Kim Soo Hyun Brightens Even in Black in New CF Pictorial

I always thought Kim Soo Hyun rose to top stardom based on sheer onscreen charisma and undeniable acting ability. Because his visuals always looked like a good looking albeit very young man especially in You From Another Star when no one thought the pairing would work but it did. But it’s been ten years since and he’s now in his thirties and absolutely has elevated handsomely to have his visuals match his onscreen presence. I’m hoping for a less dark drama than One Ordinary Day type story for his next small screen role but luckily I can always rewatch any of his earlier dramas whenever the urge arises, which usually happens when I see him in any new stills looking super smexy like here.


Kim Soo Hyun Brightens Even in Black in New CF Pictorial — 23 Comments

  1. I don’t exactly regard him in the same light as I used to, but it’s a marvel how he seemingly hasn’t aged a day. He still looks like he’s 21 here. Truly, Asian don’t raisin lol

    • curious about what you mean by your first comment. as for aging, he definitely has. i think these photos are a little too airbrushed. he looks his age in iotnbo, which i love tbh. makes him feel more human and like his character is a real person too.

  2. He looks fantastic and is practically a vampire. It’s nuts. I’m really looking forward to his next project – whether it be PJE’s drama or something else. It’s been such a long time since IOTNO and OOD wasn’t my cup of team (genre-wise). I’m really hoping he’ll be back soon!

  3. I think he picked excellent projects after the military, although they may not be genres the general domestic audience like. But good for him for not wanting to stick to the same roles and genres. Would love to see him work with Kim Tae Ri next.

  4. He looks so good! I didn’t watch his last drama, I dropped the US version. So I’m curious about his next project.

  5. He is a real Man and very handsome. I love to watch his movies not once but thrice . He looks so humble and kind. He is my favorite actor.

  6. I feel like he lost his touch. I used to like him, he had this unique charm but it gradually went away with time. Still handsome and a good actor of course.

  7. Divino, tiene una personalidad y un aura maravillosos. Los asiaticos son totalmente diferentes en todos los aspectos, me encantan todas las series y peliculas coreanas porque no son como las demas producciones que solo es sexo. Realmente saben proyectar una buena imagen.

  8. I think he’s gotten better after the military. Never noticed him before the military. He’s aging like fine wine, I don’t see him as a little boy anymore.

  9. His carismatic beauty gives positive vibes .

    Always admired him for his humble cool cheerful bright face

    Waitimg for his comeback eagerly

  10. Just amazing guy love all his movies and I use his quote from his movie at my job to make my day it’s okay not to be okay

  11. I really like him I am looking forward to his next project hotel del Luna season 2 he is a super cool and handsome 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞oppa sarangee💟💟💟💟💟

  12. Kim soo hyun!! He is my favt actor. Or my first crush. I wanna see him in other dramas…💜🥰

  13. Excellent actor and very handsome. He picks the best projects and not clichéd at all. I’m looking forward to his next drama.

  14. OMG He is still gorgeous. Love his movies. Good to see him back on my screen. You’re amazing, take care of yourself. ❤️❤️

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