C-netizens Notice Bea Hayden Has Stopped Following Husband Jacky Heung on Weibo as the Couple Has Not Been Seen Together in Six Months Since His Cheating Scandal

Marriages are hard and/or complicated but some just seem like a really long shot to work. Netizens have never seem HK-actor Jacky Heung and TW-actress Bea Hayden‘s union as probable to go the long run due to his past scandals (cheating, drugs) and being a total momma’s boy with rich entertainment honcho parents that coddle his every whim and his mom constantly making excuses for him. Last year when Bea delivered their second child scandal broke with Jacky cheating on her but neither responded to the news stories. Since then the couple has not been see together in public which could also be due to Bea being a mom of a newborn and a toddler to take care of. While this week C-netizens noticed that while Jacky is still following Bea on Weibo, she’s stopped following him. She was also spotted on private jet with her kids without Jacky flying to Hong Kong, adding to more rumors that the two are divorced already or living separate lives. Good riddance, toss the useless trash to the side.

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