Crystal Liu and Allen Ren Reportedly Cast in High Profile Period C-drama Chang Ling With the Production Team Behind A Dream of Splendor

I feel like period C-dramas are once again leveling up, not just putting pretty faces on screen with flashy costumes and special effects, some recent dramas have delivered tightly directed visuals that play a big part in the overall production being so good. This year alone I’ve seen it in A Dream of Splendor and now with Love Like the Galaxy. The next project from the Splendor director is reportedly the drama Chang Ling (literal title and the name of the female lead) adapted from the novel centering around a female general who awakes from slumber after 11 years unchanged and resumes new life challenges. This drama has been discussed for years with many different names rumored – Liu Shi Shi, Chen Xiao, Zhao Li Ying, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo – but now it’s looking pretty set at least with the female lead. Crystal Liu is signed on to reunite with the Splendor director and her male lead based on production team staff leaks will be Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun). Okay, sign me up STAT and I’m ready to inject this right into my veins when it airs.

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