K-viewers Praise Seo Hyun Jin in Why Her with Rising Ratings Despite Disliking Male Lead Hwang In Yeop’s Acting and the Romance Line in the Drama

Well for once K-netizens are not complaining about something insignificant to the plot and making a very salient point. SBS drama Why Her (Why Oh Soo Jae) has turned into a win for the network quickly within 4 episodes crossing 10% ratings and getting a lot of online chatter especially in this second week. The reason for the success has been given all to Seo Hyun Jin, her strong lawyer character and precisely delivered performance validates her top billing in a female-centric drama. Normally K-netizens always want to throw in a love line, for example there were complaints Again My Life didn’t have a true love line, but in this drama the complaints are the exact opposite. The only dings against the drama are aimed at male lead Hwang In Yeop – that he can’t act and also his character ruins Seo Hyun Jin’s character because she’s so strong and kickass but whenever she’s around him she turns all soft and girly. I can see why a combination of a less than charismatic male lead actor combined with a character that doesn’t elevate the female lead could annoy K-netz.


K-viewers Praise Seo Hyun Jin in Why Her with Rising Ratings Despite Disliking Male Lead Hwang In Yeop’s Acting and the Romance Line in the Drama — 55 Comments

  1. It’s weird. I really like the romance between leads. Their backstory is so crucial and important. Wonder if they watch a same drama. Actually Female Lead Oh Soo Jae always strong and kickass even when with Gong Chan. When watch properly only a few people treat Oh Soo Jae with true respect and manner. Most people does not like her especially a man. Again I wonder if we watch a same drama. I really curious about mindset and k-netz brain functioning. Apologize for any inconvenience.

    • Agreed, I feel like Oh Soo Jae warms up whenever he’s around because he’s the only person who seems to understand her and takes her side. I admit she gave in to the romance very quickly but maybe as a person she was longing for love through all of the hatred she encounters.
      Both actors are doing well and the characters are interesting. It’s rare to have a male lead that’s not as successful, or more, than the female lead. I like it👏🏽

    • Oh it wasn’t only me who didn’t like Hwang In Yeop acting. SEO HYUN Jin make this drama excellent.
      Imagine if this character have collabs with Lee Jung Ki’s character in again my life. Epic.

      • Then you should wrap the drama within 4 episodes for yourself if don’t like HIY acting !!

      • Then it would be boring, please, the character needs someone warm and loving. She needs someone who isn’t afraid to say how he feels, she needs vulnerability not strength. She has been strong for so long, she needs a warm fuzzy sweet shoulder to lean on, not a macho strong character like you are suggesting. If you want Lee Jung Ki’s character, go write your own script.And also, Hwang In Yeop’s acting is amazing as always.

      • U’ve got it all wrong. An actor acts what’s on the script
        So even if it were lee joon ki as you suggested it would have been the same

      • U’ve got it all wrong. An actor acts what’s on the script
        So even if it were lee joon ki as you suggested it would have been the same.
        Your argument should have been against the ML(and maybe the writer for making the ML soft) not HIY.

      • Dumb the guy is absolutely fine…think before you click you may hurt other people specially the actor their only human..

  2. I like the romance. She’s surrounded by vicious men all, her mother and brothers are a bunch of good for nothing relatives always begging her to sort out their shits expecting her to bail them out every time. No wonder she’s forced to walk the cold, ruthless road and imagine the toll it takes on her. Gong Chan’s love and devotion give her a small glimpse of warmth, a flicker of normalcy. She needs that. Deep down, she’s just like any other normal person. I like HIY’s Gong Chan character. He’s a self made man, against all odds, he became a successful man. He doesn’t flaunt his wealth, he gives respect where it dues and doesn’t take no shits from others. This is my must watch Kdrama after ABP and MLN.

  3. Yes agreed.. They created the best chemistry which I personally thinks i could rewatch all over again on their scene together.. So warm yet so lovely

  4. I disgree when knetz said that Hwang In Youp its not a true male lead…he gave all on his acting and please stop saying he destroyed the female lead character..i think both give the best chemistry and they all look just fine as a lead..please continue suppport them…not because of one side good…doesnt mean another side its not good..please watch till the end episode..its just a beginning…dont judge it first…

  5. I’m not convinced by the ML because he’s too soft, he was more serious as a teenager. I don’t really like HJY’s acting for this role.

    But I like the romance, the ML knows how she was in the past and acts as she was this person. It helps her.

      • I judge if I want. The FL is a really interesting character. They made the ML too soft. After what happened in the past, I was expecting a deeper character. I like that he didn’t turn completely dark, but they made him too innoncent. The balance between them is not good, she’s already his teacher.

