KBS Sageuk Red Single Heart Finally Rises in Ratings in Penultimate Week Episodes Heading into Finale

The 2022 sageuks are not off to a great start but it’s not a disappointment either. KBS sageuk Red Single Heart (Bloody Heart) with Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, and Kang Han Na has not been rather low key in airing, starting with 6.3% and staying around there a little up or down. I ended up not watching because it seemed both darker and more importantly more depressing than I felt like watching, and the reviews/feedback has been mostly muted. But the most recent week’s two episodes did a notable jump in ratings to 8.0% for episode 13 and 8.9% for episode 14. I think it could break 10% for next week in its finale and if the viewership slowly trickled in at the end it’s unfortunate the drama didn’t start off sticker to get the people onboard from the beginning.


KBS Sageuk Red Single Heart Finally Rises in Ratings in Penultimate Week Episodes Heading into Finale — 7 Comments

  1. imho it isn’t as dark as the posters or trailer set it up to be. But it is definitely more serious, cut throat politics, and very fast paced story developments. It is a very satisfying watch. Top notch directing and cinematography coupled with great actors all around. Hopefully the quality sustains until the finale. Round of applause for the team!

  2. This is honestly one of the best sageuks I’ve seen in a long time. The writing, acting and directing is all top notch. The characters are complex and the story fast paced and twisty. The rise in ratings show it had a bigger audience in Korea than it appeared, they just weren’t watching live until now. I wish this wasn’t on Disney+. I think it would have had a much bigger international response if it was on a different streaming service, one that wasn’t restricted. I swear Disney+ is where dramas go to never be heard from again.

    • Disney plus is the real culprit. This show would’ve garnered the international fan attention had it not been there. It deserves so much more. I’m glad to hear that at least some of the local audience is following it.

  3. The problem with this drama is everything was vague at first. Once the clear intention, motivation and plan revealed everything moved in fast paced. So the rating rise. Also, in my opinion the promotion of this drama as more to romance saeguk doesn’t hit the nail. The chemistry between lead was there but not sizzling. This is about making a King and political aspect was heavier than romance. So ppl who tune in expecting romance will be dissappointed.
    The drama was good in surprising viewers but it can be predictable sometimes. Don’t made me start about the characters. You thought he was the hero but he’s not. You thought he was a big bad but he’s not really. All the characters grow in me except The King. Lol
    As for the acting, I need to praise Park Ji Yoen. Never heard of her before but she was brilliance in this. Daebi Mama always rock either in a good way or bad way. Lol

  4. And who say heavy dramas on Monday-Tuesday dramas couldn’t thrive when it comes to ratings. It takes the right cast like Jang Hyuk, Kang Ha Na and Park Ji Yoen. Well done, KBS!

  5. I’m glad that it is finishing strong. It’s really good, with a great cast and beautiful cinematography. I don’t usually like court politics, but they are interesting here, maybe because the two women take center stage.

  6. There are three saeguks this year so far and all of them have perform brilliantly.
    The Red Sleeve 17.4%
    King of Tears: Lee Bang Won 12.5%
    Bloody Heart: 8.9%
    Moonshine: 5.9%

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