Kim So Hyun Picks Next Project the K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon Is it Coincidence

K-actress Kim So Hyun has taken a good long break for a year and half since her 2021 sageuk River Where the Moon Rises and she’s now got a new agency and new drama. She’s accepted the female lead for K-drama Is it Coincidence adapted from the same name webtoon on Kakao. It’s slated to be 8-episodes and details the story of a young female producer at an animation studio scarred by past love and unexpectedly meets her first love again 10 years later. It’s directed from the PD of The King’s Affection and Gold Spoon and will head into filming the final part of 2022 with an airing date in 2023.


Kim So Hyun Picks Next Project the K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon Is it Coincidence — 44 Comments

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    • The ML in talk was actually the 2nd lead from

      I’m really excited for this. Especially since it’s lined up for TVN, it’s been so long since Goblin and LFG. I hope Netflix picks this too.

      can’t wait! and waiting for Useless Lies confirmation too.

      • He isn’t that good of an actor definitely, but I think most So Hyun fans want to see her with him again because they had explosive chemistry in Love Alarm and they want to see them actually end up together

    • I hope all my fav actress will not work with him, he is good boy, but his fans specially shipper fans in Nevertless just too agressive :v i got trauma by them LOL

      • Agreed. Park Min Young fan here who unfortunately had to deal with them during Forecasting Love and Weather days. they’re a very aggressive bunch, which is weird considering that drama wasn’t even a hit and SK & HSH didn’t even have much chemistry, just the “sexy” scenes making it seem like they have chemistry lol

        *hides from Nevertheless shippers*

      • Agreed. Park Min Young fan here who unfortunately had to deal with them Nevertheless shippers during Forecasting Love and Weather days. they’re a very aggressive bunch, which is weird considering that drama wasn’t even a hit and SK & HSH didn’t even have much chemistry, just the “sexy” scenes making it seem like they have chemistry lol

        *hides from Nevertheless shippers*

  2. More excited by her other drama that she’s in talks with, Useless Lies with Hwang Min Hyun who’s in talks to be the male lead. This sounds good too, but Useless Lies sounds more interesting and would love to see her with Min Hyun! 😍 Hope they both accept 😍
    But anyway, I’m just glad she’s back in dramaland. Dramaland is just not the same without her πŸ˜”

  3. A much deserved break after the hell she went through last year. 8 episodes is short even for a romcom but the plot sounds great and the webtoon is short so hopefully it’ll do it justice with the reduced episode count. Skip the filler angst and give us all the cute. This sounds a like warm and cozy plot just like OBS so I’m anticipating it. Simple love stories are rare these days.

  4. Finally the Queen is back!!! This break has been tough on the fans without any content and promotions!! But finally there is something to look forward too!! Excited for her comeback!!

  5. Welcome back. She’s such a talented and underrated actress. Hopefully she’ll hit big soon and is everywhere. Especially in films she needs to dominate the big screen soon. He potential is limitless.

  6. just saw updates that chae jeong yeop is offered the male lead role for this. anyone here seen a drama he’s in? is he good? I know he’s in nevertheless but I’ve never seen that drama.
    anyways, I’m just happy my beautiful sohyun is back! and seems like us fans will be treated to two sohyun dramas next year!
    btw, thanks koala for choosing that picture as the main photo of this article, it’s always been one of my favorite pics of her hehe she’s so beautiful

  7. I’m so happy she took such a long break. Working non-stop since she was a little child, it’s reassuring to see her finally give herself the reward she deserved. Hopefully it will have refreshed her and left her reinvigorated for her fully adult acting career.

  8. I glad she choose this short romcom drama after long hiatus, the FL character in webtoon look fun and more expressive than her latest drama.

    Hope this project give her positive energy πŸ™‚ ganbatter, Queen!!

    • yeah, I think a light-hearted drama is what she needs after the tough year she had last year. plus she was such a hoot in bring it on ghost, really wants to see her in a lighter role again

  9. Although unconfirmed yet, she’s also considering the drama “Useless Lies” so it’d be a great comeback treat for her supporters. Still skeptical about the new agency since it’s basically Culture Depot 2.0 with the same smothering silence and zero social media presence. Frustrating as it may be, I just wish she gets back on track with a stronger will next year.

  10. Although unconfirmed yet, she’s also considering another drama entitled “Useless Lies” so it’d be a double comeback treat for her supporters. Still skeptical about the new agency since it’s basically Culture Depot 2.0 with the same smothering silence and zero social media presence. It’s even worse now that they don’t even have an official website and contact information. Frustrating as it may be, I just wish she gets back on track with a stronger will next year.

    • Yeah right. Her previous agency was quite bad but for now I don’t find new one any better. It looks like they don’t want to support or promote the artists. They are not even doing the bare minimum.

