Xiao Zhan’s Character in The Oath of Love Tops the 2022 To Date Vlinkage Poll for Online Search Followed by Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara

Liuliang is a BIG DEAL in C-ent, and liuliang stands for 流量 which is flow volume and in Chinese slang it now means online volume in either search, posts, or data. The top young C-ent stars are frequently referred to a liuliang stars for their dedicated online fan army who play a big role in generating the online volume for their fave. The Chinese government tried to crack down on liuliang last year during the widespread cultural re-alignment after a series of scandals. But as long as their are keyboard army fans there will be liuliang and one way to track a star’s currently popularity is by how often their names or their current drama character names are searched.

Vlinkage released the 2022 to date (through August 2022) ranking of the most searched character names from C-dramas. Number 1 is Xiao Zhan for modern romance The Oath of Love, second is Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy, and third is Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara. Yang Zi is a total liuliang actress but I’m surprised her Oath of Love character did make the top 10 and she got on the board for Immortal Samara. Fourth spot is her Immortal Samara male lead Cheng Yi, then Zhao Lu Si takes the 5th position for LLTG. Another surprise is seeing Dilraba Dilmarut in 6th place for The Blue Whisper as she usually is queen of liuliang for her dramas. Oh, and Yang Yang made 7th and 9th spot so double win for Glory of the Special Forces followed by Who Rules the World. It’ll be interesting to see how the volume ranks out by end of year.


Xiao Zhan’s Character in The Oath of Love Tops the 2022 To Date Vlinkage Poll for Online Search Followed by Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara — 11 Comments

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  2. To me, Liuliang=Popularity=Majority’s Choice. It’s ridiculous how C-entertainment vilifies Liuliang actors yet craves for the attention received by those actors. They lumped all Liuliang actors together as a group of actors with no acting skills and only rely on their faces, when there are Liuliang actors with good acting skills too. Then they try to brainwash people that all non-Liuliang actors (aka actors with strong background/connections) with no popularity have superior acting skills.

  3. Xiao Zhan’s portrayal of his doctor character in the Oath of Love waz superb, so this top spot is well deserved. Personally, I thought he kinda saved the otherwise flawed story. He probably will stay on this spot this year esp if his next drama The Longest Promise is released soon. It’s the most anticipated drama so far.

    I agree with @Lilith above. Many in the c-ent generalize the liuliang as not having acting talent. It’s not true. There are several of them that can truly act. Xiao Zhan for one received raves of his portrayal as a soldier suffering from post traumatic syndrome in his previous drama Ace Troops He is also currently playing a lead role in the critically acclaimed 8-hour theater play A Dream Like A Dream. This role was played by Hu Ge for some 9 years then Xiao Zhan took over following Gu Ge’s end of contract.

    Ren Jia Lun is anther example. I havent truly moved on from his Forever and Ever and One and Only dramas with Bai Lu. He is so, so good.

    Many of them can act, and working very hard to improve. Of course, there are those are cringe worthy but keeps getting works coz of capital. But eventually they won’t last. Talent is necessary afterall.

  4. Yey!!!Every actor and actress here in the list is my favorite and all the listed dramas were the one I have invested watching.
    #XiaoZhan #WuLei #YangYang #DilerabaDilmurat ##YangZi

  5. is xiao zhan the top young actor in c-ent right now? his popularity seems to be miles ahead of every other one of his peers. it’s great that he’s not just a pretty face but also incredibly talented.

    nice to see wu lei on second place too. hope he’s going on to bigger and better things after lltg!

    • He’s the top in terms of popularity right now, with good acting skills to boot. Last year or the year before, there was an online poll organised by Sina Weibo for dramas and the votes of Xiao Zhan’s dramas were 10 times of the 2nd place.

      • that’s honestly insane. who was number 2?

        i hope he gets to take on more complex characters. i’m looking forward to the longest promise.

      • It’s Ren Jialun’s Under The Power. There’s two polls, Most Popular Drama and Most Popular Male Character. Xiao Zhan won both with his 2nd Male Lead Character in The Wolf. Xiao Zhan’s votes were in the 9-digits and Ren Jialun’s votes were in the 8-digits, both numbers started with 1.

      • Love Yang zi in immortal samsara and oath of love her acting is truly amazing cute and acting wise her crying since is very satisfying..

  6. The oath of love is such a nice drama though. It makes me want to fall in love. XZ character is so nice.

    I recommend Can Lan Jue.

    It’s my crack xianxia, I hope it gets a lot of hype

  7. Zhan es el mejor se merece todo el reconocimiento y mérito, 👌 excelencia Zhan, te amamos precioso conejito 🐇, éxitos siempre 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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