Park Bo Gum Shares SNS Update Attending Celine Summer 2022 Fashion Show in Paris

K-actor Park Bo Gum has been back from military service for the past four months but it’s been a quiet period since his return. He has picked his next project the sci-fi movie Wonderland which is an ensemble piece with other big stars but no time line on when it will air so he may be back on the big or small screen in another project first. He’s back on SNS and this week he was in Paris for the Celine fashion show as he’s a spokesmodel for the brand. He still looks so boyish and cute more than manly as some male stars return from the military suddenly swole and older haha but he looks like he went on a two year mission trip and came back invigorated with the same charm and positive energy.


Park Bo Gum Shares SNS Update Attending Celine Summer 2022 Fashion Show in Paris — 29 Comments

  1. Pretty sure he’s not an endorser but just an invitee thanks to being friends with BTS V who was invited as a House Friend. Funny thing nobody even remembers he was there since BLACKPINK Lisa (who is also the Global ambassador for Celine) and BTS V stole everyone’s thunder and were basically the main event. Its almost comical how PBG was completely erased from the mentions and photo shopped out by almost everyone. Never thought I’d see the day when Kpop Idols would completely overshadow actors. BTS and BLACKPINK are even bigger than Parasite, CLOY or SG is really something and now Aespa is headed the same route.

    • @Memi

      Why the hatred dear? Nobody is taking the spotlight from Lisa or V especially. PBG was there because he was invited by Celine. He aint the kind of person that will just crash someone or group party. He knows where he stands. So be a better person like PBG that can even take fan letters for V and Lisa. That’s the beauty of humility dear. People see you in good light. Dont spread hatred and negativity coz life is better with kindness and optimism like what Bogum is always doing. 💙

      FYI dear, with your ignorance, you should see posts in twitter and instagram so you can see numerous testimonials about those who attended the event how they see Bogum. And, just look at how the French big body guards protected PBG so he wont be mobbed by the fans. I bet you never visit twitter and IG and I bet he would never be in trending status if he aint that important.

      • Concordo com vc, não sei pq as pessoas estão atacando PBG, todos tem lugar ao sol. Se ele fosse tão irrelevante como estão dizendo, certamente não teria sido convidado e fazendo tanto sucesso como fez, espalhando simpatia e carisma.

    • @Kara

      What you said is a little hurtful. OBG wont be there if Celine thinks he is just irrelevant. The fact that he was invited by Louis Vuitton in Thailand and just weeks after was invited by Celine in Paris, and he aint even an ambassador or something, dont you think the more these high end brands are seeing him important and relevant coz he doesn’t even carrying their brand. So think about it.

      Bogum will not take anyone’s spotlight because he has his own instead he is kind to share his own brightness.

      • PBG is invited by celine. not bec. of v. they are diff people. how come you people always says negative words. if bo not important in that event then celine would not have envited him.

    • Park Bogum was invited to LV event in Bangkok just this june 2nd, not event a month ago. Did V get invited there too? Lol. Bogum himself is big name. And who’s making connection left and right at that event? Stop with this superiority complex. Not everything has to be about your faves.

      • @shalala

        My thoughts exactly! You are correct through and through.

        @Memi @Kara @aNNa
        FYI! PBG has his own fandom that will take care of him and love him. He doesn’t even need to rely on friend’s connection or whatsoever. Before military he had been years with the names (commercial company) he endorsed. He has his own superstar right. DON’T BE JEALOUS if Koala made a post about PBG attending this event and V and Lisa dont have because PBG is Koala’s fav and that’s a fact. Now make your own blog and post there whoever KPop idols you wanted to post. Hmppp!

    • Huh? I’m not even into kpop or a particularly big fan of PGB but i’m not surprised that kpop artists are getting more attention seeing kpop is way more popular than kdramas in the west now.

      It’s not really crazy or funny or that big of a deal. I doubt PGB went going he’d get more attention than 2 members that are part of the most popular (or at least well known) kpop groups outside of Asia at the moment. You are really doing the most with your comment.