  11. Glad to see her coming back but girlie needs to promote herself. I don’t know why she insists on the ultra mysterious image shying away from all and any publicity. I’ve noticed her ads barely release any promo materials for her and at first I thought it was the endorsement company or her agency at fault but apparently its her who prefers it that way. Someone on DC Gallery posted her endorsement fees is much higher than before which is why she is doing fewer ads now than her 2015-17 hey days but that’s just silly. She needs to not hide and stay media shy her whole career. Someone tell her to engage in media play because even the negative kind that Sidus did is necessary for visibility. I’d rather she makes headlines on a daily basis for anything good or bad rather than being invisible and coming out of hiding once in a while when she has a drama and then disappearing again until the next one. Its not useful for career growth when A list writers or directors don’t even know your name. She needs to let her PR team do their job and heavily media play for her. Give her those damn promotions because she deserves better. She needs to start living like a celebrity and not the girl next door. She has the acting chops and looks but not superstar goddess diva aura which is killing her popularity and the breaks don’t help.

    • As a fan, I agree and it’s so dang frustrating to see it all unfold. Sidus was toxic for her in so many ways but I can’t help but commend that agency in the way they promoted her. It’s really weird, she wasn’t all β€œmysterious” during her peak popularity days, quite the opposite actually, we always got almost daily updates via her or Sidus social media, and I really miss the high-quality behind the scenes photos Sidus used to release of her whether of CFs or of dramas/movies. I miss her selfies and video greetings too, which really helped in building a connection to her fans back then. I wonder what happened to make her withdraw from the limelight like this. Of course her current agency sucks at promoting her but it seems like she herself has withdrew a lot from the spotlight, like barely posting on her IG even if her followers are increasing, not attending events, etc.
      About the superstar diva thing, I think you can succeed even with a more lowkey image, a la Son Ye Jin, but our girl has to have a certified domestic hit first, and I’m hoping she’ll get one soon. I wish Jun Ji Hyun would guide her in choosing projects.

      • yeah, park shin hye is another great example of a successful actress who doesn’t have that larger than life superstar image like taehyeji, but as you say, kim so hyun needs a domestic hit first. ugh, she didn’t even post a behind the scene selfie of her recent kba appearance, i was hoping we would get at least one, that’s how bad it is right now. it’s all so weird because when i was following her career more closely around 2014-2017, she really struck me as an ambitious, driven to succeed kinda actress and now it’s like she’s the opposite.
        i hope her management change their strategy soon because it’s clearly not working.
        actresses less pretty and less talented than her are getting these brand deals and plum projects and it hurts seeing her potential wasted πŸ˜”

    • It all slowly went downhill since 2018. Couldn’t believe she was once a Pocari Sweat girl 😭
      I’m so mad at her agency 😭

  12. it’s such a regretful event that her career, buzz and popularity went downhill under the cd now ieum#. i would be surprised if this drama becomes a hit, after such a very long hiatus from social media. I’m her fan, but i wouldn’t be overconfident aka delusional(yup) to think that she has the star power to go on top again. if she still has it, i would be so grateful. because currently, her agency doesn’t even promote her, her presence in social media is very minimum and almost 0, she only got 1 cf, where even herself doesn’t promote it on her ig, and her current stylist and makeup doesn’t fit her at all. bitter truth i know. I’m so shocked, disappointed and sad abt this. such a pity to see my fav loss popularity. if this is in China, her domestic fans will haunt the agency already. but too bad, her kfans didn’t even bother to do anything about this. they should’ve start complaining to the agency since last year. but nothing has been done. I’m so jealous to see the power of idol fandom where they can make complain to the agency directly. I’m feeling sad and disappointed, but I’ll support her no matter what. at least i know her dramas will do better in international. but domestically, hard to say. i know it’s quite sensitive for fans to talk abt this, but i still want to say it. i don’t know where to vent. coz i saw some of her fans are still ok with all of this. i still don’t understand how some of them can assure themselves everything is still ok for her πŸ˜… maybe our mindset works differently. but ofc, i hope I’m very wrong abt this.

    • I don’t know how these things work, but is it possible that she only signed with the hashtag agency because she’s still under CD and had no choice but to do so, as that agency seems like an extension of CD? Again, I have no idea how these things work admittedly, but I’m hoping she only had to spend a few years in that hashtag agency to fulfill her CD contract then transfer to a much better agency.

      The fact that CD got dissolved tells me there’s something messy going on behind the scenes, so I can’t imagine why anyone would stay anywhere near that agency and not get out as soon as they can. I hope she just transferred to something like Namoo or Soop πŸ˜”

    • Oh gosh, I hate how they style her now. She’s in her early 20s, FFS, let her wear all the fun things! I get they’re going for the sleek, minimalistic look, but you can do elegant while still keeping it youthful and fresh. And can someone tell her makeup artist to stop with the no-makeup-makeup looks in red carpet events and such? Yes, she has beautiful, well-defined features already (even Jung Il Woo said so), but the camera won’t be able to pick up her beauty with that kind of makeup. A little variety would be welcome, I’m tired of always nude lips, barely any eye makeup, etc, on her on events. Like come on, a little more eye makeup, some rosy blush, pink lips, etc. wouldn’t hurt. Her red gown in KBS awards 2019 was such a waste with that kind of makeup, imagine that gown with some red lips! Hated her Korea Broadcasting Awards look too. Ugh. She has doll-like features which Sidus knew how to play up back in the day. Such a waste they’re not making the most out of her beauty.
      Whoever did her whole look for the Blue Dragon awards 2018 deserves an award, that was a well-done look and an example of how even more beautiful she can be with the right styling, as she’s already naturally beautiful.
      Sorry, but had to vent too as everyone I talk to say they like her styling now.

