Fan Swoon as Kim Ji Suk Sends Food Truck Support to Jung So Min on the Set of Alchemy of Souls Along with 7 Perfect Notes About Her

Oh man, now I HAVE to go back and watch Monthly House (Monthly Magazine Home). The 2021 jTBC drama was on my to-watch list but fell into that small but sad bucket of dramas I always mean to catch up on afterwards but kinda forgot about as time went on. This week the male lead Kim Ji Suk sent a food truck support to his female lead Jung So Min on the set of her currently airing drama Alchemy of Souls and basically PWNED all food trucks from hence on out. It wasn’t what food or beverage he sent but the note that went along with it. He wrote a “Kim Ji Suk’s User Manual on Jung So Min” with 7 steps: (1) The first scene filming she can get very tired and her eyes will swell up like a baby, (2) She is allergic to pollen, please prepare a humidifier, (2) She gets sleepy during filming but her ears are always awake and alert, (4) When she is guffawing in laughter don’t be afraid when you see her throat, (5) She is afraid of the cold by 8 degrees compared to those around her, please provide enough warming bags, (6) Please give her something to eat after 10 p.m., anything is fine just toss food at her, (7) INFJ, very considerate of others, wishing her the best. Netizens are basically swooning that this is even beyond boyfriend gesture and Kim Ji Suk is basically committing a crime (of being too wonderful). Word, netizens, word.

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Song Joong Ki Hosts the 2020 MAMA Awards in Seoul with Many K-acting Stars in Attendance

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K-stars Collectively Awkward with Giant Phallic Lipstick at Giorgio Armani Event in Seoul

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