Kim Min Kyu Delivers Eclectic Vibes in May 2022 Elle Korea Pictorial

The speed at which K-ent and the ancillary media moves always impresses me. It’s definitely not lugubrious at a dinosaur pace, whenever there is a breakout or even the inklings of on the casting agents descend from both film to print. A Business Proposal delivered second male lead Kim Min Kyu the exposure he’s been missing until now and the drama has barely ended but he’s awash in media exposure. From the usual post drama newspaper interviews, he’s also in the upcoming May 2022 edition of Elle Korea looking fly as heck and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s flipping through CF offers on the side. All that is great but the biggest thing he needs to do right is pick the drama/movie that will build on this momentum rather than make this a one hit wonder.


Kim Min Kyu Delivers Eclectic Vibes in May 2022 Elle Korea Pictorial — 7 Comments

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  2. When I was watching A Business Proposal what I really liked about him was his voice. If he says his lines while the background music is playing it’s gonna sound like one of those songs with spoken words on them. It adds more to his romantic appeal.
    Hope he chooses his next project because of the material and not just for the sake of having a leading man status striking while the iron is hot and all that.

  3. He has the visuals. But he is really lacking in the charisma. That may be why he hasn’t broken out in any real leading roles yet.

  4. Kim Min-kyu did play the lead in Queen: Love and War (opposite Jin Se-yeon) in 2019, so it’s not totally out of the question for him to land another main role soon.

  5. he is dull in Business proposal. Might be due to his character. There is little emotion so it’s hard to connect with 2nd OTP because Seol In Ah is thr one who is like m9re contribute tobtheir chemiatry for me. rather like him in Backstreet rookie or his snowdrop character. Might be he is more into intense roles.

  6. Kim was amazing throughout the series, very natural, he played the part totally in character, I agree lets look forward to another drama.

    • I agree his acting was superb but lets get him on at least 2 dramas more as the male lead he will shoot sky high he has talent MashAllah

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