KBS Premieres Mon-Tues Sageuk Red Single Heart with Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, and Kang Han Na with 6.3% Episode 1 Ratings

The back-to-back-to-back-to-back spate of sageuks in K-ent in 2021 went on a pause after The Red Sleeve Cuff ended, and that was preceded by The King’s Affection, Lovers of the Red Sky, and River Where the Moon Rises. All four had a more youthful bent but now a new darker sageuk is here with KBS premiering Red Single Heart (Bloody Heart) this Monday. The first episode ratings were 6.3% which is an okay start, but as The Red Sleeve Cuff which got 5.7% first episode ratings and ended with 17% shows is that quality will still bring in viewers. Red Single Heart looks really bleak though and it may suit true sageuk aficionados but may lack in more lighthearted cute moments so watch at your election as Lee Joon goes up against veteran Jang Hyuk with Kang Han Na bringing the lady side gravitas.


KBS Premieres Mon-Tues Sageuk Red Single Heart with Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, and Kang Han Na with 6.3% Episode 1 Ratings — 16 Comments

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  2. Love the first episode. Since it will be sad and darker sageuk, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The first episode is led by good acting and casting. Lee Joon holds on its own even against the Veteran acting powerhouse Jang Hyuk.
    This is Kang Han Na’s first ever female lead role in her 9 years of acting career. She should have got one even much earlier. She proves everyone she is meant for leading role. I love her character here. Such a beauty!

    • It’s not a drama, but Kang Hanna is the leading lady of Shin Ha Kyun in the movie, Empire of Lust (2014).
      I like the first episode. I just hope the drama will maintain quality till the end.

  3. I need to try it! I only like Jang Hyuk in sageuk. He was so good in My Country, I will miss his fan :p

    As a darker and with older actors sageuk, The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won is still airing too.

    • Light-heartedness drama these days don’t do well often day unless you count Business Proposal. Previously Crazy Love and lighter dramas on kbs did not do well. It is tragedy that does well especially saeguks.So, it is a smart move they opt for a darker and serious saeguk.

  4. The first episode was well made, I think it will be a hit for KBS.

    Another KBS drama which just ended did double digits and would have reached higher if it weren’t for the horrible treatment to the horse they used during the production causing the horse’s demise.

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this considering how overcrowded the weekend is but I wish KBS had put this on the weekend. Given this is a darker sageuk, I think it would do better there than on Mon-Tues. I would much rather watch something lighthearted after a long day of work.

      • The weekends have 8-9 dramas including a long saeguk on KBS. KBS stand a better chance with a Monday-Tuesday slot

      • Unfortunately, comedy seems to be faring very poorly nowadays. Perfect example Crazy Love did very low numbers during the weekdays and TVN’s Sh**ting Stars might very well be called Fading Stars with 1% something ratings.

        I think the only comedy that became a surprise hit locally was the TVING Work Now Drink Later.

  5. Really strong first episode. Honestly, it was the best of any I saw last year, except The Red Sleeve. Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon were really good. The cinematography was stunning. I hope it’s a hit but younger viewers may not like the political bent. I think I read the audience was a bit on the older side.

  6. Jang Hyuk is one of the best actors of his generation, as Ji Sung . They may be not as popular as others, but they should be models for the newcomers . Lee Joon is one of the best idol turned actor, to the point that people tend to forget it .

    • That is because he’s no longer an idol and now a full time actor. He’s literally an Idol turned actor. Not those actors who are at the same time active idols.

  7. Lee joon is my favourite actor ever ….do I have been waiting for the drama since its news broke

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