C-actor Jing Bo Ran Reportedly Departs Soon to Film Xianxia C-drama Hidden God with Zhao Lu Si, Netizens Think Either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo May Step in to Save the Production

Well this is a totally juicy “what the hell happened behind the scenes” rumored casting scuffle. Today an entertainment blogger claimed that reputable sources are saying that C-actor Jing Bo Ran has “ran off” from the soon to start filming xianxia drama Hidden God. What is he a runaway bride lol! He was confirmed last month and the filming was on the eve of starting so netizens think he’s upset that his fandom and Zhao Lu Si‘s fandom got into a fight over who should have top billing. While Zhao Lu Si is now a popular ’95 flower but Jing Bo Ran was an top star way before her popularity surge. Or maybe he simply no longer thought it was the right role for him. The rumor also says that a W-last name actor will step in as last minute replacement and C-netizens think it’s either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo. Additional W-named actors include Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) and Wang An Yu, with thankfully Wu Yi Fan gone from the industry. This is a developing story so it’s all fast moving gossip right now.


C-actor Jing Bo Ran Reportedly Departs Soon to Film Xianxia C-drama Hidden God with Zhao Lu Si, Netizens Think Either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo May Step in to Save the Production — 56 Comments

  1. She and her media team can’t seem to stand on their own without dragging Wulei through the mud. Apparently they are having a hard time finding actors willing to work with her. Maybe she should take a look in the mirror. No actors/actresses who has worked with her has escaped unscathed.

    • Do you even know what you’re saying? Have you personally talked to the actors Lusi worked with? Did they tell you that they’ve been harmed physically, emotionally or socially? I don’t know Lusi personally but the BTS of her dramas clearly shows she has good relations with her male leads. And none of her ex ML have given negative comments about her. You should be the one to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. If you hate her so much, stop reading anything about her and find other constructive things to do. You spew so much hate, it’s not going to do you good.

      • Nobody ever says anything bad about their colleagues there. They leave it to their fans that are managed by directives to duke it out. And boy, is it fun to see how it always turns out after she is done filming something. Lusi stans are so much fun. Once she crashes and she will, your heads will explode!

      • @anon/let the world burn: please go touch some grass. you sound like you haven’t seen the sun in years.

    • Oh c’mon lets not judge Zhao Lusi and her team., not because we don’t like an actor or actress we can just judge them😡. Btw who are the actors or actress that she has destroyed??? Don’t you know movie stars live on gossips 🤣🤣, please… whoever you are … don’t be easy to judge someone like that, besides Zhao Lusi is a versatile actress and is a bankable one too. Let’s just spread love not hate ok? Happy Holidays everyone❤️

    • Oh c’mon lets not judge Zhao Lusi and her team., not because we don’t like an actor or actress we can just judge them😡. Btw who are the actors or actress that she has destroyed??? Don’t you know movie stars live on gossips 🤣🤣, please… whoever you are … don’t be easy to judge someone like that, besides Zhao Lusi is a versatile actress and is a bankable one too. Let’s just spread love not hate ok? Happy Holidays everyone❤️

    • You acting like a spoiled brat child do you even know her? every actors she work with they have a chemistry so why so jealous of her? Stupid jealous bitch

  2. It’s 井 Jing Boran not Jin 金. If you are Chinese there is no way you could mix it up… There is no way Wu Lei is going to do it too because the role is secondary to Lusi’s character and the male actor will just look like an afterthought. Chinas top paparazzi Liu Dachui already said their CP is fake and they arent dating too

    • @anon You really have a way to put people down huh?
      Soorrrry… not everyone can read Chinese. So what?

      Also you keep harping on about her bad publicity team…. let me tell you a little secret… the whole entertainment industry is cut throat and a toxic industry. SURPRISE!! Look no further than Hallyu in Korea, and or Hollywood. Just because her team got caught, doesn’t mean other celebrities are angels… they’re just better at convering up their tracks.

      I enjoy watching Zhao Lusi’s work, I think she’s pretty good to watch in dramas though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan… but when you keep attacking her like this, I can’t help but speak up. You are quite passionate in trying to convince people to dislike her… why? What’s it to you?

