Jeon Ji Hyun Contrasts Beautifully Against a Blue Backdrop for Stonehenge Jewelry CF

This weekend is Mother’s Day and a warm thank you and celebration for all the mothers out there, and everyone who loves them. Brunch and presents big or small is the expectation and the Stonehenge brand always delivers right around the various holidays. It’s when the CFs trot out new looks featuring brand spokesperson Jeon Ji Hyun and she never fails to deliver. The jewelry skews delicate and sleek and suits Jeon Ji Hyun’s aura perfectly. This latest pictorial showcases her visuals against a simple blue backdrop and honestly she rocks in the short bob and confident diverse looks.


Jeon Ji Hyun Contrasts Beautifully Against a Blue Backdrop for Stonehenge Jewelry CF — 11 Comments

  1. Speaking of which, I would like to see her play the role of a mother. Even though she doesn’t really look or act like one, it will be interesting to see her mix her usual spunk with her own motherly instincts.

      • That… wasn’t what I meant. Should have worded that better. My point is her celebrity image (playing immature/carefree/unmarried characters) doesn’t make her seem like a mother. Sorry if that offended you.

      • Sis, that’s one pathetic attempt to start a fanwar. Please try harder (and don’t do it under my comment).

  2. it always feels like she is contorting her upper body to highlight her beauty bones in these ads. i guess it’s part of the gig bc that’s where the jewelry sits but it always looks so awkward to me. like what is going on in that third picture? she’s so beautiful, but the art director/photographer is way, way off.

  3. Oh, it’s my first time seeing her with a bob. Is it for a new project? Kinda waiting for her to land a good show, haven’t watched her in years and I’ve missed her.

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