Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Reportedly Cast in Modern Romance C-drama Cherry Amber Making it the Third Time Working Together After Love Like the Galaxy and The Long Ballad

It’s annoying when fandoms of popular well-liked onscreen couples turn against each other and such has happened in C-ent with summer hit drama Love Like the Galaxy leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si. Aside from CP fans, their individual fandoms have been at odds since the drama wrapped for various reasons so they don’t like this news much but I’m super excited. C-ent is saying that Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si may team up for the third time for a modern school yard romance drama titled Cherry Amber (樱桃琥珀 Ying Tao Hu Po). The production has offered them the leads and it’s reportedly happening, but will have to wait for Zhao Lu Si to finish filming xianxia drama Hidden Gods (神隐 Shen Yin) with male lead Jin Bo Ran. Wu Lei’s fandom is annoyed that Zhao Lu Si’s fandom leaked this casting news first saying it’s not set in stone and their side is using Wu Lei to keep her name in the papers. Her side says it’s just posting the usual casting rumor and they don’t need to use Wu Lei to drum up interest since there is more buzz for Zhao Lu Si’s next drama Hidden Love than for Wu Lei’s next drama Nothing But You. I sure hope both sides simmer down and get along at least for the sake of this potential third time working together.


Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Reportedly Cast in Modern Romance C-drama Cherry Amber Making it the Third Time Working Together After Love Like the Galaxy and The Long Ballad — 29 Comments

  1. yeahhh third time reunion pls. geez c netz are so annoying. they always fighting. the more popular you are the more hates you attract. pretty sure wulei and lusi still in a good term.

  2. I think Zhao Lu Shi needs to slow down. It’s good that she’s enjoying her fame and want to take in the dough but it could have a bad effect on her as she’s in too many of them. She tend to mostly do rom-com and I think now is the time to challenge herself in movies or darker roles. She may just be typecast in dramas forever.

    • The thing is mostly all popular actors or actress in Chinese ent r being typecast one way or another when u look at it carefully ooo.

    • If u look at it carefully mostly all the popular actors n actress r being typecast. Honestly I don’t blame them with all the restrictions the ent industry to follow.

  3. Why are they shooting non-stop? 3 dramas in a year. It is so boring to see the same pairing in a short period of time.

    No wonder Cdramas has no quality.

    • Ur comment show that u have no idea what u r talking about, u just commented base on what u just read n u didn’t even read it well too, unless ur comment was not well constructed to put in words what u want to say.

  4. This is ridiculous, fans on both ends need to chill Imo they need to get a life , I heard is fake news so let’s wait n see if this will materialize or not. The thing is they r definitely going to be paired again, their names have been circulating in other projects as well,how soon, time will tell. these two can act, all we need is a good script n directing n we r good to go. The sisnopsis sounds to much like their previous characters in llgt, just in a mordern n school setting, I can understand why the team of the cherry amber will want them has leads but if they don’t take this project, it all good. Anyway I will be watching any reunion project these two will get involve in. Hopefully soon

      • Basically this blog was 90% k-ent previously? So I check back every once in a while and see that c ent has taken over. I will probably stop visiting eventually.

      • Because people aren’t bothering with this blog anymore now that k ent is barely covered anymore.

    • I’m watching more C-dramas than Korean ones these days (and started to follow C-ent news too), so this change in koala’s playground is 👍🏻👍🏻 for me. Keep it up, Koala!

      • Same. I do not watch Kdramas these past few days (months?) Been binging with Cdramas.I like I get updates for both, including Japanese at times. Keep it up miss koala!

    • I am grateful that Koala are doing posts about Chinese entertainment. She had opened my eyes to what C drama can offer and some of these drama had made it into my list of favourites.

  5. Haissst! What is happening to this C-netizens.I hope this third collaboration will materialize. It is good to see them in a modern drama.

    Btw, I am both excited with the upcoming moderna dramas of these two Nothing But You and Hidden Love. So , I can say, future days will be excitedly to look forward to.❤️

  6. C-fans make their celebs look like enemies every time news like this comes out. I am sure ZLS and WL know they are good partners onscreen and will find a good project to return to however I don’t believe this news cast. Its too soon and the story is not compelling enough. If they get cast together, I hope for a good romance, not a high school romance.

    • Lol, it’s time you open your eyes to how c-ent works. Certain celebrities in c-ent maintain close ties with their fandoms, aka they hire/appoint professionals to manage their fandoms. More than three quarters of the fandom fights are instigated by these professionals for various purposes such as boosting fandom morale, help them snatch good projects or rip their drama partners for higher fan-wei(番位).

      • In other words, these celebs actually really hate each other in real life and want to tear each other apart. I don’t know what’s more shameful for these Chinese celebs then. No one deserves to be a celeb if this is how c-ent works. Its no wonder when a celeb falls, they fall pretty hard, that innocent persona doesn’t last long.

      • . Im new in cdrama just started this year. im so suprised by how toxic cnetz are. literally damn toxic. esp fans in the big fandom. the only thing they know is fight

      • @neen not necessarily hate each other, it’s just each man for his own. There’s hardly any true friendship between celebrities unless their work doesn’t overlap with each other or doesn’t hurt their benefits. For example, actors/actresses can still be friends with variety show hosts or singers. They can also divided into factions based on their backings such as the infamous Alibaba faction.

    • @memetu If the toxicity affects your mood for c-dramas, I would suggest you to avoid and ignore the fandoms and only just focus on watching the dramas themselves.

  7. Um, why are you posting very unreliable rumors on your blog that have not materialized, like the Yang Zi and Wang He Di drama? One of Zhao Lu Si’s big fan accounts on weibo said it is fake news a few days ago.

    You should know that the company behind this drama will not cave in just because some online accounts tell them to pick actor A or B, especially not after they harrassed the company the last few days.

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