First Trailer Drops for Second Chance Fated C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He

C-actress Bai Lu has not just one but two high profile period C-dramas on deck and which one you are looking forward to more may depend on your taste in the two male leads and the general story outline. The finished filming one is Till the End of the Moon with Luo Yun Xi, a xianxia drama and also their second go-around as OTP. The other one just dropped the first trailer this weekend with Story of Kunning Palace which is the first high profile period drama where Zhang Ling He is playing the male lead. Kunning Palace is a court intrigue period drama with the second chance at life twist – Bai Lu is a power hungry queen who dies realizing she royally screwed up for her own ambition but wakes up back in the past before everything happened and decides to do the exact opposite this second time around. Except fate keeps re-directing her it seems to repeat the first time. I quite liked the trailer but have no opinion (yet) on Zhang Ling He as the male lead as all I’ve seen is him in supporting roles and Bai Lu always delivers but is starting to feel like she plays all her female leads one way.

Preview for Story of Kunning Palace:


First Trailer Drops for Second Chance Fated C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He — 16 Comments

  1. I only started paying attention to this drama bec of my bb xiening. Fortunately, i love bai lu and have recently been fond of linghe thanks to love between devil and fairy.

    This is one very good looking cast, all around the same age. Very visually pleasing.

    And the promo they are already putting out. I dont know if this is usual cdrama fare for high budget projects but they released promos for holidays even while still filming. And already had a livestream with all 5 main casts the week they wrapped filming.

    Excited for when it drops!

  2. This reminds me of Lost Track of Time which i’ve been watching nowadays. The 2nd chance in life… Em… count me in for this one too. I like Bai Lu.. one of my fave young actresses.

    Anyway, any news about Lost You Forever? The Golden Hairpin? Just finished reading this two novels, so im curious about the dramas. Not even the fan of Yangzi but i really hope she can bring the characters well. Cuz the female leads in both novels are great.

    • I mean, you do know who else acts in the Golden Hairpin, right? No way will you ever see that with him unless they reshoot.

      There is a Korean version that is being filmed so you will have that.

    • I’m watching Lost Track of Time but it’s sooooo depressing. 😭 Also the villain has more chemistry with the female lead. Even though he’s super evil like really evil

      • He loves her but his love is such a torture for her. It’s better for her to be alone tho. It’ll be a happy ending. Neither ending up with someone she loves but having no power to protect her nor with Mr. Villain eventho i know, he loves her.

  3. Idk why you said that Bai Lu “plays all her female lead one way”. If anything she has shown that she can do diverse types of roles. I like that she chose the strong female characters instead of just ditzy types that many series tend to make female lead to be. I find that she’s quite good at comedy too. I hope she will do more of those roles.

    All the actresses now are all so beautiful but I find Bai Lu to be naturally gifted and lovely.

    • Bailu is one good actress that’s for sure. I think it’s quite unfair to say she’s playing all her female lead one way. Rather what seems to be the same might be because she’s on xianxia drama back to back with her characters print out almost the same to the previous one. The genre of her xianxia drama itself are almost the same to one another. Owing to the fact that it all belongs to 🥝 with almost the same character/color aesthetic. But she’s good in Police honor. Should shuffle up more on her drama script choice. Cause she’s good in modern too. Aesthetic fatigue is real especially with xianxia, take Yang Zi for example. SB seems like IS which closely similar to AoL. Xianxia tend to be like that. Especially when you shoot them close to one another.

      • What a surprised LOL a Bai Lu fan going around pretending to have seen Yang Zi’s dramas, just to hate on her. Bai Lu who is touted by Yu Zheng, a notorious plagiarist, to be the next “Yang Zi” in her emotional range of acting. So you think it’s unfair when other people say that your actress is “playing all the female lead one way”? LOL You make so many excuses for her lack of range. When she’s portraying a character, it just feels like she’s portraying various versions of herself. For example, Shi Yi, in “One & Only”. She is not portraying the character, she is playing herself, that is why there is stark contrast between the passionate Shi Yi, with only longing in her eyes for the man she could never forget & Bai Lu, the actress!

  4. I do find Bailu to be one of the better actress than her pairs. By looking at resume, her characters have been quite diverse and she delivered every time. I HATE palace drama, but loving this mean/bad(?) image of ZLH at the beginning.

  5. I watched Zhang Ling He in Flourish in Time (2021) and he was really good in the drama. If anyone have not watched it, it is worth your time. I believe if he is well managed and conducts himself with morals/ethics in private and public, he will do very well in the industry. The Gov is ready to blacklist anyone who closed their guidelines. All artistes must be mindful of themselves.

    • Hopefully not growing up in the industry, having already experienced “normal life”, joining the industry relatively late will work in his favors.

      Seems to have a natural talent for acting, and the height and looks for it. Would be a shame if his career ends as quick as it began because of scandals

  6. Zhang Ling He was good in his first male lead role in Maiden Holmes, but that role was more of like a warm guy. He did have his own charm. This will be the first time he’s actually playing a character with more ambition or power so it’ll be exciting to see him play a sort of bad boy vibe.

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