    • The article literally says he was invited because he’s a spokesmodel for the brand. This has nothing to do with V. I’m a big V fan, but there’s no need to put down others in order to put others on a pedestal.

    • PBG was photoshopped out probably by those who were shipping Lisa with V. But articles mentioned all three of them not just the two idols. Sure those two are popular but PBG has his own fans not just in Korea. He also just came back from military service and is pretty much a low-key person. It was a nice surprise to see him in the Paris event.

    • Your facts is incorrect..,. PBG may not be as well known as Lisa or BTS…but he has his own weight in the industry. And he does not need to use others to get his own popularity…he has been in the industry.. Chill it…

    • @Memi what you are spouting is the reflection of your personality. You dont know Uri Bogummy, lol. Don’t you think his agency will allow him to go if it is just for Vs invitation. Think smartly before spouting nonsense, before Celine, Bogum has gone to LV in Thailand FS and Celine is under LV since 1996 so let me ask you do you see now the connection of LV, Celine and Bogum? It aint because of V but because LV and Celine regarded Bogum as one very important actor and a very relevant to their brand. So stop being high and mighty of your idols because it aint everything about your idols. And if these idols of yours will know that you r spouting badly towards other artists they will surely get disappointed in you. Be a better fan of your idols.

  2. Sorry, whether it is hard to admit or not, BTS and BLACKPINK were, are and will be Famous than any other Hallyu actors. It’s just the truth that we can’t deny. I feel so sorry for Park Bo Gum. He is so humble and good mannered actor wwhich is hard to find now among many actors with one hit cough* (Nam Joo Hyuk). I hope we can see him in new project soon. He’s so talented

    • @Claudia

      No need to feel sorry for PBG dear. He has never been greedy. He knows that KPop Idols are that famous. I am from his fandom so I know he enjoyed staying there and just watching, seeing and reading so many testimonials about him and gaining more followers in Twitter, we think he gained more in this project, not only for business purposes but new friends like LaLisa. Plus Bogummy ain’t that kind of person that’s very thirsty with the spotlight, he knows that popularity is fleeting so whatever comes in his way he is just enjoying it and making sure that the people around him will be at ease with him.

      Hands up KPop idols are vey famous, no rebuttal about that but there are also many fans that know PBG, for the evidences – just search his hashtag in twitter. 💙

    • No need to be sorry. Bogum was invited because he has the power and charms that Celine and LV (he was invited to LV event before, and none kpop idol were invited) find suitable for their brand. You don’t see the spotlight in him maybe because you only follow certain circle on your social media. Because honestly I see bogum anywhere on my TL but not that much of V and Lisa. So let’s stop feeling superior. I see too much of this behavior lately, throwing pity party etc. bogum’s own fandom can make him trending. It’s okay, let’s stop the pity party.

  3. Anyway, yes Ms Koala, bogum is surprisingly still as cute as ever. But he was also oozing with sexyness when he’s in the mood. Have you seen the pic of him at the after party? Lol he got his undies visible and even as fan I was shock for it 🤣 bogum seems to enjoy his trip, making friends with everyone he met. Such a social person. He looks so refreshed after the event ended. Just heard the news that he will appear on a variety show with the moonlight cast (REUNION!) but I really want to hear his casting news soon.

  4. it’s great experience for PBG who is not into luxury items or fashion world. i also don’t know how he was invited but still it’s good for him while he still dont announce any acting project yet. Actors are less well known for Kpop world but he has his Position and it’s good to see him interact with world star like Eddie Redmayne. He didn’t even post photo with V or lisa because he is not the type to gain fame through anyone even though they look closed in paris. As a drama fan, actor’s priority is acting. Fashion event is just one of thing he can do when he has free time for it though i see the benefits is more connection he’ll have. Win Win

    • Bogum was dressed in many luxury fashion brands for his drama Record of Youth (LV, Celine, Tom Ford, ect) so his connection may come from that.

  5. Idol’s fan really think of everything as a competition lmao. Whether he was invited or not he is there and having fun. You guys don’t have to go around undermining his achievements for your favourites.