      Let people like what they like in their own terms, without comments like yours that just seems to rain on people’s parade.

      Also, this talk that she needs to slow down… just calm your farm. She’s trying to make money… like everyone working in the entertainment industry. So if there’s work available, she’ll take it. She seems to have the stamina to do it… so why not? Why are you giving her armchair career advice?

      Oh dear… I’m baffled by some people. Take a CHILL PILL PEEPS 😎 🤙

      • Sylvia are you alright? It is not a put down to point out Jing Boran’s name is wrong and should be corrected. If someone called Joe Biden “Joey Biden” or called Jungkook “Jungkoo” do you think its fine? All it does is explain why Koala posts so many fake rumors, because she literally isnt fluent.

      • Again @anon. Seriously take a chill pill! The gall to ask if I’m alright!?!

        This is an English gossip column. When the writer of the article wrote the name of the actor, it is correct, everyone knew who she was referring to. There are also pictures to go with it!

        Koala is using whatever resource she can to get these articles out, and i am one who enjoys it. I don’t read Chinese, so this is a good alternative for me.

        If you don’t like it, then don’t come here. Don’t read.
        Here’s a thought, why don’t you go start your own site, using your fluent Chinese to translate Chinese gossip articles into English.

        Ps. Most gossip articles are fake anyways. But it’s juicy and fun to read. So sue me!
        I take most things with a grain of salt. Not everyone is a knucklehead and believes everything they read. Use your God given brain!

      • Anon is just pointing out Koala’s pinyin mistakes. Whats wrong with correcting someone if she is literally mis-spelling people’s names all the time? And I second him/her. Koala often post rumors by unknown yxhs that has literally nobody ever talking about it. Sounds like she just randomly google her fave actors’ names and take the first rumor she sees, instead of following the bigger or more reliable accounts.

      • it’s okay, guys! Thanks for the love and support. Corrections are fine and I make mistakes all the time and appreciate corrections so I can fix it.

        But yes @Anon seems fixated on whenever I mistakenly romanize a Chinese character. I am more fluent in Wade-Gilles, of course, but honestly Pinyan is easier to use and reads smoother so I try to use it more other than with Taiwanese stars that still use the K v. G or Ch v. J/Q/Zh and you know the drill.

        I just blog to share news I read is all, glad some folks find some value in reading. 🙂

      • @Anna There is nothing wrong with correcting someone’s spelling mistake. But when @Anon adds “IF you are Chinese there is no way you could mix it up…” that is just unnecessarily condescending.

        She habitually puts down ZLS for whatever publicity stunt her team did, and whatever hurt is hurled onto the other party.
        Yeah, alright… oh WuLei’s name got dragged through the mud, he is so wounded that he is crying himself a river because of ZLS fan’s antics. Give me a break, i’m sure he dabbles his wet eyes with the rolls of money he’s made from the popularity garnered in the drama with her in LLTG!

        Koala may not be fluent like you in Chinese… but what she’s got is enough for me. Good job Koala. Love your work!

    • Also it is Song 祖 Zu Er not Song Zhu Er, I think I understand now why Koala posts a lot of fake C-Ent rumors if she relies on Google Translate.

      • I don’t usually bother wasting my time but I’m curious. If you’re so amazing at Chinese – then what are you doing here on an English site? Stick to weibo then instead of coming to a blogger’s site and saying nasty things that are completely incorrect. Would you go to someone’s house and badmouth them? No, you wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t be able to hide behind fake/no name. Regardless of which stars you support, show some respect and decency or all you’ll do is make yourself AND the stars you “support”and “defend” look bad.

      • If I’m not mistaken, koala is taiwanese. Taiwanese dont have the same spelling in translating mandarin into alphabets, as in Chinese’s pinyin. Eg. the name of actress Puff Kuo, using pinyin it should be written as Puff Guo. So there’s a slight difference there.

      • Even if Koala is Taiwanese, Jing 井Boran is Jing Boran in Pinyin or Wade Gilles. Jing and Jin are different. Its like saying Son Jihyo is the same as Song Jihyo, it isnt and people shouldn’t be upset when told to spell it correctly.

