Ahn Hyo Seob Flexes His Model Muscles in May 2022 Dazed Korea Pictorial for Calvin Klein

When there is a breakthrough it’s always so fun to watch the star in question embrace that exposure. For K-actor Ahn Hyo Seob, he’s actually able to strike while the A Business Proposal success iron is still hot as he’s already filming his next drama the Korean remake of Someday or One Day which will air later this year. I thought he could be a liability when he was cast but now he could be an asset bringing in viewers to this drama who are still charmed by his ABP performance. He’s also getting to stretch his model background muscles recently in a Calvin Klein pictorial for Dazed Korea, it’s very Calvin crossed with James Dean if you ask me. He pulls it off thanks to his smolder and physique but he’s just so cute to me sometimes I feel like he’s a boy playing dress up still.


Ahn Hyo Seob Flexes His Model Muscles in May 2022 Dazed Korea Pictorial for Calvin Klein — 43 Comments

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  2. He may be relatively popular now but his talent is nothing to write home about. He had probably the worst blind person acting I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen my fair share of bad cinema) and even in TBP, he never stood out as anything special. Most of his projects have been popular because of his costars or circumstances too – Dr. Romantic had hype from the first season, LOTRS had KYJ and her fanbase, and TBP was a cheery webtoon adaptation with WWWSK vibes that appeal to mass audiences. AKA none of these dramas became popular because of him specifically. Combine that with terrible acting and well…….We’ll see how his future projects work out but I’m definitely not going to be watching them.

    • It’s a fantasy drama. I thought his acting was superb. He explained in an interview that although he played the part of a blind person his caracter also had special abilities. I thought thre show was very enjoyable.

      • It’s a fantasy drama so that excuses his terrible acting? Man, the lengths y’all will go to defend your oppas. No wonder they never grow in their craft and dramaland is teeming with mediocre actors coasting on their looks.

      • @SMH Well-said ??? but sadly these thirsty-ass fangirls will just ignore what you said

    • His acting was GREAT, sexy and believable!
      His modeling is HOT! He is very popular and
      now demanding! Just find your own actor
      and model, watch them. Don’t be RUDE!

      • Haha…even your praise of him is about how hot and sexy he is. Not his acting skills. You sound horny, kid. Go take a cold shower.

    • @june

      Spot on! He’s just another godawful actor whose projects are carried by his actually talented co-stars. But he’s a dude in a male-dominated industry, perceived to be handsome (I personally find him meh), apparently speaks fluent English (which can be an asset in Korea) and now has some randy female fans (just because of his boring love scene in ABP) who will twist themselves into all sorts of positions to defend his sh!tty acting (some are already here ?). Time will tell if he’s a flash in the pan or something else.

      • I’m sorry but kyj did not carry lotrs she was equally bad and is frankly a very sub par actress even in the genre where she is supposed to be good. At least ahs puts in effort into his roles.

    • Agree. I’ve no idea why directors approved his nonexistent acting while shooting their dramas.

      Wood, bland and frozen.

      It also doesn’t help that he underwent Botox on his face. He looks different in his previous dramas. His face started to change when he did Dr. Romantic 2.

      South Korea has a lot of underrated actors and actresses who can really act without the need of PR hype. I hope they focus on genuine acting over below par acting alone.

      • Its not botox. I think he had a full on jaw surgery to push back his overlong jutting out jaw. Must have been sooo painful since the procedure would mean breaking the jaw and pushing it backwards with some sawing of excess jawline involved. Its one with a long recovery process. But hes looking v v good now so kudos to him.

    • What are you talking about,his acting is amazing if you don’t want to watch it who cares.So shut up.He is a talented actor and good actor he is the one who carries the drama.He can speak English and sing too & good looking man.

    • I am totally disheartened by your words he is an amazing actor versatile handsome literally can play any character hes just begun his success more to come his talent is endless MashAllah ? ❤️

  3. Not to be malicious but I noticed that men in Korea when wearing jeans are flat in front, like women. Where is the bulge?

    • Same here. Even I am not trying to be malicious. I hope this does not elicit negative comments. But it’s weird. Also AHS, is plain lucky. I don’t think he is a good actor or has a good presence. Cha Eun woo for example is not a good actor but he does have screen presence. For AHS it’s more a case of (feels to me at least) being at the right place at the right time

      • Sounded malicious and RUDE to me!
        He’s a good actor and has a “HOT”
        presence like Cha Eun Woo!

