot in kpop too

    • Do you think so? However, I noticed recently, actresses fandom are no different. Some are actually worst. I am very surprised.

  17. He seems like one of those actors people either love or hate. Middle ground is kinda rare when it comes to him as evidenced in this comment section lol
    As for me , I was team dosan during the airing of Start Up but I bear this guy no ill will, he’s only an actor playing a role after all. I also get that lots of people resonated with his han jipyeong character, resulting in a dedicated fandom. Well good for him if he’s really going to make a comeback. As far as I know he didn’t really do anything Park Si Hoo-level of bad to warrant all the hate. Well time will tell if he can regain his rising star status. Don’t come for me, I’m just here to watch everything unfold lol

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