Zhao Lu Si Criticized During Promotion for Upcoming Drama Hutong Mistaking the Era of Her Character from 1950 Liberation to 1921 Founding of the Communist Party

Okay, either Zhao Lu Si frequently has foot in mouth moments or the girl really needs to beef up on her social awareness to not slip up this much. I adore her performance and character in Love Like the Galaxy so have much goodwill towards her but she’s definitely had her share of intentional or unintentional faux pas and this week comes another. She’s been promoting the upcoming three generational drama Hutong where she plays the oldest generation a character who lives in a hutong (neighborhood) and tries to be supportive and survive during the Liberation period, i.e. after 1949 when the Communists won the Civil War and the Nationalists moved to Taiwan. She was asked about her character and the drama time period and she said it was set in the era of the formation of the Party, i.e. the Communist Party was formed in 1921. That’s a good two decades she mixed up and C-netizens are naturally harshly criticizing her for (1) not even knowing her own drama she just filmed and what time period its set in, and (2) not knowing Chinese history and confusing the Party Founding with Liberation eras. Let’s not forget Zhang Zhe Han was cancelled for not knowing Chinese history and visiting Yasukuni and other Japanese shrines that venerate Japanese military figures. I don’t think she’ll get cancelled, she didn’t get accused of not being patriotic enough but she is being roundly mocked for not being well-educated.


Zhao Lu Si Criticized During Promotion for Upcoming Drama Hutong Mistaking the Era of Her Character from 1950 Liberation to 1921 Founding of the Communist Party — 75 Comments

  1. I can understand not knowing the exact dates or time periods for your country’s history not that it’s a good thing but most young people are like that. However not knowing the background of your own character is a bit too much. That like writing a report and not knowing it’s contents. This must be some kind of media play but nothing to get cancelled over.

  2. A good actor/actress takes time to understand their drama character inside out before they start filming. This is why I can’t take actors and actresses who start another drama project straight after the previous project ended seriously. Then there are those who boast about taking on numerous drama leads in a single year…

    • It’s mostly not the actor or actress choice. Most of them are very controlled by their agency and is quiet overworked. They often jump from one drama filming to another, taking on commercial, variety tv, all sorts of promotion and events. They are literally on contract with their agency and working under their contract to their agency as an employee. So I don’t think it’s fair to blame them for taking up too many dramas. You don’t know her circumstances. I have no idea how much schooling she recieved or if she did take history or was taught the history and these timeline but even if it was taught we can all agree we can easily forget what was taught at school especially dates. Dramas are also not filmed in order. So she could have started filing or filmed parts of the drama but haven’t gotten to reading the script of the details when it talks about dates so on. Obviously is her lack of detail understanding to her character which is no good. But many actors are just focused on their lines and acting rather than the story. Many are so busy that they don’t even watch their own drama as it airs. Lmao. They also often are acting in a role that their agency accepted and not necessarily chosen to do those roles themselves. Can’t say they are not doing their best when they are at work but if this drama is possibly a project she herself isn’t very keen on then there’s even more reasons to not know a lot of the details outside of just her lines.

      • Chinese actors and actresses have more bargaining power than their counterparts from other parts of the world. The popular ones, anyway. It seems to me that she has more freedom to do what she wants than other young chinese actresses around her age.

  3. I just wonder how much time has passed between the shooting of the drama and that promotion event and how much work she squeezed in between (what characters she plays are more recent on her mind).

    In addition, she doesn’t strike me as the brightest cande on the cake and is working non-stop (who knows at whose advice). I wouldn’t put it passed her to do what she’s been told without really knowing the meaning in depth. For example, beeing explained what is expected of her, learing the lines and acting accordingly in front of the camera while her mind is somewhere else and never storing it into her long-term memory.

    I do not want to excuses her uneducated answer. However, at the very least it shows she needs more focus and less work to be in the moment. And she needs more lessons.

  4. She’s doing too many dramas at this point, is it healthy? I don’t think it is, at least take a break a little. She’s only 21 if am right and it seems like she’s been around for ten years that I can easily pass on some of her dramas. She needs to rest pls.

