Son Ye Jin Posts Close Up of Herself on SNS for the First Time Since Her Wedding to Hyun Bin and All Fan Eyes are on Her Stomach

The K-ent celebrity wedding of the year in 2022 is over but fan love remains strong for the union of top stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. Sadly their honeymoon to LA, NY, and Hawaii was marred at times from ardent and annoying fans but still, it’s a fairytale reel to real dream come true for sure. She’s been quiet on SNS for some time but posted las week a gathering, and this weekend her update got even more attention as its two pictures of her walking her dog and just enjoying the lovely weather outdoors. The attention from fans is thanks to her white smocked day dress and the side profile where it’s just noticeable to stare at her stomach haha to look for telltale baby in the oven signs. I can’t tell but it’s all in good fun.


Son Ye Jin Posts Close Up of Herself on SNS for the First Time Since Her Wedding to Hyun Bin and All Fan Eyes are on Her Stomach — 11 Comments

  1. Didn’t even notice the slightly puffed out stomach LOL I was just so excited to get an update from my queen 😅 If she is pregnant that’s amazing since both of them want kids but even if she isn’t, I’m happy for them nonetheless. I hope they’re having a chill downtime.

  2. Her agency came out swiftly to deny pregnancy rumour. Just glad to see her happy and healthy. Jeez she just can’t post anything without people speculating.

  3. This blog sure loves some fun gossipy guesses. Thanks Koala. This one’s over after one comment. On to the next pair of birdies if they announce dating news. Sooo many May roses anywhere you look. Lol.

  4. The agencies of the couple already denied it. Really, people speculating whether someone is pregnant is not just annoying, but insulting too. Just let them live their lives as newly weds! They’ve barely even been married 2 months yet!

  5. Yejin looks really happy and contented in her new update. Looks like she’s taking more and more time off from k-ent.

  6. How annoying that a woman can’t wear a flowy dress without pregnancy speculation. Its tough being a celebrity!

    • Oh, come on. Both are pros in their jobs, know the business in and out, they know how first pictures after marriage are scrutinized by fans and media. The decision to wear such a dress is intentional of course. The want the attention and media talk. Don‘t be naive. 😉

    • Not really. LOL 😂 She is nowhere near the level of BTS nor Black Pink to get that kind of attention. And the buzz around her( due to being married to her ML of CLoy) is just recent and even new to her and will die down soon.

      • YESSS. Let say she married nugu irl and someone else played ML in Cloy, minimal buzz.

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