Cha Eun Woo’s Steamy Kissing Ability in Episode 9 of A Good Day to be a Dog Makes the News

I’m so amused by the K-media on one hand denigrating Cha Eun Woo for still being not a good (enough) actor but on the other hand finding his kissing skillz more than good enough to write about. In all seriousness, it’s even making the news because as an idol he’s actually going full kissing (tongue and all) in the latest episode 9 of A Good Day to be a Dog which the media is noting is rare since idols are usually maintaining the image of the perfect dude for their fandom. I think every idol who becomes an actor has to shed the inhabitations and reservations about whatever the role requires and this one means heavy French kissing in a closet. The article was more about how lucky Park Kyu Young is haha. Word.

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This Week’s A Good Day to be a Dog Preempted for K-sports and Koala is a Growly Unhappy Dog Mom Needing Her Weekly Fix

I’m normally okay with preemptions these days since it’s been awhile since a K-drama got me addicted but I’m thisclose to be super addicted to MBC weekly rom-com A Good Day to be a Dog and this week’s unexpected non-airing … Continue reading

Fall 2023 K-dramas Drops Lots of Posters Running Gamut of Stunning to Standard

Summer 2023 K-dramas have been just okay except for the breakout hit Moving on Disney+ but it’s time for the spate of fall 2023 K-dramas to arrive. A bunch of posters have been released in the recent week so it’s … Continue reading

MBC Schedules Fantasy Romance A Good Day to be a Dog with Park Kyu Young and Cha Eun Woo for October 2023 Airing One Episode on Wednesdays

So Cha Eun Woo turned down that conceptually weird turning into a chicken nugget drama but ended up doing a less weird turning into a dog drama lol. This one sounds like a webtoon artist plugged elements into a random … Continue reading

Park Gyu Young Romances Cha Eun Woo with Lee Hyun Woo as the Second Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon A Good Day to be a Dog

I don’t know if this is an upgrade for Cha Eun Woo to go from the korean fried chicken drama to this dog drama but I personally love dogs more so upgrade! A new K-drama adapted from a webtoon is … Continue reading