  6. It’s true that V and Lisa were the main attraction for the fans lined up there, but PBG was invited to the event, so he belongs there too. He didn’t look uncomfortable at all with all the attention directed to V and Lisa – he genuinely looked entertained lol. I liked some of his works in the past, but his behavior in this Paris trip made me like him. He was remarkable, his humility
    and level-headedness shone through amidst all the glamour and drama in a Parisian fashion show (and after-party shenanigans lol). Heard from Gong Yoo and other senior actors that PBG is a great guy, well that seems to be true.

    • Agree to this big time. Bogum looks genuinely happy and he can’t even hide his excitement at all. Talking, smiling, hugging everyone like they’ve been friends since ages. I see his clips and he always has somebody in a conversation. And he treats the fans generously too. He even lifted the table himself at the dinner after the show. Hahhaaa his charms was oozing the whole trip.

      • Yes! biggest surprise to me was to see that he is such a hugger – even hugging his French bodyguards to say farewell (V then followed suit and hugged them too). Seems like a genuinely kind, sweet person. I must admit I was checking out the Celine pics/videos because of V and Lisa but Bogum was such a pleasant revelation, he looks like he has that quiet strength of character that when you throw him in the middle of the ocean (so to speak), there’s zero chance that he’ll drown, he’ll always find his way back to the shore, lol.

  7. Glad to see Bogummie back and active in SNS 🙂

    It’s clear that many kpop idol fans must be in their early teens, because those comments trying to compare Bogum with them or make up a competition are totally ridiculous. People, grow up, live and let live.

  8. PBG took a great part in Encounter-
    SHK as the female lead made this show.
    They both pulled it off as far as I’m concerned.
    As for Paris show -if you are not privileged to proper information surrounding PBG then it’s all guesswork!!!
    Pity we weren’t invited 😀😀😀

  9. Hi Ms. Koala Thanks for this article about BOGUMMY. I really love this actor. His good influence is always trailblazing other fan’s hearts. His great influence makes his fans to be a better person. I know you also love Bogum that’s why we have one in common – that’s the love and trust for this person.

    To all the nega haters here and lovers of KPOp, I too love BTS and Blackpink but I never never undermine other KPop idols just to elevate these favs of mine meaning let us live in a better world where bullying online is taboo.

    FYI: Bogum has his own fans that will love and support him in South Korea or globally so he has all the love in this world. So no need to pity him coz he has everything in his fans.

  10. Ohmagad, so late to post here about Bogum, first of all a big thank you Ms. Koala for this post about Bogummy, I know Bogum is one of your fav actor.I completely agree with you Bogum came back with a more boyish and younger look. I think the military didnt make him mature. And these LV and Celine FS made him more stylistic and ofc ehem yummier, lol.

    I just wish the movie Wonderland will be in the cinema soon and he’ll have a drama project with either IU, Kim JiWon, Kim Sohyun,Park Bo Young, Nam Ji Hyun or even Han So Hee. I want to see him collaborated to these talented actresses.

    PS: Wait, he’ll be back thru Youth MT with his co-stars in LITM. I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming variety show. This will premier in September. R you?

  11. @Memi you r A BIG IGNORANT to post in this blog like this stating trashes about Bogum. You have not just following those Bogum’s timeline so naturally you will see like that. Do research first and stop the attitude that you in Kpop world are only popular. Stop being high and mighty because there are artists like Bogum that can sweep the hearts of fans overseas. Such an arrogant behavior of KPop fandom fans.

    @Kara the irrelevant the most here
    You think of someone who is irrelevant but still invited there. You id__t do reserve first, LV and Celine are sister companies, and Bogum waa in Thailand a week before Celine in Paris, so naturally they hv one thing in common – the owner who invited Bogum. You and Memi are both st__id to post here without even knowing the backstory. Bogum is RELEVANT and INVITED solely there not because of V or Lisa but because he himself is RELEVANT, IMPORTANT and HIGHLY REGARDED by LV. So no matter happened just deal with it.

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