Seol In Ah Takes the Spotlight in New CF Pictorial Post A Business Proposal Success

It’s not fair for the men to get all the attention from the A Business Proposal so this is second female lead Seol In Ah‘s turn to shine. She’s in a new CF pictorial today and it’s a simple elegant khaki colored chic spread. I noticed that her early days she looked much more classic young woman K-beauty with the long hair but once she chopped it off and went sleek she’s really surged forward in her career. I thought it started when she was the ex-girlfriend in Record of Youth and that was a memorable turn, not likeable but started to gain broader exposure. She continued that in Queen Cheorin and of course now with ABP she’s fully broke out and I can’t wait to see how she nurtures this great buzz around her.


Seol In Ah Takes the Spotlight in New CF Pictorial Post A Business Proposal Success — 8 Comments

  1. What’s great about SIA is that her personality is so interesting as well. She seems to be reallt nice, unpretentious and definitely on the tomboyish side despite her sex siren looks (her past award ceremonies showings are haw dropping). My biggest disappointment is her move to Gold Medalist because it is so unprofessionally run evidenced by the SYJ saga and so far they have also done nothing much for Kim Sae Ron’s career. Rumour is that SIA was offered a huge signing fee to join them. Theres also the KSH factor that his next leading lady could be packaged with her. I just hope they dun ruin her momentum.

    • How much higher? Really curious here. Is one time pay high enough to risk ur career if granting that is the reason for joining the said agency. Also why pay artists high joining pay and not do anything with/about them. Aint it that the more engagement and proj.contracts their artists have the more income they will get? Thus (speaking of rumuor) there were talks b4 that d reason why KSH during his prev. agency was at one point hospitalized bec. he is made to work non stop, With proj. here and there. So am confused with why an agency be not doing anything. Does SK have diff. systwm or is this agency just plain lacking and their artists for whatever reason was just forced to sign in like having huge joining fees. They will just sign in to get it then when their contract ends they move back or transfer to another agency? Sincerely wanting to know here.

    • Yes, she was really great in Special Inspector Jo albeit a supporting role.
      Took notice of her since then.
      She’s got great visuals, good acting skills, easy going and unpretentious for an actress.
      A little tomboyish in real life and seems pretty free spirit.
      Hopefully Gold Medalist manages her well given her potential.

  2. It is her time to shine! Several years she suffered from minor roles, not even secondary roles. If u remember, in Record of youth she had only cameo and in Mr. Queen it was not even secondary role. It was her acting that ppl began noticing her even if had minor screen time. I always supported her from SGDS. She is the female version of Hwang in Yeop whose time to come with legendary secondary lead role! She is still young, 96-liner like Kim Hye Yoon, Go min si, Kim dami, Moon Gayoung. From 95-96-liners I am happy we have a new option without typecasting the same actress and we can say in this age range we can see competition.

  3. I watched a family drama for her… But the writing was pretty disapointing. She didn’t have chance with this one.

    But she’s really good and already played very different characters.

  4. She headlined KBS weekend drama Beautiful Life, Wonderful Life opposite Kim Jae Hyung followed by Record of Youth. Although her character aint that likeable in ROY I can say she delivered her role impressively (she also made her role there so classy) followed by another impressive 2nd FL role in MQ. This one in ABP gave her to shine more so congratulations to SIA because she deserves it since she knows how to act and she is one versatile young actresses out there in K-Ent, not too mention she is beautiful, knows how to dance and sing as well.

  5. First saw her as Jisoo’s girlfriend in SWDBS, and I’ve always thought she’s so gorgeous, but I have to agree, the shorter hair really elevated her gorgeous visuals even more, she now kinda reminds me of a young Lee Min Jung but an even more elegant version ?
    And she impressed me with what little screentime she had in Mr. Queen. Been rooting for her since then. Glad she’s rising as an actress now, she deserves it ?

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