Gorgeous Zeng Li Reunites with Her Love Like the Galaxy Daughter Zhao Lu Si as She Celebrates 24th Birthday

Watching Asian dramas for over three decades not only has seem my tastes age as I have but it’s also followed plenty of stars from their own leading man/woman days to their playing dad/mom days. Most recently I did “what tha what?!?” when I saw Han Chae Ah playing Yook Sung Jae‘s MOM in Gold Spoon. I should have seen it coming when she cameo’d as the mommy queen in The King’s Affection but goodness it’s like she went from leading lady to taking a marriage break to coming back as…..mom. Nothing wrong with that, but another mommy turn I did a double take on is C-actress Zeng Li playing Zhao Lu Si‘s general mommy in Love Like the Galaxy. Sure she’s in her 40s but Zeng Li is legit a top C-actress female lead widely considered one of the three most beautiful Central Academy of Drama graduates OF ALL TIME. But I guess in her twenty-something years of acting there comes a time to graduate to mommy roles and at least in LLTG her daughter was only 15 years old in the drama so she was a young mommy heh. The mom-daughter duo reunited last week at an event and also to celebrate Zhao Lu Si’s 24th birthday in real life on November 9th. Congrats to another year with successful projects that belie all her hard work in doing drama after drama. Love these pictures and Zeng Li shared them on her SNS so clearly the two are quite chummy after doing the drama together.

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Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Win Best Acting Prizes at the 2022 Golden Angel Awards Held by the Chinese American TV Festival

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Wu Lei Fans Get Upset at Zhao Lu Si Fans After Love Like the Galaxy Official Weibo Posts Inaccurate VLinkage Data Swapping the Two Leads Pole Position

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Insiders Say Director of Love Like the Galaxy is Working on Editing the Cut 10-episodes Worth of Material and the Drama May be Re-released in Full for Lunar New Year Holiday 2023

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C-ent Insider Leaks Upcoming List of 2022 NRTA Prohibitions Including Decreasing Xianxia Dramas, No Romance in Army Dramas, No Drama CP Shipping, No Obvious Plastic Surgery, and No Idols in First Male or Female Roles

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Xiao Zhan’s Character in The Oath of Love Tops the 2022 To Date Vlinkage Poll for Online Search Followed by Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara

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Love Like the Galaxy Goes From Red Wedding to OTP Wedding Ending Epic Run with Added Bonus of Cast Live Stream with Tons of Cuteness

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C-drama Love Like the Galaxy Douban Audience Ratings Debut at 7.4 as Initial Complaints Drop Off Thanks to Simmering Chemistry Between Leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si

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