Nam Joo Hyuk Faces Second Accuser Claiming School Era Bullying and His Agency Denies This Allegation as Well

There is really three ways this can play out. Nam Joo Hyuk is now facing a second allegation of school era bullying, namely in high school. His agency swiftly denied the accusation three weeks ago from the first accuser and has again swiftly denied this one. The agency claimed it would take legal action for the false allegations the first time but not clear if it will do the same here. Ultimately to clear his name they agency probably has to take legal action, and if there is any veracity in the claims then it either can admit and apologize or simply deny deny deny until people forget and move on to the next scandal. Either way this absolutely will impact his reputation unless there is a definitely legal or factual evidence acceptable to the netizens that clears his name. For now his side claims these are false allegations and the second accuser brought only allegations without additional accompanying documentation other than high school yearbook pictures showing the accuser likely did go to school with Nam Joo Hyuk. The bullying allegations mirror the first one – ordering to run errands like buying lunch, using another’s cell phone to not get in trouble, and beat downs for not doing as ordered.


Nam Joo Hyuk Faces Second Accuser Claiming School Era Bullying and His Agency Denies This Allegation as Well — 14 Comments

  1. I certainly he can dismiss the school bullying claims. It’s a serious allegation as idols and actors (especially South Korea) need to have a clean image …. unlike certain countries, where famous celebrities can get away with domestic abuses or even rape of a minor or female artists…

  2. These are very serious allegations hoping to get him cancelled. MeToos are alot of she/He say & hard enough to prove when there are no exact evident . There’s a shift now in Hollywood trying to cancel people so quickly and I sense, Korean will get there. There just too munch $ are at risk here. I assume those allegers have receipts, so bring them on because merely by HighSchool association doesn’t prove anything. For all we know they could be bullies themselves ganging up to get him cancel.

  3. I am side eyeing him a bit for being bffs with actor Jisoo. But still unless solid evidence comes out we better stay neutral.

  4. someone’s really got it out for him it seems. koala, he did sue the reporter, the ceo of the newspaper, and the anonymous person who accused him initially. that gives him some credibility but you never really know. gonna stay neutral until it’s proven or disproven.

  5. You know he was bff with Jisoo so I’m not surprised. Even then I feel the whole cancel culture is too much.
    honestly people make mistakes, I’m not trying to downplay the emotional pain the victims go through but this is not in the likes of murder, rape or sexual exploitation ala Kris Wu.
    If guilty, apologise, do better and move on. If not guilty, apologize still since he may not intended these actions but nonetheless it hurt someone and let him move on.

  6. This is getting more suspicious by the day. It also says a lot what kind of close friends he has. Still he’s innocent until solid evidence came to light. I’m wondering if the different accusers know each other and are working in tandem to destroy him. Either it’s true or maybe he has offended someone powerful.

  7. Now that I think about it, I find it weird how after the success of 2521, unlike other actors with successful projects, he lay low and didn’t have any new ads if I’m not mistaken. Is it because the brands knew something or simply because he’s going to do military services soon?

  8. There were so many articles of him having attitude problem even when he was modelling. Plus being friend with Jisoo.

    Also, I remember when LSK and him announced they were dating, many knets commenting about them “birds of the same feather…” bc both of them allegedly known to journalist as celebs who were hard to work with.

  9. These allegations are more serious to me because of the physical violence, making people fight each other or get beatdowns. With the other stuff I was like “Eh, teenagers can be little shits, but this shouldn’t end someone’s career.” All bullying is terrible, of course. I was bullied in school and live in a small town where I still see some of the people who bullied me. They have grown up to be fairly decent people. I think it’s probably harder for celebs to outgrown bad behavior because they are constantly catered to and around “yes people.” Does he still have the reputation for being difficult or was that during his modeling days?

    I kind of believe these allegations but there’s also a feel that he’s being targeted. Both could be true, I suppose. His best bet would probably be to deny, sue and head to the military sooner rather than later. People will forget by the time he comes out. H

  10. Honestly I’m sick of all these cancel campaigns. It never really lasts with big name celebs that have done really criminal sh!t but for some reason seems to stick closely to any relatively younger celebs that get their big break. I’m sure nearly all of these k actors and actresses have some type of skeletons in their closets but the way their “victims” wait years until they reach the peak of their fame to come forward reeks of bad faith.
    Where were all these victims for the past several years when he was slowly building up his career? Why wait until he’s reached this much success to open their traps? It all seems really damn suspicious

  11. Better to take legal action to clear his name . The best solution . Bullying is a crime . Nobody should take it lightly .

  12. Well,well,well…any third person? if it is true, just how many times his agency can deny and defend him without good evidence… I am interested to see if Nam Joo Hyuk will stay on or fall of the spotlight.

  13. Very interesting how the tone of these reports are so much different knowing how much the writer loves Nam Joo Hyuk. Was the same courtesy (innocent til proven guilty) given to others similar accused recently? Big LOL

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