Fall 2023 K-dramas Drops Lots of Posters Running Gamut of Stunning to Standard

Summer 2023 K-dramas have been just okay except for the breakout hit Moving on Disney+ but it’s time for the spate of fall 2023 K-dramas to arrive. A bunch of posters have been released in the recent week so it’s more fun to showcase all the upcoming dramas in one post. Old school KBS sageuk Goryeo-Khitan War dropped the desolate and striking poster above, this is one drama that’s going to excite the veteran drama watchers. The new poster for My Dearest part 2 and ENA fantasy drama Moon in the Day look identical in framing but both still look good from a destined romance angle. Fun dramas Twinkling Watermelon and Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon have the same bright and colorful drama while A Good Day to be a Dog makes it clear which pair is the OTP and who is the odd man out. And if you want dark manly dramas there is The Worst of Evil and Evilive doing the tense dude thing.

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MBC Schedules Fantasy Romance A Good Day to be a Dog with Park Kyu Young and Cha Eun Woo for October 2023 Airing One Episode on Wednesdays

So Cha Eun Woo turned down that conceptually weird turning into a chicken nugget drama but ended up doing a less weird turning into a dog drama lol. This one sounds like a webtoon artist plugged elements into a random … Continue reading

Park Gyu Young Romances Cha Eun Woo with Lee Hyun Woo as the Second Male Lead in K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon A Good Day to be a Dog

I don’t know if this is an upgrade for Cha Eun Woo to go from the korean fried chicken drama to this dog drama but I personally love dogs more so upgrade! A new K-drama adapted from a webtoon is … Continue reading