      • @sayaris
        I see what you mean. While I can accept how much he cares for his defending lawyer who believed in him, there is a disconnect on his character for someone who had been wronged and gone to jail.
        Such a traumatic experience doesn’t seem to reflect in his personality. So in that sense HIY’s character comes across as rather sheltered and innocent…

  6. No way! Hwang In Youp played the role perfectly he balanced the serious persona of the lead female their chemistry is amazing I enjoyed their romantic scenes it was soooo good!

  7. Considering the background of the character, we have to wait and see first for the development of the character. We never know in a couple of episodes, it’ll fast forward to a couple of years and maybe HIY’s character will become a prosecutor or a tough lawyer.

  8. I agree with to the Knetz for once. SHJ is rocking it but the romance makes no sense and HIY’s acting is pretty mediocre here.

  9. Why need to bash HIY? Are they much better for the role to take down some words to HIY? Just some KNetz only making some issues. Lile HIY he need to be pair for some respected actor/actress so that his acting career will improve. Why need to drag down?🙄😏. If u dont like him dont watch simple as that. His acting is good for us who like him.

  10. HIY stills a rookie actor and his acting is not the best but nothing to be ashamed of . SHY is the sun and the others are the planets around her . The role of HIY is there to show the other side of SHJ’s personality (soft,strong , human with her own sense of justice) and why she became the lawyer she is now .

  11. I dont even know how people dislike HIY. HIY is doing his best in acting as well as Oh Soo Jae. HIY didnt destroy the female lead, you guys did. Lets just appreciate their acting rather than bashing one one. Both are good, both are trying their best.

  12. In my honest opinion, his acting is fine. It’s just the character itself that is the issue, I believe. It’s the standard good boy character template which nothing much can be done, acting-wise. Would be better if the character was written with more complexity like the female character. I think Hwang Inyeop can do complex characters. He’s done it before and does it quite well. The issue is that the female lead character is written with so much complexity thus making her more interesting so that the male lead character just pales in comparison. Therefore, the imbalance that we’re seeing. If only he was written with a much more colourful personality, it would’ve been better. It would’ve made their interactions with each other much more fun and less awkward. Right now, his character is just the standard cute and kind younger guy whose attention is only on the female lead and that is all. Hopefully the writing for his character would be better in the coming episodes. That small glimpse of him being haughty with that CEO guy gives me hope.

    • Also most of the Knetz negative opinions were superficial and were stemmed from them thinking that he’s not ‘good looking’ enough for a male lead. That’s just ridiculous. It’s the same sh*t they do whenever there’s an actor who is not considered conventionally handsome enough for them. Happens with Ryu Junyeol, Kim Woobin, etc. I think he looks exactly like Lee Junki who is very attractive in my standards. Saying that he’s not attractive is like indirectly saying that Lee Junki is not attractive.

      • I don’t know why people think HIY looks like LJK lmao. Instead him, Rue/Park Hyun Joon (the one who played as young Do Hyun Soo in Flower of Evil) is really carbon copy of LJK.

    • If he do the same character people will still complain…. !! It’s just people need their opinion if they want to watch him…. !! You don’t like the character don’t watch!!

    • Yes, you’d think they were commenting on a drama that had finished it’s run, instead of a drama that had only aired 4 episodes to date.

      I don’t think the writers have helped Hwang In Yeop by creating a character that’s so obsessed with how a person was years before. I think if his character had just confessed his knowledge about her straight away, I don’t think he’d be so hung up on trying to confirm Oh Soo Jae is still the same person he knew her to be.

  13. HIY is a very good actor and very handsome too….that why netizens dont like his role because his acting is very effective meaning he can justify his character..crazy of waiting for the next episode pls..

  14. It’s way too early to be assessing anything at all about this or any other series at 4 eps. I would like to know the source(s) of the negative reviews and how respected they are. I think both actors are developing their characters carefully and well. Let’s see how we feel when the series has finished.

  15. So far the drama has been epic and both characters complement each other,there is a silent understanding between the two of them and their chemistry is on point.
    I don’t think I would want to watch a drama where both leads are head strong and don’t give room for the other character cause let me tell that drama will go no where. Both characters evolved from the time they met initially till now, life has helped them become shaped to the character they are now .

  16. I probably missed something while watching it. How old are both of them? It’s a noona dongsaeng love story but is he a undergrad or postgraduate? Im confused.

    His performance wasnt the best, comparing to our FL. But yeah, still enjoyable and acceptable tho.

