K-ent Reporter Derides KBS for Scheduling 4-Hour Long 2022 Year End Drama Awards When It Has No Hits Despite a Sterling Assemblage of Top Stars

Well someone at a newspaper wants to get on the bad side of KBS, or perhaps frankly no one cares since KBS has really hit a new low. Normally the network falls behind SBS and MBC in hit dramas in recent years but still has some just not as many. This year in 2022 it literally HAS NONE. Like, not a single drama got ratings, great reviews, or even underrated cult buzz. What makes it even more galling is that the network ostensibly got the biggest roster of top stars (numbers wise) as most of its dramas really were cast to succeed and yet none did. Curtain Call was a vanilla foray with Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul, The Law Cafe faltered in both plot and chemistry with leads Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young, Bloody Heart was literally written for awards and yet it didn’t cause more than a small ripple, King of Tears Yi Bang Won got more scandal than viewers, Seo In Guk was all quirk in Cafe Minamdang, and even the usual suspects of weekend dramas with steady viewership didn’t stick around for either It’s Beautiful Now or Three Bold Siblings. With that said, is KBS wants to thank everyone who did their drama this year so be it, I hope to get cute red carpet pictures to salvage the year.

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KBS Sageuk Red Single Heart and SBS Rom-com Woori the Virgin are Not Getting the Same Ratings and Buzz as Recent Same Genre Hits

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KBS Premieres Mon-Tues Sageuk Red Single Heart with Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, and Kang Han Na with 6.3% Episode 1 Ratings

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