  5. Why these C-netz are very obsessive in waiting for her mistakes. We r not perfect. These celebrities have so much in their minds so a little forgetting of the dates or era is really acceptable. These fans are totally the haters of ZLS. I hope, she’ll be good

  6. Why blame ZL, the people should blame her team! To be specific her Manager! They should at least brief her before setting the interviews. She’s currently doing another project now, how can one remember a done script when your into a different project now? Her team booked her non stop as long as she can walk they will continue to work her so why blame just the actor why not pick her managing team?! It’s so sad.

  7. I feel bad for these Chinese celebs, they take on a lot. They film these dramas a year or several years out. Sometimes their dramas don’t even air or air without notice. Sometimes I wonder how they remember when they promote a drama filmed 1-2 years earlier. Its a bizarre process. So honestly, I can’t find fault if you can’t remember everything. No regular human being can.

    • I’ve said this before about her, she’s working non stop and although yes, strike while it’s hot is common in c-ent, she is doing it extra serious. She’s starting to be over exposed, and the quality of work is starting to slip. I actually notice it happened in LLTG. The hype on that drama is intense but if you go back and watch again, you’ll notice the sincerely in her acting was slipping. That’s expected if she’s filming long hours. She doesn’t have enough time to think through the character deeply and deliver sincerely.

      I think she and her team should be prepared for everything and anything. C-ent is not very forgiving and quite harsh in critism. She’s bound to make this kind of mistake because preparation of filming and character building is done in haphazard way. She can’t skip the blame game and say it’s her team to be blamed for this. She should take responsibility of it as well coz it’s her career. Working back to back to back is actually harmful to her career in the long run. Not only will be she burned out, but people will get tired of her being in the small screen all the time.

      • Yes she may be working nonstop but most people in this world all work nonstop 5-6 days a week. How is this different from regular working people? It is C-ent releasing old dramas all at once to ride her wave. Lots of C-artists have old dramas on the shelves… these are dramas filmed long time ago, not that they do 3 dramas at a time.

      • She did not blame the team, people just blame her team because they could have brief her on it before she goes for the interview. N her acting is not slipping, if anything it has improved a lot, have watched her early project n u can tell if u r her fan. N she being on the screen all the time, I will call it luck because her project get pass the authority quickly n the stations with the project r the ones who decide to air it not her, other factors get involved too like. What happened to LLTG is an example, it was supposed to air next year but because the was issue concerning the real summer program tencent wanted t to air, the they put LLTG to air when even it wasn’t than editing. I see her has someone who love to work so If the projects r coming in for her now, she should pick the ones she want to do, so far has it will not cause her any health issues, she is young, this is the time she can work more not when she is old, there will be a time she is not going to be getting project like now n it normal expecially in the ent business. If she burn out hopefully she will be wise to take a break. She is shaping up to be a great actress n it shows, have watched the first 3 eps of hutong n she is damn good in it.

      • That is sooo true. I am already tired of watching her face and the same acting style over and over again. She has too much confidence in her acting but really trying to hide the inadequacy in education. She talks nonsense and flirts too much and trying hard to be cute in one of her youtube trends.
        So disappointed in her…

      • Do I give dang about the year the comunist party did that or when the plot took place ? NO! But I enjoyed the story and the performance, luke all other viwers who gave good ratings to thd show ☺️ . Same with the ” plagiat story” rumors about Who Rules The World or the “Japanese garden” rumors abt Love Like The Galaxy , both considered hits by billion viewers.We enjoy, other hate – who has more fan ? 😆😅😂

  8. recently, koala seems to love write about “zhao lusi being criticized” because she knows zls related entries will attract A LOT of people to comment. her other posts barely have more than 15 comments. oh on the other hand, zhao lusi’s hutong premiered today and it got a lot of positive reviews especially zls acting. it peak at 1.6% in rating which is considered as good. I hope you write about this too lol

    • Yes. Koala finally is sharing Chinese’s entertainment news more here – instead of just Korean’s entertainment news. Thank you Koala! 👍👍👍

