tvN Releases Set of Three Official Drama Stills of New Leading Lady Go Yoon Jung in Upcoming Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

Her short guest appearance in summer 2022 fantasy K-drama Alchemy of Souls was definitely Go Yoon Jung‘s breakout. There were three near same age female leads in Sweet Home and Park Kyu Young has the better character and Go Min Si had the more interesting arc so it wasn’t Go Yoon Jung’s breakout vehicle. She was okay in Law School but nothing to spark the audience’s further interest but setting the stage in Alchemy of Souls as Naksu in a short but impactful entrance was the lightning in a bottle that she will now have a chance to fully capitalize on as the female lead for season 2 Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow. The production released three official stills today and she looks lovely as the returned Naksu, if that is indeed her character though her “body” was burned so one wonders who she got it back.


tvN Releases Set of Three Official Drama Stills of New Leading Lady Go Yoon Jung in Upcoming Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow — 11 Comments

  1. Hmm interesting. Hope they manage to flesh out the story a little better here and how she went from burnt body to the original Naksu body again. Also I’m hoping there will be a story arc of how she gets back to her roots (i.e. as an assassin) cos I’m not really here for innocent & clueless young FL falling for angsty, seasoned and dark ML (which is how Uk has been portrayed so far in S2). That is gonna be so contrived and boring. Naksu only interests me when she’s an assassin, but we shall see. NOT counting on Hong sisters to deliver tho. Lol.

      • I was expecting the comeback of Nasku, the assassin. Clearly, these pictures don’t mean that but more the comeback of the missing daughter?

        But you accused me of judging just with pictures when you’re doing the same saying she’s better than the previous heroine just with pictures too…

  2. I wonder if they’re having her come back as an amnesiac. She has such a different vibe here than in season 1. I feel like she’s more like a bu-yeon here. I wonder if this season will have it flipped where bu-yeon is the conscious self and naksu is hidden.

  3. After watching “Sweet Home,” I don’t remember/recognize either GoYounJung despite being so upset at her death scene because she was more useful than other character (ParkGyuYoung I don’t recognize her). Both didn’t leave an impression. Then there’s GoMinSi, I hated her character and that’s the only reason I recognize her.

    Naksu (pre MD soul shift) was such fascinating characters. The brief 10-20 overall appearance was just enough to showcase such a rich character, yet we don’t know much about her & everything we hear is from the bystanders. I Hated Naksu in MD’s body, she over stayed her welcome and was restricted; hence, JSM was never given the full potential. As a result, her held back impacted her romance w/ Uk and I just wanted Naksu to be free. But now with these new stills and knowing that there’s 10ep, I have a feeling the development will not meet my expectation unfortunately.

    The biggest takeaway is GYJ is extremely beautiful here and brings some freshness to Kdrama land. She also a pretty good actress from what I’ve seen too.

  4. The biggest issue is the storytelling I think, how they didn’t manage to wrap up ANY thread in the 20 episodes of season 1. The whole missing daughter arc was not even completed and now everything will be resolved in 10 episodes? Not gonna happen so I won’t be watching.

  5. Ten episodes. Yeah, might as well deal in advance with the fact at least half of stuff won’t get resolved and save yourself the frustration.

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