Fan Swoon as Kim Ji Suk Sends Food Truck Support to Jung So Min on the Set of Alchemy of Souls Along with 7 Perfect Notes About Her

Oh man, now I HAVE to go back and watch Monthly House (Monthly Magazine Home). The 2021 jTBC drama was on my to-watch list but fell into that small but sad bucket of dramas I always mean to catch up on afterwards but kinda forgot about as time went on. This week the male lead Kim Ji Suk sent a food truck support to his female lead Jung So Min on the set of her currently airing drama Alchemy of Souls and basically PWNED all food trucks from hence on out. It wasn’t what food or beverage he sent but the note that went along with it. He wrote a “Kim Ji Suk’s User Manual on Jung So Min” with 7 steps: (1) The first scene filming she can get very tired and her eyes will swell up like a baby, (2) She is allergic to pollen, please prepare a humidifier, (2) She gets sleepy during filming but her ears are always awake and alert, (4) When she is guffawing in laughter don’t be afraid when you see her throat, (5) She is afraid of the cold by 8 degrees compared to those around her, please provide enough warming bags, (6) Please give her something to eat after 10 p.m., anything is fine just toss food at her, (7) INFJ, very considerate of others, wishing her the best. Netizens are basically swooning that this is even beyond boyfriend gesture and Kim Ji Suk is basically committing a crime (of being too wonderful). Word, netizens, word.


Fan Swoon as Kim Ji Suk Sends Food Truck Support to Jung So Min on the Set of Alchemy of Souls Along with 7 Perfect Notes About Her — 23 Comments

  1. Honestly, this drama was so bad. I was really sad for them, because they’re both great actors and had a good chemistry. The metaphors with a home were good.

    It’s super nice from him to give a notice to take care of her :p

    • They definitely had cute chemistry. But this coffee truck is the best thing to come out of the drama. A real waste of talented actors.

  2. Monthly House was such a waste of them and a cute supporting cast too. It started okay, but just got worse and worse as it went and the ending was unspeakably bad. I’d like to see them again in something well-written because they were adorable together.

  3. Okay that’s so swoooooony, I’m not sure I can even find a deserving emoji for that. God but that’s so cute. I haven’t even seen their drama and I’m shipping them in real life a bit.

    I heard that wasn’t a great drama but I’m off to see it anyway.

  4. O M G I am swooning even though I didn’t even know they were co-stars. I’ve read it again and it’s still as swoony.

    My god. Even a Kdrama romantic moment isn’t as romantic as those declarations. Is he for real?

    Now my heart is pitter- pattering so early in the morning. I have to go watch the last episode of that drama bad or good.

    • The las episode isthe reason people say it was not a good Drama. I liked the Drama but i couldn’t understand why the writer did that at the end.

  5. MHM was a big deception . I like both actors since their debut and they wasted a precious time by doing this drama .

  6. Ahhh he’s so cute and adorable. Total bf material. Hope he will appear in I Live Alone to see if he’s husband material too lol.

    I like KJS in Camellia even though he played an unlikeable role. So I when I read he got cast opposite Somin I was thrilled. Too bad the outcome wasn’t good.

      • Ohh tq very much @sorrowmask. Was his place messy and disorganised? I remember watching another actor in his apt looong ago. His mum got so upset that she slapped his bottom and declared his future wife would kick him out if he carried on living like that. Hope KJS is not that level. Hehehe.

    • I don’t know how to reply to your 2nd comment about his house but his house is squeaky clean, with the whole living room dedicated to his cat. He also got small room where he kinda meditate in there during his me-time.

      I think you should watch his episode if you got some time cuz it’s really entertaining & he invited some of his friend like Ha Seok Jin & that Peppertone member too

      • @lai tq very much for info. I will watch it. Perfect hubby material. Good for Somin if they ever get together lol.

  7. That “My Sassy Girl” list of rules IS awesome, amazing, and beautiful. All things that Monthly Home was definitely NOT. I stuck it out to ep 11 of 16, but in the end even their fantastic chemistry couldn’t save it. I normally score all my drops as 0/10, I gave this one 4/10 because they were so good, which this coffee truck confirms, and which shows what a waste it was for both of them

    • I enjoyed their drama too! I learned a lot when it comes to Real Estate and have seen many great architectural designs. I don’t know why they are saying that it’s not a good drama when the leads has such a strong chemistry <3. It's a perfect light weight rom-com.

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