    • I do agree. Lately Koala likes to write articles that seem to reflect ZLS badly, and also gese comments to further criticise her. While i do not understand the true intention, i do think that it will be good to have balanced views. I read the previous article that seemscto focus on ZLs’s statement that things haven’t always been smooth sailing for her in the last 5 years. The interview wasn’t that long, but it did cover her views on how grateful she was to be able to do the things she like. That didn’t get covered in Koala’s article. I don’t think she was complaining, but the article made her look like she was complaining, which made netizens online to bash her. I think even in writing as a profession, one needs to have responsibility as to what we write, not just writing to get readership.
      As to this article, i think there was a length of time where she acted and got interviewed. And in between she has gone on to act in different projects. She does need a break, and her team has to prep her for the interview, and she needs to show more responsibility for the interview. But cut her some slack too, don’t call her stupid or some other labels because of some mistakes. Would we like to be called as such, just because we made some mistakes? Who among us haven’t made any mistake in our lives? If there is, then let that person make the first move to scold her. If not, then learn to be kore understanding and more encouraging. She is just 24 for heaven’s sake. We all make mistakes, and when we do, we hope others will be more understanding and more accepting of us.

  9. Koala seems to love writing about ‘zls being criticised’ because she knows it will attract many people to comment lmao. oh ya have you heard hutong premiered today and it got A LOT of positive feedbacks (esp zls acting) and the tv rating is good as well. dont you want to write about it koala? its a zls related news too 🤭

  10. This drama was filmed years ago. No one is expected to remember every detail. But she should have at least review the basic background of the drama before starting the interview. This is what a professional will do.

    • Is it even a national test? Even students who have revised for a long time make mistakes on the actual test. She’s an actress, not a student taking a national exam. Dang! Can people be a bit more forgiving? Don’t criticize until you’ve been in her shoes.

  11. Technically, these actress are being paid in the millions to represent these character & drama; hence, they need to do better at promoting the drama. Admit their wrong when it occurs or give reason and fans won’t bother so much. It doesn’t matter how long ago they did the drama. They still need to refresh what the drama/character is about.

    When you take on too many drama and go from project to project and forget what your prior characters are… that is an issue you have to overcome. As a result, she being repented for lack of words “respect” for the production/producer team. If the actress doesn’t really care, why should we as well tune in.

    I remember a well known C-drama leading man, literally came out and said, I filmed the drama so long ago and don’t remember much about the plot. He didn’t have much to say about the drama in general, but there were comments supporting him and understand him.

    • Lol u said one actor said he could not remember the role he played because it was filmed maybe year or years ago, in other words he was honest n they came to support him, do u think Zl will be supported, if she did that also, when she is being criticised for every little thing she do even those that do not merit criticism, let not kid our self

      • why not? It won’t hurt to say the same thing. It’s true that the drama was filmed long time ago. I want to know how the netizens treat a male versus a female. I notice in general that fans often criticize an actress more harshly than actor, especially most fans are women. Why??

      • Yea, that’s why I said congrats to her.. you found it entertaining I found it not, got problems with that?
        I prefer reading more about drama and film rather than some milking news to get traffic. But it’s her blog, her right..

      • you can read other articles. Why do you comment here?? Just to add to her clicks. You are a strong supporter no doubts 😆

      • Lolz, who are you to tell me what to do ? I can do whatever I want. I can comment and I can do whatever I please, offensive much because someone does not have the same cheap taste like you? 😂😂😂

      • Yea, so we agree there is more to the taste, enjoy your cheap taste on your choice of drama, 😌😌

  12. After all those comments I saw episode 4 has aired.

    So how is the drama? Plot- wise. And acting?

    At the end of the day it was the drama’s press conference. I think even a 5 min pep talk in the moving van by her manager will have helped. I think the basic BASIC pep should have included the character’s name, the era- since she does so many eras, the name of her male lead and the basic plot.

    You all don’t think 5 min is too long right? So she either didn’t care, cannot remember, wasn’t prepared or her team sucked or was arrogant.

    Why do people defend her?

    • Yes. She is young and it shows that she is not very professional yet. It’s a very basic and important information that she should have remembered.

