Sequel to Hit Xianxia C-drama Ashes of Love Reportedly in Prep with Willian Chan to Replace Male Lead Deng Lun After Tax Evasion Scandal

So I’m of the mind to just scrap this project but then I’m not the key demographic so maybe there is an appetite for a second serving. C-ent is reporting that the in prep sequel to super popular fantasy period C-drama Ashes of Love will still go forward despite a blip on the male lead casting plans. Ashes of Love 2 was already being planned with the same two leads when OG male lead Deng Lun got cancelled hard by C-ent after his March 2022 tax evasion scandal. Now comes news that the production still plans to go forward and will replace Deng Lun with William Chan, who I’m sure has tons of fans and plenty of hit dramas and movies but he just does nothing for me so I’m meh on this pick. So are C-netizens who just from visuals and prior works think William and female lead Yang Zi are not going to be a match and definitely can’t recreate the chemistry of the original pairing. So basically the core audience for why a sequel is being made for isn’t happy with the proposed male lead replacement which doesn’t bode well for the reception should this go forward.


Sequel to Hit Xianxia C-drama Ashes of Love Reportedly in Prep with Willian Chan to Replace Male Lead Deng Lun After Tax Evasion Scandal — 13 Comments

  1. Oh god just scrap it. William is not suited for that role. If they’d have to replace then at least go for Allen Ren.

  2. Aha why can’t they leave it. It was already a happy ending anyway. They just going to ruin like every other second seasons they make. A big NO on William Chan. Might as well say it’s from the same universe than sequel.

  3. Why o why are C-dramas so stuck in Xianxia. I’m sure every single plot has been filmed. It’s getting boring. Can’t they think of new plots? I really wanted to watch ‘A love never lost’ but they had to pull it from IQIYI platform due to unknown reasons.

  4. Huh. Isn’t there a new thing with SAPPRFT/Guang Dian where the real voices have to be used now? (A la Love Like the Galaxy which drew a lot of criticism toward Zhao Lu Si for her enunciation in the beginning…before the drama became crack and now no one cares anymore of course.) I am all for it as I prefer the original voices, but clearly this will close doors for HK actors like William Chan who rely on dubbing. I wonder how this will work, his real life mandarin hardly pass for any modern projects, let alone period pieces.

  5. Replace William with a brick of stones and no one would know the difference. How on earth he makes it so long in the industry as male lead. I still have nightmares from his frozen expressions at Pearl Eclipse. For once Yang Mi out acted her co-star.

  6. isn’t there already a xianxia coming out later this year starring chen xing xu and li landi that is pretty much from the same production team as ashes of love? no point in a sequal imo

    • I hope they scrap it. Leave it. It ended beautifully. If they have to do a sequel, then replace both leads for fresh start.

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