Snowdrop Tops the List of Most Tweeted About K-dramas of 2022 Followed by Twenty Five, Twenty One and A Business Proposal

It’s one thing to get viewers which usually means there is online buzz but sometimes the two don’t align. The list of most tweeted about K-dramas of 2022 (so far) has underwhelming and low rated jTBC period romance Snowdrop as the most tweeted about show, which I attribute to worldwide K-pop superstar Jisoo who is a member of Blackpink and also taking on her first drama role. Maybe also add on hate tweets of Snowdrop for its distortion of history controversy. Coming in second is Twenty Five, Twenty One which is basically 95% great drama and 5% steaming pile of WTF is this ending drama and what I the viewer supposed to take away from it. Third spot goes to adorable surprise hit A Business Proposal which only had 12-episodes so being tweeted about this high competing with longer running 16 or even 20 episode dramas is quite a feat. After that it’s (in this order): All of Us are Dead, Our Beloved Summer, Semantic Error, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, The Red Sleeve Cuff, Our Blues, and the drama that will never die Squid Game which aired in 2021.


Snowdrop Tops the List of Most Tweeted About K-dramas of 2022 Followed by Twenty Five, Twenty One and A Business Proposal — 5 Comments

    • For real. Plus Jisoo is an idol, and we all know how loud KPop stans are (I am a KPop fan too, but I can admit a lot of us are loud, obnoxious, and toxic lol), so it’s natural SD will have lots of tweets. We all know most of those tweets are either criticisms/bad publicity or annoying stans blindly defending the drama/their idol’s honor, so not sure why would anyone think this is something that should be celebrated lmao. Absolutely different from the other dramas mentioned who were tweeted about because they’re actually popular and/or critically acclaimed lol

  1. A Business Proposal is a very easy watch and I enjoyed it.
    Especially the second lead couple chemistry is off the chart!
    Seol In Ah is such a girl crush!
    Love her chemistry with Kim Sejong too.

  2. a lot of those tweets were also from blackpink and oppa fans fighting with knetz who spoke out against jtbc and snowdrop’s alleged historical revisionism.

  3. Lol…if we talking about organic success..snowdrop didnot even makes noise compared to twenty five twenty one,buisness proposal, extraordinary attorney woo and most specially all of us are dead and squid game these two series are popular even among ppl who are not into kculture and stuffs..i mostly heard about snowdrop only from k-pop stans and blinks but all the rest kdrama i mentioned are i literally saw them everywhere ppl mentioning

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