      • Can people please ignore the wildly stupid and uncalled for comment that was made. I blame Monday morning blues and pots and pots of coffee so this. So do be nice and ignore this previous comment. I would have deleted it but it seems this website does not allowed for it. ? humble request

  4. His performance in A Business Proposal was rather uneven. He was charming in some parts, but rather stiff in others. It will be interesting to see how he does in the kdrama version of Someday or One Day. I’m not sure how this version will compare to the original Taiwanese drama, but if it is similar, he will have very big shoes to fill. Greg Hsu was phenomenal in the original.

  5. I loved him as the endearing Yoo Chan in Still 17! IMO, that was his best role to date. I only warmed up to his Kang Moo Tae in the second half of ABP, as he was awkward playing CEO with baby face for majority of the drama. I may be in the minority as I have confidence he’ll do well as high schooler in Someday Or One Day remake. I’m looking forward to him smiling more often in this upcoming role because there’s no denying he’s got the cutest boyish grin. Fighting AHS!

  6. ABP was completely kim se Jeong drama
    And second lead couple

    It was seol in ah-kim se jeong chemistry and kim se jeong entirely that made ABP superhit

  7. Love his entire perfomances in ABP, it’s surprisingly convincing, and he compliment the comedy so well pairing with Kim Seo Jeong. Their performances it’s like they cast in a masterpiece drama, LIKe they act their heart out to the character. I don’t think those subtle and nuance acting is intend of the writing rather than It’s improvised their own understainding of the character.

    He is somewhat can be intimidating like his earlier performances, look so cold and fit the image of scary boss. But can switch the image he is just a little boy in the second act, but the second hald he looks like potraying a different character LOL. But so is Kim Seo Jeong though, Haha….

    Can’t wait to watch him in someday one day remake, And I can see now why Kim Jin Won cast him!

  8. His eyes!!! His gaze looks so sexy here.

    After wwtching Business Proposal, Dr. Romantic 2, and Still 17, I am so charmed by this actor and now he became one of my favorites. Definitely excited for his next work, I have no doubts because I know he will do a great job. I love the way he acts with his eyes and his facial expressions are always on point.

    Hoping he wont get into any scandals caus I love seeing him on screen and these kind of photoshoots of him are heavenly.

    • Hes so so handsome to me these days. Maybe its how he looks at KSJ in APB and theur wonderful making videos that made me fall hook line and sinker for him. I dunno how that two can have that amount of chemistry and skinship not to fall in love in real life. Anyway hes not the most consistent actor but for me he was the best kang tae moo to ksj shin hari. Memorable…

  9. He’s meh to me, both visuals and acting-wise. He’s like walmart/discount version of nam joo hyuk, who, by the way, has been showing actual improvement in his acting, unlike this dude.
    Cue fangirls foaming at the mouth to defend his mediocre acting ?

    • In what world AHS is the discount ver of NJH? Stop dragging AHS to make NJH look better cause actually he is not.

      Sounds like youre just insecure with AHS new found fame.

      AHS worked his way up from supporting roles to get to where he is now.

      Whereas NJH who is just lucky to be in a powerful company like YG and SOOP. Everything is handed to him, all the neverending push but still put alongside these breakout stars like AHS, SK, LDH etc.

      Both of them are improving their craft but one is already bound to the military. Let’s just cheer for the both of them cause they are the future of kdramas.

  10. You all seem to have, mostly, the opinion that Ahn Hyo Serb can’t act!
    Makes me wonder if you all are proficient in acting to make that statement?

    Answer me this…..have any of you acted in a movie or tv show? Have any of you been to drama school?

    If the answer to both those questions are no, then tell me what gives you the right to say if and actor can act or not?
    Perhaps an actor doesn’t act the way in which you expect them too, but, does that make them an awful actor?

    I’m not an actor nor have I studied acting, so I accept the way actors interpret their roles. It may not be what was expecting, but, I do have respect for them doing something I’d dearly love to. It cannot be easy to express all the emotions, body language all of the time.

    So I ask politely, please don’t judge what you know nothing about, until you at least have the experience or the training…..

