Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung Offered Lead Roles in the Upcoming Arthdal Chronicles 2 Which Time Jumps 10 Years Later

Well, why am I not surprised that if someone wants to throw more money at Arthdal Chronicles then it will indeed get made. The second season of the period drama, always expected in terms of narratively as the drama ended on a major cliffhanger and barely seemed to scratch the surface of the story, will be coming in 2023 and the first casting offers are out with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung in talks as the leads for Arthdal Chronicles 2. This means, as I expected, original leads Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won will not be returning. Reportedly Jang Dong Gun may return, and words still out on Kim Ok Bin. The story in AC2 will time jump 10 years from when season 1 left off so Eun Seob is now an adult (from when Song Joong Ki played him as a late teen), and funnily enough Shin Se Kyung was first offered AC1 but turned if down before it went to Kim Ji Won so if she accepts it will be coming full circle. There is also a new PD as well and I’m so glad because the lugubrious script in AC1 was made all the worse by the dark as shit lightning where half the time you couldn’t see anything and the pretentious directing that made what should be a thrilling world building story feel tiring to watch. I think underneath what didn’t work in AC season 1 there is a core that could be unearthed and made to shine in season 2, and with new leads that I love (and I loved the OG leads too) maybe there is a reason to check it out next year.


Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung Offered Lead Roles in the Upcoming Arthdal Chronicles 2 Which Time Jumps 10 Years Later — 30 Comments

  1. I will absolutely watch this with LJK and SSK. Thank you drama gods. I have been truly blessed. Jung Il Woo is back with Yuri in Good Job with him playing a chaebol. Next up is Lee Junho in a romcom (my heart is fluttering) with Yoona with him also playing a chaebol.

    • Those are all great news, for sure! I love LJK, JIW, Yuri, and Junho ?
      I think SSK is good in historical dramas, which people tend to overlook when it comes to her

  2. Casting news alert. Nam Joo Hyuk is set to star in Vigilante. Omg I’m salivating he is Batman by night fighting crims and nerdy police student by day.

  3. I’m not the least bit surprised Song Joongki and Kim Jiwon refused to come back for S2, but why did Lee Junki and Shin Sekyung sign up for this? S1 wasn’t well received, and the fans that did stick around hoping for S2 were attached to the original cast.

    Why is the production firm throwing more money at this? It’s sunk cost fallacy at play.

  4. Seriously, I have been longing over the return of Lee Jun Ki in sageuk, especially not in Joseon setting. He was rawking it as Wang So and he made that character so memorable, be it on the performance as well as the appearance side.

    BUT, I never expected him to be starring in Arthdal Choronicle. Just never crossed my mind and if to base on Season 1, I must admit that I am quite worried, and not something I want him to do.

    Having said that, my ideal pairing for LJK in sageuk is still Moon Chae Won though its unlikely they will reunite for the third time. I want to see him with Ha Ji Won but he is so small, so I can understand the pairing with SSK. I never liked SSK as an actress but she has proven to fare well in this genre.

    I used to like the writers, given their track records of Queen Seondeok and Six Flying Dragon. I hope they will get back that momentum and actually write something decent and equivalent of their past projects (Certainly not referencing to AC Season 1).

    • Yeah, Wang So is just an iconic character, period. And a LJK-HJW pairing would be fire! Imagine the intensity onscreen lol ?

    • Me second it. I long for HJW to be back in sageuks. I was dreaming of a HJW Jang Hyuk sag pairing. Her epic swordsmanship and tragic intensity from Damo to match Jang Hyuk’s numero uno Chuno Slave Hunter vibes.

  5. There is no doubt about Shin Sekyung pulling this off. C’mon she has already done Queen Seondeok, Tree with Deep Roots, and Six Flying Dragons all by the same writer, so no worries she won’t be great in this work. BUT I’m just curious as to what led her to consider the sequel to this when some reports said she rejected S1?

  6. I’m definitely curious about Shin Sekyung’s acting as Tanya in her role as Head Priestess of Arthdal. She has played the altruistic advocate in most of her historical dramas, so I’m looking up to her portrayal of Tanya’s ruthlessness and scheming in the political arena.

  7. I don’t understand why the production is still making this drama. The first season was really bad, the writting and the directing. The only reason I watched it until the end, it’s because I thought the story would have a conclusion! What a scam!

    The only things I liked was Yangcha and Tanya (without Kim Ji-Won and 10 years later, it doesn’t seem great anymore) and Erika Karata as Karika but I guess they won’t choose this actress after her scandal.

  8. Oh Yeah, It will be crazy if SJK sign in it, He won’t even get rest with him active for 2-3 years straight with exhausting setting like Arthdal as the last project. That’s just too much.

    I think it makes senss he is not apart in it. More over, it seems he doesn’t like the idea with repeat character potrayal in span of short time.

      • Yesss. And The tittle is very long so I can see why forget it lol. chaebol of conglomerate seems like Lee Jun Ki premise in Again My Life as well..lol what alot of coincidence between the two.

  9. The switcheroo for Arthadal actually feels in vein with the previous actors and hence believable. I have a feeling Season 2 will be better written now that all the weird world building is out of the way. Hopefully the directing will improve exponentially because as rightfully said – couldn’t see a damn thing last time. I’m excited to finally have the LJK and SSK pairing because they both excel in sageuk.

  10. Today must be an auspicious day in South Korea because damn all these high profile casting news! Yoona-Junho in a romcom! OMG! Everyone wanted this one for sure! NJH as a vigilante! Boy is picking all the right roles and his range is amazing! Suzy-YSJ! Never expected this one but it sounds amazing! SSK-LJG! How has this not happened already? Everything sounds amazing! Let’s confirm all of it!

  11. Run far far away LJK and SSK. Come together in another saeguk (can be from same writers but definitely not AC2). I think they wanted to make GOT like drama and ended up with something so so underwhelming. I don’t want LJK wasted like that. SJK was enough wasted already.

  12. LJK and SSK with her history with this writer (liked her character in Six Flying Dragons) make for good recasts. But I have to admit I’m going to miss SJK looking like a full fledged elven lord.

  13. I’m all for it. I hope they would swap out Jang Dong Gun for Park Hee Soon from My Name. He played a commander in a sageuk film The Fortress. This would wipe clean the slate of any negative publicity resulting from JDG’s text messaging trash talk.

  14. Koala stop you’re trying it. You teared this drama to shreds especially the female lead so why are you be so fake for,just hoping on the bandwagon now that’s its got a cult fan base. Just be real and say you don’t care for the drama or the og actress.

  15. I am happy that turned down artdhal chronicle 2, season 1 was disaster and get so many hate from knetz.Lee jun ki better run from this drama.Don’t take it.

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