Im Soo Hyang is the Innocent Accidentally Carrying Playboy Sung Hoon’s Baby in First Stills and Teaser for SBS Drama Woori the Virgin

I think the production went out of its way to not have the word virgin in the title as the Korean title for the Jane the Virgin remake is called From Today We Are but the English title is now mirroring the original called Woori the Virgin. Im Soo Hyang is the titular Woori who is of course still a virgin despite dating long time boyfriend played by Shin Dong Wook due to her faith in waiting for marriage. A routine OB-GYN appointment results in accidental artificial insemination and in comes baby daddy Sung Hoon who is rocking the multi colored suits as the chaebol playboy. The source material is interesting for sure but many K-drama viewers are also curious about this drama since it reunites the two leads after a decade when the weekend drama New Tales of the Gisaeng was the breakout project for both.

Teaser for Woori the Virgin:


Im Soo Hyang is the Innocent Accidentally Carrying Playboy Sung Hoon’s Baby in First Stills and Teaser for SBS Drama Woori the Virgin — 18 Comments

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  2. South Korea’s already remade a series from Chile (Family Secrets, adaptation of Donde Esta Elisa) and now Venezuela. I wish they’d do something from the other Latin American countries too. Here are my suggestions.

    * Colombia: Betty La Fea, starring Kim Hye-yoon
    * Mexico: Rosalinda, starring Choi Yoon-young in the KBS2 daily makjang slot.
    * Brazil: Irmaos Coragem, insert three hot leading men you’d like to see in ranch and mining clothes.

    • I like #3. Don’t think we can find young Korean farmers strip off in ranches. We can have a barking captain training three hot new recruits amongst hundreds in 18 months military service. In summer.

    • YES to Betty La Fea. I’m surprised Korea hasn’t taken Ugly Betty on already. It has all the elements of a kdrama. “Ugly” FL, rich arrogant ML, jealous 2nd FLs, and fashion/PPL galore.

    • I dont watch Latin America telenovela much but I remember Rosalinda being super famous in my country, though I never watched it myself. I dislike Betty La Fea, be it the Colombian or the American version.

      I would like to see their adaptation of the classic “La Usur Padora”. My other faves are Muneca Brava (though it went nonsesical halfway) and Passion de Gavilanez (which could be hard to adapt giveb the ranch setting).

    • Brazil: they should remake Avenida Brazil, or Mulheres de Areia (two twin sisters, one good and one bad, The bad one dies and the good takes her place etc.)

  3. ISH’s acting is like 99% mopey-face, so I am really concerned about how she’s going to pull off a character like this. If all she’s going to do is walk around looking like a kicked puppy, then there’s going to be no nuance or depth to her role, and she’ll look especially bad since the original American show was so acclaimed for its acting. Welp.

  4. I don’t know but I always find ISH to be monotonous and I’m kinda confused on how she snatched those lead roles when there are other actresses who can pull of the characters way better than her. I kinda feel she didn’t deserve to be the leading lady & her talent is perhaps overhyped

  5. I think the very first time I saw Im Soo Hyang … it was Talkes od Gisaeng – where she was a geisha or something.

    And the actor in that drama Sung Hoon. They got married.

    Back then I think she was a little more animated and natural pretty, far less PS.

    Subsequently, in other works of Im Soo Hyang – yes “mopey face” 😛

  6. I think she’s meh in Gangnam Beauty but good in other dramas I’ve seen her in like Graceful Family and Inspiring Generation, so this can go either way acting-wise. I don’t dislike her tho, and I think she’s beautiful if you look past the overly done nose, which is I think her only facial flaw
    That being said, I find this casting quite random lol

  7. She has charm in her acting and a very good voice if I may say. She’s one of the few unnatural beauties whom I don’t mind watching.

  8. I haven’t watched a lot of dramas lately but I will give this one a try, for I have very good memories of New tales of gisaeng. I did watch Gangnam Beauty and was a bit disappointed by ISH’s acting… Actually I didn’t understand why they casted her when there are so many actresses with obvious plastic surgery. Im So Hyang also seemed quite different from New Tales era but maybe it was just her ageing.
    Anyway, I don’t know the original tvshow but I definitely want to watch ISH and Sung Hoon’s reunion, I hope that it will be a good surprise !

    • “Im So-hyang also seemed quite different fr New Tales era”

      Yes definitely, same feel for me too. Felt she was so much better in Tales of Gisaeng (also don’t recall nose to be distracting there) | I thought her remotely pretty there (Tales of Gisaeng) … I don’t anymore, in any of her subsequent drama.

      PS (or aging). If PS only = certainly didn’t do her much good, bec she was prettier and more ‘dewy looking’ before. (Ditto Lee Da-hae)

      Sung-hoon on the other hand … looks exactly the same all the time. Giseang …. Oh My Venus … My Secret Romance …. etc etc etc

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