Park Gyu Young Romances Cha Eun Woo with Lee Hyun Woo as the Second Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon A Good Day to be a Dog

I don’t know if this is an upgrade for Cha Eun Woo to go from the korean fried chicken drama to this dog drama but I personally love dogs more so upgrade! A new K-drama adapted from a webtoon is on its way called A Good Day to be a Dog. It will star Park Gyu Young as the titular female lead who due to a family curse turns into a dog when they kiss someone. She accidentally kisses her teacher coworker played by Cha Eun Woo who has a fear of dogs but she needs to kiss him in her dog form to lift the curse mwahaha. Joining the two leads is Lee Hyun Woo which by K-romance logic will play the different but equally compelling second male lead that is there to support the female lead and win the viewers heartstrings. The drama is slated for a 2023 airing with network still in discussions.


Park Gyu Young Romances Cha Eun Woo with Lee Hyun Woo as the Second Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon A Good Day to be a Dog — 13 Comments

  1. lol on the premise. Sounds like Frog and the Princess but with a dog. And other than the fear part, dogs get kisses about a thousand (or more) times more than a person in their lifetimes, so this shouldnโ€™t be too complicated lol.

    Anyway why is Hyun Woo the 2nd lead?! Heโ€™s upgraded to lead status long time ago, no?!

    • Yup, that’s so sad regarding LHW, this dude just can’t blow up. Yet another talented actor playing second fiddle to an idol, sigh…
      To be clear, no problem if the idol-actor in question is someone like Do Kyungsoo or Park Hyung Sik, but it’s freaking CEW. Sigh again… ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  2. this is goin to be another cute drama yes to Park Gyuyoung she totally can slay the roles. but can they swap the male lead CEW over LHW sigh. i know lee hyunwoo hasn’t hit drama but at least he proved he can act meanwhile…well i hope he is improving

    • Lol. I was thinking the same, but CEW definitely wouldn’t be able to bring the depth needed for the second lead either.. I really wanted to see this *sigh*

  3. I’m curious about PGY’s Netflix drama she filmed with Lee Chung-Ah and Kang Min-Huyk.

    This one looks like a light and fun drama but CEW is not the best actor…

  4. Why is CEW acting in all the webtoon turn dramas?? First is was “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, then “True Beauty” and now this.
    ๐Ÿ™ Was hoping for someone else

    • His saguek drama is not from webtoon. Lots of K-dramas are adapted from webtoon or manga. There are many other original dramas to choose from if you donโ€™t like watching this. I actually prefer original webtoons, real actors just cannot compare.

  5. I love the webtoon so hope the adaption does it justice. ! I thought the male lead was a bit older/more mature than the actor looks or am I misremembering?

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