C-ent Wonders if Actor Deng Lun is Making a Return After a New Glossy Picture of Him is Posted Online

If the biggest tax evader in C-ent history in former top actress Fan Bing Bing is allowed to make a comeback, albeit overseas, then I don’t think it’s impossible for the other actor/actress tax evaders to one day return. Former leading man Deng Lun has been MIA for one year four months after he was cancelled post a tax evasion and back taxes owed scandal. It was a lot of money and honestly once a good reputation and image is lost it’s hard to get it back, and I’m guessing only his die hard fans still hope for his return. This week there was a brand new glossy PR shot of him posted online which led to C-ent wondering if he’s potentially poised for a return. I dunno but this past week he was also ordered to pay additional penalties in the unpaid taxes court case so I think it’s more realistic to keep expectations low.

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C-news Reports the Streaming Platform iQiyi Reportedly Has Sued Deng Lun and His Agency for Damages Incurred From Big Budget Drama The Night Wanderer Not Being Able to Air

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Mark Chao and Deng Lun’s New C-movie Yin Yang Master Criticized for Visual Effects Plagiarism of Dr. Strange and Naruto, May be Pulled From Theaters

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Period C-drama Princess Agents Releases First Stills Starring Zhao Li Ying with Lin Geng Xin and Shawn Dou

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