C-actor Wang Yibo Once Again Under C-netizen Scrutiny for Plastic Surgery After New Drama Being a Hero Films in HD without Filters

Well this certainly is much ado about nothing other than annoying devoted fans, for casual C-drama viewers its more like rubbernecking. This week C-actor Wang Yibo is in the news not for his starring role in police procedural Being a Hero with Chen Xiao but for his visuals. Allegations that he’s gotten plastic surgery surfaced again with the drama being filmed in HD and also doesn’t use filters since it’s a gritty action thriller and not a xianxia or romance genre drama. C-netizens zoomed in on his nose area to highlight what appears to be scars indicative of having had a nose job. This is not new news around Wang Yibo and during The Legend of Fei era was also a topic of discussion. If the man got a nose job then it’s a very good one, he has a very nice nose now whether born with it or got some help. Either way, it’s not distracting in that too much PS or poor done PS way if it was done so let him be.


C-actor Wang Yibo Once Again Under C-netizen Scrutiny for Plastic Surgery After New Drama Being a Hero Films in HD without Filters — 18 Comments

  1. He was kpop and so general rule is they would have done something, eyes and nose are pretty usual. So why is anyone surprised or a scandal? And what filter? More like makeup.

    • He always films with filters. All his photos are massively edited. His videos are edited. It’s actually ridiculously funny once you move out of the fan circle and onto places like Douban where they are fond of comparing raws with edits. Heck, they lengthen his legs in super short videos. He is a never ending source of entertainment for rice circles.

  2. Everyone knows he had surgery, multiple times, including to fix things. I have no idea why his fans deny it. It’s super obvious, up to and including scars. Nose, chin, all done. And especially the nose is badly done.

    • Did you watch his new show Being a Hero and short film titled Choice? What did you say that he always uses heavy filter? And lengthen his legs? Yibo never lied about his height. He is actually one of the nost honest artist that I know. Fyi, all the celebrities photos are always edited lol. I can see that you only want to thow hate on him. Anyway, he doesn’t care to antis like you ‘coz he’s doing really good right now.

  3. Nothing is wrong & he doesnโ€™t need to announce to the world. However, I have never seen so much filter used before until I started watching c-dramas. Its bad when it becomes distracting & take away from the dialogue when we are constantly questioning what the heck is the face like that.

    • I was watching Dr Tang on iQiYi recently and holy cow that’s a very THICK filter they used. I don’t even know why these drama productions had to be very heavy handed with the filter. Qin Lan is already supremely pretty in Dr Tang, she really doesn’t need any filter at all. All these filters do is distract viewers when they’re too thick

  4. He literally look exactly the same from his prepubescent/teen years as kpop trainee to his idol debut until now so whatever he had (if he had them ofc) must be minimal. I don’t think think PS is a big deal worthy of nitpicking anyways. It sounds more like an anti made a hate post about him because doesn’t he in the news for bigger things right now? I think he has a new movie coming out with Tony Leung and Zhou Xun but idk

    • Yes, so we shoudn’t waste time to this post throwing hate to Yibo. Anyway Yibo is doing good right now. He has 4 movies that will release this year

  5. Also looks like he’s done work on his teeth they look too big for his mouth.

    It must be a big shock when people with a lot of plastic surgery have kids and they look like them pre plastic surgery.

    • He wore braces when he was in teens. Most of his fans knows that. I think before we believe what we read on the internet, we should always do fack check first, so that we won’t be a victim of misinformations. Including the person who did this article to gain satisfactions on hating in a certain artist.

  6. Lmao there’s alot of dirt on Wang Yibo on chinese forums such as soliciting, plastic surgeries, past photos with Meng Meiqi on a bed etc, but they get deleted immediately. But no worries, these will start surfacing once the powerful connections backing him give up on him or lose power, just like Zheng Shuang, Wu Yifan and Li Yifeng.

    • People were wondering why his movies rushed to release in the theaters this year. Then Li Yifeng’s scandal came out, and c-netz quickly linked from ้‚ขๆ™“็‘ถ to ๆŽ็ˆฑๅบ†.

  7. So what if Wang Yibo had plastic surgery? Everyone else in this industry has!! There is no guilt in fixing small defects on your face (or where ever on your body for that matter! ), does’nt everybody in this world want to be beautiful? If I love someone, it is because of his character,his heart, his soul, I do not scrutinize him for any fault on his face. Wang Yibo is clean, good looking ,works hard,and does not do anything wrong to anybody, and that is why I admire him.

  8. I dont know much about c-ent, but the comments here are enough for me to feel the hate. Kinda scary since I consider this blog pretty civilized.

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