Baeksang Awards 2022 Voting Results are Out with Squid Game the Unanimous Pick for Daesang and Competition Fierce in the Male Lead Category with Junho Victorious

Oh I love seeing how the cheese is made! This also gives more legitimacy so here goes – the 2022 Baeksang Awards was last Friday and the judges have announced how the voting went. I’m only covering the television side, and the Daesang there went to the Netflix drama Squid Game and after the first round of voting in the second round it unanimous and decided easily. After that from the remaining dramas, it was also unanimous that the Best Drama would go to D.P. The tightest voting was in the Best Actor category which went to the final round where the three finalist votes went Junho (4), Lee Jung Jae (2), and Kim Nam Gil (1). In the Best Actress category, the final votes were Kim Tae Ri (5), Kim Hye Soo (1), and Han So Hee (1). Another big winner was Koo Kyo Hwan who took Best New Actor with unanimous votes from the first round while Best New Actress was a tight race with Kim Hye Jin (4) over Lee Yoo Mi (3), and I’m surprised to see Jung Ho Yeon with no votes since she trended the highest in Squid Game. Alrighty, here’s your vote breakdown so have fun noodling over why.


Baeksang Awards 2022 Voting Results are Out with Squid Game the Unanimous Pick for Daesang and Competition Fierce in the Male Lead Category with Junho Victorious — 30 Comments

  1. Not surprised LSY and PEB never got any votes but wow HSH really is an A-list to be tying KHS on votes. KTR though was the obvious winner by a long shot. It’s obvious TRS was a star making vehicle only for Junho and rightfully so. He outshined everyone even the veteran actors. He’s superstar category now based on how heavily the votes favoured him. Excited for his romcom/melo with Yoona but I’m also hoping for him and KTR to sign up for a drama together.

    • Yes! Girl Han So Hee is full on Hallyu star! First ever Korean Female Global Ambassador for OMEGA watches! Nobody doing it like her!

  2. I really wish they’d stop releasing this. It just rubs more salt in healing wounds. This person won, that person won. End of story. Just came from Twitter. The reason the judges gave for picking the winner (“for an idol actor he performed beyond expectation”) is pissing off fans of the other nominees who are interpreting it as, “It’s not that he was the best out of the five but for an idol, he did good.” Now he’s getting dragged again.

    • In the other Baeksang post, someone said something along the lines of it was idol prejudice that exaggerated his good performance and blew it out of proportion. It’s the first thing that came to mind when I read their reason for picking JH and I thought, wow.

      But the actresses side is more surprising to me. Like 5:1:1??? Really? Okay, Baeksang. If you say so. 😆

      • Lmfaooo not ppl twisting the words from the judges’ mouths. They literally said his performance elevated a mainstream genre and overcame their prejudice of his idol background and yall are saying he got it bc he’s good for an idol. That biased lense is dark as hell here.

      • What wrong with the best actress votes? KTR deserved all the votes to be honest. She had no competition. KHS only got one vote because of seniority.

    • People need to read the original korean article. The judges never said anything like that. They said his performance is beyond the expectation for a mainstream genre (sageuk drama in terrestrial broadcasting sta)

      • Just popping in to say I love your username! His forehead is indeed glorious and I agree with your comment! Hate it when people take something out of context just to suit their narrative

      • They don’t care about the article, they just mad at the distribution of the vote especially if their favs got 0 vote. That’s why I’m not surprised if they twisting the judge’s words and accused them for being bias.

  3. don’t get the problem he got it because he is an idol. Or else, IU will most likely will get when she got nominated.
    I’m more inclined towards his drama is getting so much buzz, and the his performances is the one who got the most buzz when it’s airing, so off course he got the award. last year it’s undisputed because SHin Ha Kyun performances is being talk of the town. and there is no one else near him in terms of performances.

    I’m more surprised Squid Game achievement is getting tone down alot in Baeksang to be honest.

