Im Soo Hyang is the Charming and Overwhelmed Woori the Virgin in New Previews for the SBS Drama

The romance and rom-com spate of K-dramas to start 2022 ended last month but this month in May comes Woori the Virgin, which is a remake of Jane the Virgin which started as a Venezualan telenovela which became a popular US show and is now getting the Korean take. I loved the first set of official posters, so pretty and vibrant, but then the production went and produced the cobbled together abomination above which has all the characters photoshopped together. But at least the promos still look great, I actually chuckle and smile when I watched the recent previews with Im Soo Hyang really selling the innocent sweetness and overwhelmed mom-to-be with Sung Hoon swashbuckling as the playboy and Shin Dong Wook being the uber nice boyfriend.

Preview for Woori the Virgin:


Im Soo Hyang is the Charming and Overwhelmed Woori the Virgin in New Previews for the SBS Drama — 12 Comments

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  2. The poster is super unpolished for a Korean drama and gosh, terrible casting! A pairing like Hyun Bin (a girl can dream!)/Han So Hee would much better capture the vibe of the original super popular telenovelas.

    • Hmm. I guess you must have seen other kdramas in which the main cast have acted to come to this conclusion about bad casting.

      • Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang? Yeah, I have. I didn’t realize Sung Hoon or Im Soo Hyang had stans but you learn something every day!

      • … have you watched the original telenovela? If not, you have little room to comment.

        Jane the Virgin was just ok and, by the end, had very little resemblance to the widely popular original work.

      • @Rin IKR? I mean, having watched the original version, im soo hyang isn’t my first choice either, but han so hee? she’s not a bad actress by any means, but I feel like she won’t bring enough energy to the role. she’s more suited for dramas for me. again, I get not wanting im soo hyang for the role, but there are many actresses that are better picks than han so hee. for this role, i’d pick im soo hyang over han so hee lol

        and while I like hyun bin, I’d want someone a bit younger for the role lol just my opinion

      • @Rina

        Yes, I’ve watched Juana la Virgen. Now what? Still an odd pairing. And thankfully, it’s NOT gonna happen so huff and puff all you want.


        Exactly, thank you!

    • I didn’t watch the original so I can’t comment about that. But I have a soft spot for this pairing, because during their rookie era, they starred together in a hit drama New Tales of Gisaeng. I mean they’re acting wasn’t top notch but the chemistry was great. Drama was like 50 episodes, but I think I’ve rewatched it a couple of times over the years. Let’s hope they can bring that chemistry back for this series.

    • Another thing about Im Soo Hyang having stans, she might not be the best actress but almost all of her dramas are rating success whether she was in supporting roles or lead roles. She barely have any bust in her portfolio since her debut which is kind of unbelievable.
      Sung Hoon? I think doing variety specially I Live Alone helped his image a lot. Made him relatable seeing his clumsy, dorky and uncool side.

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