  17. Why the person who wrote the article does hher own ideas .
    i think she does not like the leader actor because I had read the answers from fans are equal.
    She should be more impartial
    Anyway the drama is good.

  18. Whatever. He is doing just fine. Imo.. he does not need to be thus Rock Star character. Also. She needs to have a balance sometimes she seems so COLD. Not very attractive for a women to ALWAYS be HARD. Yes it is OK to be a Badass when called for. But most of those Charaters end up being NOT LIKABLE.. so they can soften her up.and THE ML dies that. And Imo he is Just as. HANDSOME AND SEXY.. you know what they say. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.. JMO

  19. I disagree with Knetizens about Hwang In Yeop’s acting. He is a really good actor, however I do think because most people are used to him being the bad boy in True Beauty and playing that role well, it’s weird seeing him play a male lead with that personality. I think the chemistry is wonderful because it doesn’t undermine or devalue being vulnerable and expressing feelings. Most dramas make women out to be cold and aloof, downplaying traits like being soft and expressive that are seen as “too feminine or emotional”. It’s good to see her to be in touch with her emotions and find someone to feel vulnerable around in a workplace and society where she is forced to be cold in a male dominated career.

  20. I know seo hyungjin is a amazing actress but I like hwang inyeop he is good in this ďrama and FYI watch true beauty also he outdid the main leaf cha eunwoo who only is looks actor and can’t act for shit

  21. Most powerful men feel threatened by a kickass powerful woman. So the rare chance that we have HIY who is not afraid to jump out in defence but trust her till the end is a good thing. Their backstory is also touching. Not sure about the age but they mentioned several times in the drama that she didn’t attend university. So she might not be that old.

  22. HIY greatly portrayed his character in the drama. We viewers have different tastes and preferences watching a drama. It’s normal that some of our opinions don’t match the flow of the story. The critiques we give can help them know their shortcomings but please balance your comments with praises because they did a good job portraying the roles assigned to them. Don’t put too much negativity to your comments. It does not feel good to be compared inferior to someone. Everyone excels in their own ways. I am only expressing my opinion and I respect the responses of others.

  23. What the viewers don’t know is that the female lead wouldn’t have opened up to him if he was the strong and complex type cuz she’s surrounded by them in her work place. She needs someone kind and loving, someone she can be herself with.

  24. No matter what y’all say, HIY is shining apart from your hatred. Its simple if you don’t like him don’t watch its same as SYJ I mean her acting is superb then some perfect people wont let her shine coz you cant move on. Always complaining then dont watch or rather make your own script, period. HIY himne, I see you bagging an award with this role.

  25. KOREAN NETIZENS’ disliking of Hwang In Yeop, like what’s happening in DIOR. And I was like, “What the f***!?” What’s wrong with them? Why are they always criticizing Hwang In Yeop? Hwang In Yeop did nothing wrong to them… Yeah, let’s say they have the right to express their own opinion. But I just don’t understand why Hwang In Yeop? I never heard him do negative things. Some toxic Korean netizens should stop bashing Hwang In Yeop. Actually, there have only been a few “Why Her” released episodes, but there are still more.

  26. K-viewers complain about everything and nothing. Are we talking about the same drama? The leads compliment each other, please leave them be. There is nothing wrong with Hwang In Yeop’s acting.

  27. What was that? “Disliking” our HIY’s acting?? I am a big fan of HIY and I like the way the story goes…I am watching this because of HIY..let’s be careful with the use of words please..
    ❤️❤️❤️hiyforlife❤️❤️❤️ fan here

  28. I read the majority of these comments and most agree we love HIY so go suck on a toilet seat. I’m an American and the whole reason I started watching Korean dramas was because of him. I’ll ride for him until the end! Our boy is doing amazing. They look beautiful together and I can’t wait to see more!

  29. I love their chemistry when they being together…so lovely to see such characters that never ruin each others energy…they have a good proportion on that..looking forward to watch another episode tonight (•‿•) Hwang In Yeop is love love so is Seo Hyun Jin🙂

  30. If u don’t like his acting u need to get ur eyes checked
    His first role as main lead and he is killing it
    Haters gonna hate
    Hwang inyeop will keep acting if u don’t like it then kick him out of the drama and put yourself there🙄

  31. Honestly, it’s about time we stop paying any mind to these k-netizens for the life of me I do not understand their perception of anything at all. The drama is perfectly fine as it is. HIY’s acting is great.

  32. And besides if anyone at all, who doesn’t find the chemistry btw the two leads convincing enough!!! Please just stop watching! you don’t have a gun to your head to continue.

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