KBS Mon-Tues Drama Curtain Call Cancels Press Conference Ahead of Premiere as South Korea Enters National Mourning for the Itaewon Halloween Tragedy

Life goes on even after major tragedy but some adjustments happen and such is is the case in South Korea. It’s been a scant day after the Halloween celebration tragedy in Itaewon that led to a stamped crowd crush now over 150 deaths. The country has announced a national mourning period for one week and with that many things are cancelled or delayed. Album releases, concerts, fan meetings and live show broadcasts that are not news are being scrapped that were scheduled in this coming week. KBS new Mon-Tues drama Curtain Call will still premiere on Monday but the earlier in the day press conference has been cancelled entirely. Also I have not heard of any K-dramas this week from the currently airing batch that are being postponed or pre-empted at this time.

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