  4. I wonder if the judges actually watched each drama in full… Because just one ofr Kim Nam-Gil seems completely unfair.

  5. The best actress one definitely is because of Netflix and clout. They didn’t even nominate some of the most deserving candidates because they wanted to push the younger ones lol.

    • That’s not true. Last year only one best actress nomination had a Netflix drama. It’s about impact not about Netflix otherwise SYJ would have won over KHA and SYJ over KSY.

      • This year, the entire award show was mostly Netflix dominated and awarded to those shows who pandered to the west.
        Squid game effect .

  6. If anything Baeksang releases this to shut down the noise of dejected fans who still insist that their favourite should have won. Really tells you a lot about the credibility of the voting. Popularity is not the criteria here. Its the impact of good acting not just good acting. Lee Junho deserved it and made history and a huge statement with his win. He cancelled Idol prejudice. So try to be happy for others just like you expect others to be happy for your favourites.

  7. last year I disagree alot with the female best actor. This year, I disagree with male best actor.
    Their choice will be devide opinion.

    Baeksang is more credible than some television awards… but still, it’s still relying on buzz and star power. or else, some unpopular name name will be pop out as a winner.

  8. Whether International viewers agree with Baeksang’s decision or not, the fact is both Junho & KTR each bagged two awards.

    This year, I had already watched almost all Baeksang’s acting nominees’ performances of this year & I agree with Baeksang’s decision on both categories.

    I was scared to watch ‘ My Favorite Yisan’ Reboot with an idol actor, but Junho proved me wrong & turned me into a fan.

    Personally, I rooted for Lee Seyoung, but KTR’s performance as Na Heedo is superior .

    It doesn’t mean both winners have superior acting skills than other nominees generally.
    They happened to have meaty roles this year, and they did exceptionally well in these roles which won the hearts of both the audience and Baeksang’s Board Members.

  9. People being dumb enough to misconstrue the judge’s remarks is their own fault lmao, not the judges’
    The loudest losers are, hilariously enough, those fans whose favs didn’t even get a single vote.
    They were never even in the running. JHI’s new delusional fangirls from the blackpink fandom really thought he would win a fckin baeksang as a consolation prize after not winning a single other award in any other show and getting outshined by his own new costar KKH in DP.
    LSY fans have been trying to deny reality and genuinely believe that LJH wasn’t the main star of TRS. They were still in denial when he won the PD award lol. She was never gonna win when KTR and KHS were nominated. They still can’t grasp what has been obvious to the general viewers for months.
    It’s just predictable tantrums from sore losers. Popcorn worthy

    • I am JHI fan and even I can admit that KKH acted better in D P.
      KKH’s win at the Director’s Cut Awards and Baeksang is well deserved.

      JHI is still an excellent actor

  10. The reason why a lot of international fans don’t see eye to eye with Korean fans is because the depth of Junho’s acting can only be fully appreciated when one understands Korean. Every shift in the tone of his voice, each syllable he uttered, compliments what his body languages and eyes are showing in every scene in the drama. If one only reads subtitles, all the nuances are not fully appreciated. He truly embodies the character perfectly, as it’s widely mentioned. I was also apprehensive about the fact that he is an idol, and I haven’t really seen his past works, although I’m familiar with 2pm, Taecyeon & Nickhun. But Junho is not widely known.. that’s a fact. And he proved me wrong from the first scene itself. His portrayal was excellent not because he is an idol, but it was truly mesmerizing, way beyond what an idol actor are prejudiced to be, and even beyond any main actors. I cannot imagine the role going to anyone else who could do it as good as Junho. That’s why he won, hands down. I watched SG too, and I have to say, while the drama was popular, I can’t help comparing it to Hunger Games and other survival dramas, and while the acting were good generally, none really stand out. Winning Daesang for SG was appropriate because it did indeed made Kdrama popular worldwide, creating new trends. But the actors did not stand out like Junho did in RS. And I love KNG as well… So it’s not out of bias to say I agree with Junho’s win.