    If you can’t say anything nice or respectful please don’t bother to reply to my post…..
    My intentions are not to anger but to open eyes that appear to be half closed.

    • I’m of the camp that AHS isn’t a great actor, but he’s probably not nearly as terrible as what some of these people are saying either. I think he’s average but his visuals are great. However, he is an actor, and he’s performing for an audience. These dramas are on broadcasted on tv/available for streaming for all to see. To say the general public can’t judge his acting because they haven’t gone through the training, aren’t proficient in the craft or aren’t actors themselves is not fair. I can’t act either, which is why I didn’t choose a career in acting. Actors are supposed to make the audience feel the emotions they’re portraying, whether it’s to make us feel their pain or laugh at something they did. He was lovely in Still 17 and I thought he was decent in Romantic Dr. Kim 2. I personally just don’t see him as a domineering CEO since he still just exuded boyish charm to me, which makes me think he might do well in SDOD.

    • You said it all dude!insecurities eating their brains as maybe their own actor can’t even get half of what AHS have. Pity..

      • Aaand here comes the most predictable “they’re just insecure” defense when their mediocre fave gets rightly criticized for his bad acting LMAO ?
        You thirsty fangirls do realize most of us commenters here are women, right? Why the heck would we be jealous or insecure of this dude? LMAO As if he’s some super successful a-list actor or something lol calm down he’s not Won Bin ?
        And my fave is doing great, he’s an actual award-winning actor who doesn’t rely on his looks unlike your mediocre fave ?
        What a weird comment ?

    • Do you need to be a painter yourself to see the difference between professional drawing and someone who is still learning? Or be a singer yourself to hear a person with strong voice and weak voice? Or chef to taste good food and garbage? Or maybe a writer to know difference between rich language and poor usage of language? Or do need to be a musician to know that someone is a master of their craft and someone is not hitting notes? Seriously, this dumb argument that you need to be actor to know a meh performance when you see one is such a last year trend. To praise someone you don’t need a degree, but to criticize you need one? Yeah, no. If you perform to others it’s only natural to get a feedback. And no one needs to hold any degree to do so.

  11. LMAO at the delusional @Jan commenter who can’t talk about anything but how “hot and sexy” this dude is. Typical horny fangirl much? ?
    She’s so embarrassing but she’s sadly the perfect representative of the majority of female kdrama watchers who only care about how handsome lead actors are, resulting in a lot of Cha Eun Woos, Song Kangs, and other good-looking actors who can’t act. And you all have the nerve to criticize actresses like Suzy and Yoona for being bad actresses, which is, fair enough, they’re not good and do deserve criticism, but how about extend that same critical energy to male actors? But no, as we can see in this comment section, an actor can be the most mediocre of actors but horny fangirls will always find a way to excuse his atrocious acting just because they find him “hot” ?
    The fact that all @Jan can talk about is his looks says it all. Pathetic lmao and I blame you all for casting directors having to hire these bad actors. Supply and demand and all that. In this case, it’s the horny and thirsty fangirls like @Jan who demand this sh*t ?

    • right? like, I love handsome guys as much as the next girl, but I will never stan an attractive but talentless actor. lol why do that when there are like thousands of attractive AND talented actors in k-ent to stan

    • it,’s okay if you label AHS fans as blind fangirl. But there is a reason why Kim Jin Won PD cast him as leading man. I trust his taste in casting since innocent man days.

      we always biased fangirl. but rather than his physical appeareance, i like his acting style in ABP. I think we have different preference because I think he is the perfect Kang Tae Mu. He oozed charisma and his acting from facial expression to body language means he has good technique and there is fire in his acting. If you still find it lacking, does it normal for a young actor like him?

      but he needs to learn he is not potraying different character when the character change behaviour, because I see first act and second act KTM as two different people lol.

  12. uhm sorry to his fans but I just can’t like this guy. he piggybacked on yoojungie’s popularity for red sky then had the audacity to act like he wants nothing to with her. you can see it in both the drama and the bts clips. like he wants to get away from her or whatever. when i was watching the drama i just can’t help but wish gong myung is the lead instead, he’s the better actor and seems like a gentleman to our yoojungie even off camera.

    this guy? lol you all can have his mediocre ass

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