      • Wholeheartedly agree with you about her styling. I didn’t like even one of her dress in kbs award 2021. Most of them looked one size bigger than her size.I would absolutely love to see her in some red lipstick and some different hairstyle with something that suits her body type. Really hate how there is no new hairstyle in korean awards ceremony. All have same style. I wanna rant too.😣

      • second this. but i still think her agency has something to do with this..but ofc she as well. i don’t know why she behave like this now. is she sick or she doesn’t care at all now? like someone said, she should hire a pr team. but even she wants her pr team to promote, i doubt it can be done. because literally she looks like she has been neglected, bullied, abandoned and sabotaged by the peoples in her agency. her new manager looks unbothered abt her but busy promoting other artists, her old manager already left for another agency, even her stylist and makeup team gave her a bad look. let’s be real. her former visuals before entering cd is much more better than the current visual in the new agency. the difference is soo big. here I’m convinced now that makeup can really make u look not good despite being such a beauty. I’ve been thinking that is it a form of revenged from the agency? coz last year, fans has been complaining in dcgallery abt why they gave her very pale makeup during the kbs ceremony. but, suddenly during the kba award recently, they gave her a very bright red lipstick colour. this was like :hey, are you satisfy now? but it wasn’t even done right! u can see clearly that some part of the lips didn’t have colour. even the dress was 1 size bigger. i haven’t seen any actress around her level was treated like this. even the rookies are treated better. suddenly i remembered abt some of her fans who still tried to whitewash the agency. they said it was her decision not to take many cfs because she wants to be like yoo ahin and gongyoo and just want to focus on being an actress. this sounds silly too.

      • Sadly have to agree with you πŸ˜₯
        Even her styling during E&T story days was much better with trendy makeup looks that made her look like a KPop idol with actress-level visuals. Love her lighter hair color in that period too. Wish they experiment more with her. Her styling now is something you’d see in a 30-something actress, seriously, what’s up with that office-like look at last year’s kba 😭
        Agree she has soft doll like features, they should give her more of a soft girl kinda look using trendy makeup techniques

      • @confession yup, styling can really downgrade (i’m not a native english speaker, so don’t know if that’s the right word) even the visuals of someone as beautiful as her. the lack of eye makeup is making her eyes look small in pictures. she’s famous for having naturally big dolly eyes (i remember she was even being compared to han ga in some years ago) but you wouldn’t know that unless you see close-up pictures of her ☹️
        she has big eyes and very full upper lips, I think a more toned down douyin makeup style would really suit her as she has the features for it. or at least they should’ve kept the makeup around late 2018, i like that one best (tho not the best fashion choices)
        in her recent kba appearance, her hair looks to be dyed burgundy (could also just be the lighting tho), and i don’t think it suits her gentle coloring. lighter brown hair like in 2018-early 2019 suits her much better.
        i miss the stunning profile pictures of her for sidus.
        she should fire her stylist and hire a new one… if she still cares about her image ☹️

      • This I completely agree with and as a long time KSH fan it is honestly frustrating how she always has the no-make up look for EVERY SINGLE event. It only works on day to day life and IG but on the red carpet it completely washes out 90% of the celebs unless they have extremely angular looks. Even Dilireba never goes with the no-make up look and she has super sharp features. Her styling needs a huge huge upgrade even though she is the one of the few celebs that has color on the red carpet but still more than half her red carpet looks are white or black and many times ill-fitted outfits. Her most superior look is the 2016 Baeksang Awards crop top and skirt. That look deserved an award it was flawless. I liked her yellow Miu Miu dress from last year but the hair and makeup were a huge let down. This year too her KBA outfit was well fitted and elegant but boring and the make up was awful and lazy. Her pink sparkly dress for the Korean Drama Awards last year was excellent but again the hair and makeup were boring and needed more effort. I don’t know who to blame for how badly they handle her styling since the same people work with JJH, Suzy, LSK and many other celebs who always have hair and make up that is on point. I think KSH needs to invest more energy and time into her own styling for red carpets and demand better for herself. I don’t think she ever has an opinion on what kind of makeup and hair she wants and just blindly goes with whatever they give her. She should demand nothing less than the best for herself instead of being kind and polite all the time. Its frustrating as a fan how little she values her appearance and persona on the red carpet. Maybe that’s why she rarely ever goes to any events. Its time for KSH to take herself and her image more seriously if she cares for her future and her fans.

  13. I need her on screen again! 1.5 years feels more like 10! Why has she been gone so long? When will she finally be back? Can’t she do 2-3 projects every year! Its depressing when she’s gone from the screen!

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