Crystal Liu and Allen Ren Reportedly Cast in High Profile Period C-drama Chang Ling With the Production Team Behind A Dream of Splendor

I feel like period C-dramas are once again leveling up, not just putting pretty faces on screen with flashy costumes and special effects, some recent dramas have delivered tightly directed visuals that play a big part in the overall production being so good. This year alone I’ve seen it in A Dream of Splendor and now with Love Like the Galaxy. The next project from the Splendor director is reportedly the drama Chang Ling (literal title and the name of the female lead) adapted from the novel centering around a female general who awakes from slumber after 11 years unchanged and resumes new life challenges. This drama has been discussed for years with many different names rumored – Liu Shi Shi, Chen Xiao, Zhao Li Ying, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo – but now it’s looking pretty set at least with the female lead. Crystal Liu is signed on to reunite with the Splendor director and her male lead based on production team staff leaks will be Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun). Okay, sign me up STAT and I’m ready to inject this right into my veins when it airs.


Crystal Liu and Allen Ren Reportedly Cast in High Profile Period C-drama Chang Ling With the Production Team Behind A Dream of Splendor — 26 Comments

  1. Liu Yi Fei and Chen Xiao are amazing but I gave up on Dream of Splendour halfway coz the scenes are too focused on the trio of ladies and careers / tea art …gets too draggy for me. The dialogues in each scene tends to get very long winded. It’s like watching some 40-100 episodes of K-Drama makjangs 😥

    I hope it wont happen in this new show Chang Ling

    As for Love Like A Galaxy, the scenes change rapidly with many other interesting supporting characters besides the awesome OTPs, so it’s much more exciting …

  2. Im ready. ADoS was one of my fave dramas when it was airing. I really like Alĺen but his previous drama with Dilraba wasnt my cup of tea (plan to watch it later, maybe). Probably bcuz it’s a fantasy genre.
    Is this a fantasy drama? Cuz i just drop Yangzi’s new drama, sigh. Boring to the max.

    Female general? Sounds good. Im now so into general Ling from love like a galaxy.

  3. I am in for this pairing. Allen Ren is pretty good in custom dramas. I love him in Under The Power. Looking forward to the drama.

  4. hasn’t allen ren been working back to back to back for years now? a lot of c-stars do this, which is such a contrast to k-stars disappearing for a year or two in between projects. like how are they able to go so long without breaks, it’s unfathomable to me!

  5. I wish it were another male actor. Not a fan of Allen Ren, never finished any of his dramas because his visual just doesn’t do it for me. Not really leading man material IMO, despite the many projects he’s gotten.

    • As soon as I read the name Allen Ren, I was out. It’s not only his looks that are lacking, even worse are his acting skills. A real shame, I would have loved a great drama with a female general.

  6. I highly doubt Liu Yifei will sign onto this. It requires a lot of fighting scenes and she has some serious injuries to her neck area.

    • Also lol I just saw the rumored male lead and it’s even more fiction. The ML in the novel is supposed to be 10 years younger than FL. Ren Jia Lun is barely younger than Liu Yi Fei

      • The female lead is supposed to look exactly the same after her nap so it makes sense for ages to be similar.

  7. A big fan of Liu Yifei but not of Ren Jialun. His visuals is not appealing to me at the same time his acting so I will be a little disappointed if Allen Ren will be the ML but hoping for the best for LY. I hope the ML will be replaced by Wang Yibo or Xiao Zhan or Jing Boran for me is perfect (still waiting for The Love of Hypnosis) or Zhang Rouyun (also perfect).

    • Please not Wang Yibo, the dude has the stiffest face I’ve ever seen on the small screen not to mention his acting sucks.

  8. Allen might not be your ‘handsome face’ male lead, but he’s a great actor.

    If this drama has a 10 years younger male lead, then let it be LEO WU LEI!!! Boy can act, has a great posture and has great chemistry with all his co leads.

    Im not a fan of pretty boy-cant act ‘actors’, if i want to see handsome guys, just watch kpop, idol thing etc… good acting is needed, especially when you get deeper into the story.

    I hope this team wont cast just ‘anyone’. From a dream of splendor we learned that good actors, good plot, good chemistry make a great drama.

  9. I wish they cast Chen Du Ling as the FL. She has the delicate feature for costume drama. I have watch most of her dramas and find her adaptive for different genre.

  10. I am the opposite of most commenters here. Ren Jia Lun will be awesome in this project but I’m not feeling Crystal Lui. She looks much older than him (although that’s what this is about supposedly), and acting wise she can’t match with RJL. RJL’S acting is subtle but powerful. I love his two back to back dramas with Bai Lu. He shined there big time. I didn’t watch his drama with Dilraba. She doesn’t do anything for him. Too flowery, with very shallow acting.i hope he gets this but with a different female lead.

    • I hear you on yi fei.. they should change the female lead…I like his latest drama with dil but I still think it could have been better with scene. Any how yi fei is older and her acting is not good.. didn’t even watch dream of splendor.

  11. Funny how contrasted my thoughts about Allen Ren are compared to many of the commenters. He’s super dreamy to me in his dramas. Lol. Crystal Liu I love in English speaking roles, but I don’t know why I don’t like her in actual Chinese productions. Doesn’t make sense to me! I half hope the casting is true, and half hope not.

  12. Noooo, Not Allen Ren, Bad actor, last tv series with Reba also shown how bad he is. I hope the ML won’t be him.

  13. I am not upset about this pairing. I thought Ren Jialun was the best actor in The Blue Whisper and I’m liking Crystal Liu in A Dream of Splendor.

  14. Allen Ren is extremely boring. I don’t remember ever finishing his movies, including One and Only. I find him sooo dull. I’m sorry. What a terrible pairing

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