C-ent Gossip Rag Outs HK-star Jacky Heung as Cheating on His TW-actress Pregnant Wife Bea Hayden

I’ll start off by saying my heart goes out to Bea Hayden, pregnant with her second child and taking care of her first, and having to deal with this news. That aside, this is juicy stuff and Chinese speaking ent is currently all over it. This week a well known C-ent gossip account outed HK-star Jacky Heung as cheating on his currently very pregnant with their second child wife Bea. It came with receipts, namely pictures of Jacky bringing a young woman into his condo, putting his arm around her shoulder while waiting for the elevator and draping a jacket over her. This gets higher profile because Jacky is less known for his own celeb career than he is known for being the son of HK elder actor and businessman Charles Heung and his very well known retired actress wife Tiffany Chen (best known as Heung Tai or Mrs. Heung), and immediately his mom went to the press claiming this is all false news and Jacky was meeting with an elder sister he has known for a long time who helps his career to discuss an upcoming movie. After her reply came out the C-ent gossip account posted “If Auntie wants to say this, then we will keep releasing the second bomb, the third bomb, the fourth bomb…..” War’s on folks, I’m hiding in the trenches peeking out at this trainwreck. And also, Jacky is a mega turd if this is true.


C-ent Gossip Rag Outs HK-star Jacky Heung as Cheating on His TW-actress Pregnant Wife Bea Hayden — 8 Comments

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  2. I never trust this man to be loyal. And Bea knows him for what he is. So, everything comes with a consequence. But feel bad for her to hear this kind of rumor while pregnant with their 2nd baby. Sigh. This dude thinks he owns the world. Huft.

    I do hope that this rumor is just rumor.

    • And that “failed” rebuttal of his Mom….. shows why the dude thinks he owns the world and he can’t do no wrong…. #entitlement

  3. Off topic, but I’m reminded of how Lee Byung Hun was going around with rookie female idols and visiting a young model’s flat while his wife was pregnant. Was reminded of it again when news came out that he sent some rookie female idol group a coffee truck. The man never learns.

  4. I’m so sad to hear that. I do not get why men cheat on their pregnant wives! And even worse, at least have a little decency to not get caught publicly!

  5. His mom was Cecilia Cheung’s manager/friend and dissed her like crazy when they had a falling out.

    The family moves in those circles, this dude grew up surrounded by them – Emperor group’s Albert Yeung, Jacky Chan etc.

    Why would he think marriage = fidelity? Everything can be solved with $.
    (and why do these wives think such mean will change for them? just because they’re the young and pretty IT thing of the moment?)

    This is so same-old same-old rinse repeat story in their circles, where $ is a very important priority in their choice. Wife Hsieh Ling-ling 謝玲玲, and Mistress Joey Wang Tzu Hsien 王祖賢 has gone through it sharing the same man media mogul from old rich family Peter Lam.

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