Kim Soo Hyun Shows Off More Manly Aura in New BTS Stills of Photo Shoot

It feels like the end of another era but the beginning of one as well. K-actor Kim Soo Hyun burst out of the gate over a decade ago and during my adult drama watching period no young actor has hit it as big and as fast as him. He was 24 for The Moon Embraces the Sun and the next year just 25 years old for You From Another Star. One hit is already so hard but back-to-back hits and at such a young age is pretty much an one in a million shot. He’s not 33 years old and while his post military projects have gotten solid reception and positive reviews for his acting that buzz doesn’t seem to be there anymore with the broader public. A diehard fan like myself will follow his every move but like the tides he’s now an elder and the next gen of young actors are encroaching or have encroached on his sweet spot. That means it’s nice to see evolution and in this set of stills he doesn’t appear as boyish as usual and has this manly almost encompassing aura.


Kim Soo Hyun Shows Off More Manly Aura in New BTS Stills of Photo Shoot — 11 Comments

  1. I don’t think any actor can remain the “IT” actor forger. No one has ever managed that – not Hyun Bun, Gong Yoo or even Won Bin. The reality is, you get actors come in, and more importantly, these actors grow mature and try out different/more challenging roles. KSH doesn’t have that buzz anymore just as much as anyone in his age group doesn’t. But he’s still such an exciting actor and I think SK is really looking forward to his next project.

  2. He also had two hit movies in between, all before 25, which is crazy because even the young trendy actors nowadays are in their late 20s. But I’m in the camp that likes his post military work much more even though they are not mega hits like his pre military projects. Really curious what he will choose next.

  3. At least I can see his face and he doesn’t cover his whole forehead with hair anymore. 99% of Korean actors and singers still sport this 60s Beatles hair style even though they have stunning visuals. I find this rediculous 😂😂😂 please STOP.

  4. Dream High (Baeksang Best New Actor nomination). Moon Embracing The Sun (Baeksang Best Actor win). The Thieves. You From Another Star (Baeksang Best Actor nomination, Popularity Award win). Secretly Greatly (Best New Actor in Film win, Popularity Award win). And then there’s the Daesangs.

    This guy shot into the atmosphere like a shooting star! None of his peers and these youngins/new IT boys have been able to achieve his phenomenal pre-military success. But alas, no one stays at the top forever. And his star has dimmed. But all it takes is that one hit to get back so all the best to him in his career.

  5. Lol he’s not the type to do drama after drama non stop. And also not the type to pick something because it’s gonna be a Hallyu hit. He does projects that allow him to grow as an actor. As a fan, that’s nice and also not. I prefer seeing him in more main stream things so I can talk to others about it. But I like that he can be versatile.

    As for popularity, like someone said – no one remains as it-boy forever. Hyun Bin (who’s my fav actor) has had 3 runs with Kim Sam Soon, SeGa and CLOY. But in between, he was definitely not it-boy or whatever. And that’s fine because each time, he found new fans even more obsessed than the first. That’s usual for a celebrity. There will always be new projects and whatever Soo Hyun chooses next – whether a CLOY or a Hyde Jekyll and Me (loll) – he’ll always be an A-lister and that’s what matters.

  6. The thing about Kim Soo Hyun is with age his acting is getting better and better. His acting skills are as good as Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a class in it self after his stunning performance in One Ordinary Day. He also isn’t afraid of doing nude scenes for the sake of his art. He is a diamond that is becoming flawless and no young actor isn’t going to catch up to him.

  7. KSH is an actor that chooses projects that he can grow. His post military drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay earned praises not only in SoKor but made great waves all across the world landing an Emmy nomination and a New York Times article. He’s so out to be doing teeny boppy roles or drama anymore he himself felt that too basing on his unapologetic, non-generic people will love it or hate it choice. As a fan, I’m more than proud that he knows himself better than people pleasing. Trend and popularity may die but classic remains forever.

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