C-actor Li Yi Feng Shoots Down Rumors that He Missed a Brand Event Due to Being Arrested for Solicitating a Prostitute

Welp, C-actor Li Yi Feng sure learned to never miss a work event anymore lol. This week he was supposed to be at a brand event and his fans were gathered there waiting for him but the time came and went and he was a no show. His agency also didn’t update on why he wasn’t there or where he was. Then came a rumor that he missed the event because he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute hence the no show and the lack of communication. This rumor flew for a few hours from various gossip rags until Li Yi Feng did a livestream from the car explaining that due to COVID protocols he had to miss the event and he was fine, with the livestream dispelling rumors that he was under arrest. I think the arrest rumor could only gain steam these days since one has seen stars in China suddenly disappear from the public eye or get cancelled.

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