      • Why do many people use their age (being youung) as an excuse when they’re not doing their job properly? And then use the same logic to brag their success as such a young age? Someone said her she needs to strike while the iron is hot, and she’s young so she can still do it. Well, she’s young and definitely still have much energy to study and remember things. Afterall it’s part of her job. So why can’t she? It’s because she’s runninf around from one character to the other that she doesn’t have time to study each character. The double standard that people use when using the celeb’s age.

    • according to her fans logic, every one can be at fault, but not her. it’s not her her fault for not remembering the BASIC things abt her character, but her manager and her teams are the one at fault for not reminding her abt her character. wtf? when i read excuse like this from her fans above, sure does she has many brainless and diehard fans. is it so hard for her fans to admit she’s being ignorant abt her character? but the fans chose to blame her manager instead lol. i just shake my head. and some fans even brought an excuses that the drama was filming YEARS AGO so she that’s why she doesn’t remember abt it. helpp.. it was just LAST YEAR not YEARS AGO 😭 just accept that she is IGNORANT abt her character. be humble and admit her mistake, don’t shift the blame to her manager is the most correct way to do. don’t give ridiculous excuses to whitewash her.

    • @ Mindy

      Please read my comment again! I WASN’T not defending her and I’m not her fan also. She should have remembered that information because it was the very basic and important information. Thanks!

  13. No matter what anyone else says Zhao Lusi is my favorite actress. I started watching Chinese dramas because of her. Nothing said about her will sway me. There are other actresses I like, but not as much. Other actresses are not attacked as much as her either. Zhao Lusi made a mistake. I won’t belittle her for it. I looked on the internet for 1921…it seemed to keep coming up in written articles. After being confused myself I found she was in a Chinese film called “1921”. It came out in 2021 with Zhao Lusi having a support role. I haven’t seen it, but it was about the Communist Party’s history. Not so difficult to see how the mixup occurred. Should she have reviewed yes, but maybe she was nervous, tired or just spoke without thinking. With so many terrible things going on in this world is this something we should focus all our attention on?????

  14. I don’t know and can’t read Chinese to really understand what the interview is about.. however I just check and reread the history of china, Origins of the Chinese Revolution is between 1915-1949. So what ZL said was right so what she said that her story is after the liberation revolution is right…. I believe the writer and the netizen need to re-read their history instead of saying that ZL don’t know her history… And you all that been criticizer ZL need to also look at the history of China revolution before bad mouth her.

      • Lol I tell you, these international fans of hers are really 🤣. They don’t even know what they are preching on about c-ent that they have very limited knowledge about

      • You and those Chinese Netizen love to nitpick everything that she said.. is like you have no life accept to put her down for you to feel better.. I don’t know who idol you worship, but I don’t think that idol of your know of your existence.. I only said what I said cause it is written in history and that is what most people around the world study.. If anyone asked me a vague question as to what time line this story is taken in, I too would said that it after the country revolution area.. which is true, 1950 is after the revolution area..

      • Whetever you said, Hutong has a very good ratings yesterday and its the number one drama on all channels at the same time. And Hutong is temporarily ranked second in the Golden File of Central Eight 2022.. It has an average rate of 1.1686% RANKED FIRST IN PRIMETIME TV DRAMAS IN ALL CHANNELS !!

    • @Jay They just want to portray her as having lots of liuliang. Look at how some of her fans here boasted that articles about her get more comments, when they are the ones who increased the number of comments with defensive replies that no one except fans themselves agree with.

      @ami Ah…a brainless fan. Never mind, forget my previous reply to you. There’s no point interacting with you any further seeing as you think that you know chinese history better than chinese netizens.

      • Please stop being so overly critical about everything!!!!! Stop hating on these hard working actors and actresses and stop picking on every little thing. For Pete’s sakes Get A Life!!!! Zhao Lusi is a very hard working and beautiful young actress and very well beloved. She also strikes me as being very smart. Stop making her life difficult and allow her to grow and excel.

      • @jojo

        And how about you STOP over defending your idol? You and your fellow fans’ over defensive comments just made you guys looks like a brainless fans 🙂

  15. Please stop being so overly critical about everything!!!!! Stop hating on these hard working actors and actresses and stop picking on every little thing. For Pete’s sakes Get A Life!!!! Zhao Lusi is a very hard working and beautiful young actress and very well beloved. She also strikes me as being very smart. Stop making her life difficult and allow her to grow and excel.