    I wish LSY could win something, but from the moment the nominations were announced, I already guessed it would go to KTR. The character she portrayed had more depth and range, compared to LSY. It’s not because LSY wasn’t good enough, it’s simply the character of a palace/court lady is meant to be submissive and not particularly stand out. She played her part.. the character just didn’t give her enough room to showcase her talents.

  11. I dunno why Kim tae ri and some Han so hee fans began mocking Lee Se young while she is one of few actresses who act genuinely and doesn’t get criticized for her roles almost never. At least I can’t remember but pls respect other actresses even ur fav is super popular “IT girl” or A-lister. Cauz,we dunno the future. I respect all three but fans of two mentioned these days are laughing so hard other actresses. Lee Se young can get next time but ur attitude only show ur insecurity and toxicity. Even Jeon De yeon, Jun Ji hyun, Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Gong Hyun Jung, Song hye Kyo, Son ye jin dramas flopped. Ur fav should govso far to reach their level but ur attitude only bring toxicity back to ur fav if next time they can face this fate.

  12. I agree with you on almost all.

    As a massive fan of Hunger Games and Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence , the supposed Hero played by LJJ is too boring onscreen for me.
    I prefer LJJ in previous roles more, not a fan of his squid game character.

    My second pick for Baeksang after Junho would be Kim Nam Gi in Through the Darkness.

    I agree with what you said about Lee Seyoung too.

  13. Lee Se young as Sung Deok Im in The Red Sleeve has achieved a lot to be nominated in Baeksang to be honest. This award has been always favour the meatier roles with more depth, just look at the nominees in actress category, only her character is ‘ordinary’ compared to others. The Red Sleeve’s writing was also biased towards the male lead, and even for Lee Deok hwa. Therefore, these two were able to deliver more than the rest of the characters including her. Most of female characters in this series are played by great actresses so to see them did not have enough exposure to show what they are capable to audiences was quite sad.
    If without Lee Se young trended and received praises here and there, Baeksang might not even nominated her here. Not because she wasn’t good enough, but because the award itself recognized meatier roles more. This kind of character is usually very underappreciated, but she was able to receive her biggest breakthrough with this ordinary role means one step closer for more ordinary kind of female characters to be recognized. So often actresses got the praises and recognitions if only their characters are badass / stronger (just like Han So hee’s role here), ambitious, and sadly,all these years many recognitions for actresses came from makjang series as well. This year,with Kim Tae ri earned her award, hopefully in next years the award is no longer dedicated for actresses in makjang drama only.

    In my opinion, actor’s category should have 4:3 ratio between Lee Junho vs Kim Nam gil – I would have preferred Kim to win since I wasn’t really fond of Lee’s acting but this is the result we got. No reason to congratulate but I accepted the result as it is.
    On the other hand it’s questionable how Jung jae managed to get 2 votes. Anyway,it was a smart move for Namgoong Min and The Veil not to be nominated here otherwise some people will question his credibility to win Daesang last year.

  14. Excuse me????? Junho performance isn’t just “beyond idol expectation “ standard, he is really really good. His acting can be marked as excellent in the “Red Sleeve”, even skilled actors would be difficult to exceed his acting in that role now

  15. I have been complaining about Baeksang. I thought Lee Joongi was so good on Flower of Evil and why Shin Hakyun won. All of the nominees were great on the service but got to admit, Shin Hakyun closer to becoming the character compared to the nominees that year. I think Baeksang look at beyond rating and popularity and that’s full immersion into the character.

    It’s the same reason why Kang Hanuel won over Nam Goongmin and Hyun Bin in 2020.

    It’s the same reason why Lee Junho won over the other nominees. When knets and kmedia dubbing him as the amazing Yisan to Yisan Syndrome, I, without a doubt, believe he would win the Best Actor.

  16. I am JHI fan and even I can admit that KKH acted better in D P.
    KKH’s win at the Director’s Cut Awards and Baeksang is well deserved.

    JHI is still an excellent actor

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