Script Completed for K-drama Adaptation of Manhwa Remarried Empress But Production Deciding Between Western or Eastern Royal Palace Concept

I think it’s better to stick with the original story in set piece but understand it may have appeal to as broad an audience for the domestic viewers. Last year it was announced that Korean manhwa Remarried Empress was getting a K-drama adaptation. Now there is an update that the drama script is completed but the production is deciding between a Western palace and royal family look like in the manhwa or changing it up to Eastern/Korean palace and royal family. If Western then it will probably feel a lot like Goong (Princess Hours) and of course Eastern they can put it in Joseon era but I feel like this drama fits a Western vibe way more.


Script Completed for K-drama Adaptation of Manhwa Remarried Empress But Production Deciding Between Western or Eastern Royal Palace Concept — 25 Comments

  1. Same characters’ name? Same name with Korean faces, I don’t know, will some people say it’s “yellow-washing”? 五五五五五五

    I mean there’re some people who believe Goku Dragon Ball and certain anime characters are caucasian. Even more this manhwa which technically is not Korean people, they’re not ambiguous at all about the race. I don’t know what those people will say…

  2. I think Goguryeo Dynasty might suit it more than Joseon. I’m now more interested in casts. Who do you think are suitable for these roles? In age-wise, is it for actors in 20s or 30s?

  3. Whoever casted in Rashta is going to receive a lot of hate, you know these days k-drama fans are pretty toxic. I already feel bad for the poor girl.

  4. I wish the production designers took inspiration from the early 20th Korean royal aesthetics in which the palace remained Eastern Asian but furnished with some Western furniture, and the royalty and the nobility adopting Western fashion, and traditional attire during special occasions.

    I’m more curious about the setting. It’s because the female protagonist’s first husband is the Emperor, whereas her second husband is a king.

  5. To be honest, I’ve always found live action adaptation of stories with Western settings so cartoonish and awkward (e.g Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist). It’s also harder and more expensive to create sets and costumes. Goong worked because of its modern setting. I think creating a fictional historical Korean kingdom/empire is much better for believability and budget. Something like the ongoing Alchemy of Souls. Just change the names (some of the names are terrible anyway lol). They can have much more leeway when it comes to customs, religion, the structure of the nobility and the royal family, and even the costumes since it’s entirely fictional while keeping the sageuk language and a mostly Korean aesthetic and setting. I like the idea of the previous commenter on taking inspiration from early 20th (and even late 19th) century Korea. Gaksital and Mr. Sunshine were such a treat visually with the blending of Western and Korean aesthetics.

  6. Personally, as long as they stay true to the plot (and make Navier’s gorgeous dresses right) then they can do whatever they want with the rest

    • I agree. I care more about faithfulness to the plot, wardrobe/costuming, and casting the right actors and actresses than the setting

  7. Since I’ve read the manhwa, I don’t know if this fits to be live action. Henry is a bird, not just a man and spend so many episode as a bird.

    It feels like anime will be a much better adaptation.

    Western is more fit for the drawing but I think eastern is way more appropriate because the core beliefs and many societal hierarchy is more eastern.

  8. I don’t have an opinion about the setting as it’s less important for me personally, I just wish they give justice to the characters when casting the roles. I wish they don’t cast typical cutesy type actresses that koreans love for the female lead, they should go for the regal, ice queen-ish type of beauty. Think Lee Da Hee, Song Hye Kyo, or Red Velvet’s Irene.
    NOW BEFORE YOU COME FOR ME, I’m not saying any of the above mentioned should be cast. LDH and SHK would probably be too old (I think they’ll go for mid 20s-late 20s age bracket), and I’m certainly not saying they should cast an idol with not much lead experience lmao I’m just giving an example of what I imagine for the female lead looks and vibe-wise. Kim Ji Won would be a good fit, I think.

    For the Rashta role, I’m kind of imagining Lee Elijah but she got enough hate already for her role in The Last Empress lmao. And as I said, I think they’ll go for actresses a bit younger.

    • I hope they goes main four casts from the same age bracket. If it’s for early 30s, should go all for early 30s.
      For example, if it’s Kim Ji Won (I think she’s a good fit too), cast Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Yoon, etc..
      If it’s early to mid 20s, for example Kim So Hyun is a good fit for me. Then if it’s her, cast Lee Jae Wook, Yeo Jin Goo, etc..

    • Yes to Kim ji won! About time the industry give her an epic project (no, arthdal doesn’t count for me lol) considering how beautiful and talented she is! Then they can pair her with Seo kang joon or anyone who gives off that same feel

  9. I’m updated with the manwha and IMHO there’s no need to be 100% exact copy because there will always be some manwha readers that will be dissatisfied at the details. The producers can do a similar take as Shondaland’s Netflix Bridgerton — use the character as reference and create similar scenes and just call it as an adaptation and not a live action version.

    I think the adaptation will work well if they can set the story in the Three Kingdon period. Western Kingdom is probably Silla so we have Soviesh!t, Navier, and trashta. Then Goryeo will be the Eastern Kingdom with Henrey as the King. Goryeo starts as the weakling kingdom, while Silla dominates. Silla soon declines (maybe because of Soviesh!t and Trashta’s poor decisions) and Goryeo will win because Henrey married and is now working with Navier. Kaufman, who will also have a crush on Navier, is probably the envoy of Baekje. If done well, I can already imagine this reviving the sageuk industry.

    • It amaze me that almost everyone who read the manhwa write their name as shovieshit/stupidshoe, trashta, navier and Henry

      Trashta is low-key iconic cause everytime new manhwa has “innocent” look character, people afraid that she is trashta

  10. I’m really in for remarried empress adaptation I read the novel and da manhwa I also anticipated the kdrama if there would be one. As for the cast Seo ye ji suit navier character and I believe that she would definitely portray the role really well

  11. I’m really in for remarried empress adaptation, I read the novel and the manhwa but it still giving me a butterflies. As a reader my only wish is that they would not dissapoint my expectations, especially that this novel holds a very special place in my heart.And for the cast this is what I have in mind that I do believe would suit to the role of the characters in the remarried empress
    Navier Ellie Trovi(SEO YE JI)
    Rashta Isqua(LEE ELIJAH)
    Sovieshu Vict(?)
    Heinly Alles Lazlo(LEE SOO-HYUK)
    This is just my opinion.

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