  16. Please stop being so overly critical about everything!!!!! Stop hating on these hard working actors and actresses and stop picking on every little thing. For Pete’s sakes Get A Life!!!! Zhao Lusi is a very hard working and beautiful young actress and very well beloved. She also strikes me as being very smart. Stop making her life difficult and allow her to grow and excel.

  17. Whatever how much criticized & hate you give for Zhao Lusi, HUTONG is still very much appreciated. As a matter of Fact, HUTONG RANKED FIRST IN PRIMETIME TV DRAMAS IN ALL CHANNELS!! IT HAS 1.1686%, AND RANKED SECOND IN GOLDEN FILE 2022 OF CENTRAL EIGHT.. Good Job to Hou Minghao & Zhao Lusi💗💗


      • @jojo

        And how about you STOP over defending your idol? You and your fellow fans’ over defensive comments just made you guys looks like a brainless fans 🙂

    • isn’t it typical for cctv dramas to obtain such rating? it isn’t that inordinary tho. the extraordinary if you reach 2%, like most of zhao liying drama, etc. princess agents and the journey of flower

      • Official drama ratings aren’t even out yet. But yes, it is a very average rating for CCTV-8.
        Rose war which was remake for Good wife and ended recently had an average 1.3, last ep. 1.8%. And this drama wasn’t even this popular.

      • @lili

        lol i got 2nd hand embarrassment reading the overconfident claims and rainbow farts from the user above 😂 coz i always noticed that whenever some fandom shared tv drama rating, almost all of cctv dramas got rating above 1% and topped the tv rating charts. followed by other tv channel like dragon tv etc.

  19. Geez cnetizens is trying to get as many ppl cancel as possible sad esp China has such a rich history and when it comes to era/dates those can easily escape your memory, and her doing dramas after dramas this can easily happen to her. I hope she’s ok.

  20. Haters will always hate Zhao Lusi whatever she does. As for Zhao Lusi, Im so happy for her achievements in such a young age. Dont mind the haters, just keep working. We, as a fan, are here to support you..

  21. Bruh, relax kids. I’m Australian and I don’t even remember the year Captain Ryan discovered Australia. She’s there to make movies. If you need to understand the history. Then go read a history book dumb ass. Bahahaha I’m so dumb, when did Captain Ryan discover Australia again?? Oh yeah no one cares.

    • The most mindblowing comment I have read. Proud for being ignorance is really something else lol

      Are you an actor and paid for the role in that your so called ‘Captain Ryan’ era? If not, then what basis are you even preaching about to compare yourself with ZLS who got paid for her role? Ever hear of the word ‘professionalism’? an actress knowing what her role and drama are a must and that’s part of the job for being a professional.

      This kind of comment doesn’t help ZLS’ image at all especially when reacting to this issue of her being branded uneducated. And her fans makes it even worse with their super defensive and all kinds of ignorance comments

  22. My goodnes, so much for hater netizens. People with intelligent also make mistake or even genius…they called human. Such a perfecto whoever that mocked her! Crazy!

    • So true this,

      Some actors come into c-ent because they love the art, they go to acting school, take time to learn and improve..other traffic stars are pushed by the agencies, even though they might be there for the popularity, they respect the job at least.

      And then there are some,like this actress who are just there for the glamour and hype, however short lived, buying hs even if it’s negative( cos even bad publicity is publicity I guess) and not bothering to learn or have any respect for the parts they play.
      The issue is that this wasn’t just a normal campus romance or office idol drama, this was an important ccp project and she didn’t even bother to learn about her character .i don’t believe she forgot, she must not have known in the first place or not paid any attention to it from the start, that’s how much non-interest she has for her job as an art.

      It’s just disrespectful for the young actors who take time to learn and never get cast in main roles.Just like everywhere money talks in c-ent too..sad..

  23. Oh wow people please chill!!! Too much hatred for Zhao Lusi. World is already full of hatred… spread love not hate. Don’t really know why people are so bothered with her working long hours??? Hmmm…. As long as she is able to deliver her lines… anyway… lets all enjoy Hutong!!! And God Bless❤️

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