Insiders Say Director of Love Like the Galaxy is Working on Editing the Cut 10-episodes Worth of Material and the Drama May be Re-released in Full for Lunar New Year Holiday 2023

If this news is true and actually happens then I will take it as a Lunar New Year 2023 present from the drama gods to me, and to all fans of C-drama Love Like the Galaxy. C-ent is reporting that the director of the drama is working on editing about 10-episodes worth of cut material and is planning to release the full drama next year around Lunar New Year time, which was the original scheduled airing date before Tencent pushed this drama up to fill a time slot. Tencent is also the annoying force that ordered the cut in length down to 56-episodes probably thinking people don’t have the patience to sit through a 60-plus episode drama. For this one, we do. Anyhoo, that’s basically close to 15% more material which is a material enough to warrant a re-watch rather than those so-called Director’s Cuts that only add nominal or insignificant scenes as a money grab. I can’t wait and only wish this could happen faster to ride the momentum.


Insiders Say Director of Love Like the Galaxy is Working on Editing the Cut 10-episodes Worth of Material and the Drama May be Re-released in Full for Lunar New Year Holiday 2023 — 34 Comments

  1. AHHHH!! Please please please! I actually just finished this and it really is as good as everyone is saying! If they re-release it, i’m for sure rewatching!

  2. I felt like the last “arc” was pretty rushed. I will gladly pay for this. Also, while they’re at it, can they film a formal wedding scene with the Emperor lol. Yes I am greedy!! I’m sorry!!

  3. There is so many part in the book that I wish that they had put on screen.. The book has 178 parts.. it is more lengthy they the drama.. Had the director base on the book, SS and LBY would not meet until at the Wan house.. So I’m glad that they didn’t use everything that the book written. I hope that they will add the talk that emperor had with SS, it will help the audience understand why SS was willing to forgive LBY so easily..
    I pay and hope that there will be the director cut… wouldn’t mind paying to see that additional 10 episode. I believe that the 10 episode will make the drama more whole..

    • Me, too! I do hope this is true. When I was watching before, I would rewatch the episodes while waiting for the new ones. Now that it’s done, I’m rewatching.

  4. Currently rewatching but had so stop since I didn’t renew again. But for the additional 10 episodes yes I pay again and again. I never read the book but yes the last few episodes felt rushed. And of course, I didn’t want to end it as well. Too soon for me. I just want to see their peaceful lives together. Old and white haired still in love with flowered garden ZL playing flute, LW guzheng.

  5. I’ll pay any amount of money for Love Like The Galaxy and yeah I heard they won drama of the year at goose tencent award. congrats to the team ! well deserved

  6. Been rewarching it5xseen it finished love the love story and the sincerity of both…there episode that is sad … comedy …love and action amazing the only missing is marriage and children

  7. Even though I loved the drama, it will be a while before I can watch it all over again. Really wishing for a Zisheng-Shaoshang cut. Given the drama’s title, I really thought the leads would have a whole lot more screen time then they received. A Zisheng-Shaoshang cut with the extra scenes added in would be wonderful.

  8. I really hope this is true. I love the drama but I think it can use extra episodes at the end. I feel like dir fei had so much content still but had to trim it down.

    I’d be willing to pay for it!

  9. Hmm since I didn’t start this drama yet, I wonder if I should wait to see if this news is confirmed and just watch the updated cut. That way I see it first hand the way the director actually wanted it =)

    • I really hope this will happen. The 10 additional episodes of the wedding and them having children would be perfect ending. Love like the galaxy love story is so wonderful! the viewers deserve to see this, the ratings would go thru the roof!!!! Hopefully this will happen 2023 in January?????

  10. I LOVED this show. Yes, along with many others, I was disappointed in the lack of a wedding scene. However,much info seemed to be missing which would help explain many things. I don’t care if it’s intrigue,humor,romance,or fight scenes; I definitely want more of Love Like the Galaxy. Thank you.

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