        1. If you can’t even spell a famous or public person’s name correctly when it take 2 seconds to Google or check Wiki, your website will look cheap.

        2. As someone who calls out Koala for posting a lot of fake rumours (because I suspect she is not a native Chinese speaker and doesn’t understand how to discern clearly fake melons when reading, it’s really a matter of reading comprehension and I would be hopeless in reading Thai gossip forums too), I finally get why she does it if she can’t even bother to check how to spell a popular actor’s name correctly when it’s on Wikipedia.

        3. The principle of the matter is, it is not wrong to tell an entertainment blogger to spell someone’s name correctly for her own credibility. If someone at work spelt your surname wrongly would you ignore it and think “Its OK they are a nice person let them call me Silver instead of Sylvia”. What kind of entertainment blogger can’t even spell names on Wikipedia correctly and why are their readers calling out comments that ask for better spelling? Do you want this blog to lose credibility or improve?

      • @Anon

        Since you are so upset, just leave? The rest of us have a brain and understand human beings make mistakes, especially with today’s autocorrect that makes a proper mess of things.

        There, you have now unloaded this vast thing that has made you so upset. Off you pop now. We will continue just fine with Koala here.

      • @ Lol that suffered identity theft

        Thanks for the love gurl, and also I like super love your new handle even more it’s, like, epic. XD

        @ Anon

        Let me give you some advice. It’s always a bad idea to double down, even if you are “technically” correct. It’s like focusing on the misspelled word when most everyone else wants to talk about the content of the essay. You just come across as a sanctimonious tryhard.

        Are you correct? Yes! Do most people care? No! See, it’s not that hard. Thanks for the corrections, I make edits and corrections all the time and never have a problem with it. You seem to take it personally and I’m sorry you feel that way.

        I know I make mistakes in writing, in spelling, in grammar, in even the news I report but it’s never intentional and I don’t lose sleep over it nor is there any shame in it. Just keep doing better. If a news turns out later either to be false or true then but later didn’t happen, it’s no biggie to have shared it.

        I’m only chiming in because you’re making yourself look bad and I don’t presume it’s necessarily your intention. If it was to shame me, not sure it worked. If it was to make yourself look better, it kinda didn’t.

      • @Lol & Koala
        Nobody is upset just because they asked for better spelling. In fact I was the one who posted on an older post to Koala that Jing Boran was rumored to have quit Hidden Gods. In that post I definitely spelt his name right so it’s a matter of copy and pasting his name.

        Kim Soohyun and Kim Sohyun are 2 different people too, Jin 金 & Jing 井 are different surnames, if Koala is Taiwanese she should know. It would help her site’s credibility to check rumors and spelling more before posting, its mindboggling how Kpop fans are known to be upset if you spell their idols name wrongly but Cpop fans are expected to just be happy if Cpop is being discussed even if it’s fake rumors with bad spelling. I’m an overseas Chinese like Koala (yes Taiwan isn’t China) and I want to see more Cpop sites that report accurately.

  3. Nah, I doubt Wu Lei will take up the replacement job when he’s currently suffering at the hands of Zhao Lusi’s shipper fandom with him.

  4. Jing Boran appears to be a calm, collected guy. He wouldn’t want to be involved in any fan wars. I also personally think this isn’t the right project for him. I know I’ll be blasted for saying this, but XLS has been filming non stop, project after project. She’s already over exposed and it is bound to simmer down especially if all drama people see is her and her projects. If JB films this with her, by the time it gets released, in 2023 or 2024, she’ll have over exhausted her popularity, and it will affect him. By the speed she is going, that’s likely to happen. No one can keep this kind of momentum forever esp in c-ent, and if she keeps doing the same thing, there will be no new offering.

    Her fans and WL’s fans have an ongoing nasty fights. I don’t think WL will sign.

    Crazy me would like to see a pairing with WYB. His fans are notorious for fighting with almost every fandom in the c-ent. They’ll fight head on with ZlS fans. Tip billing will be the first one to fight with. Seniority wise, ZLS should get the top billing. WYB has never had drama work where he was top billing, always 2nd, I think. And he doesn’t have much projects in the past. Even his drama with Zhao Liying tanked. His only noteworthy project was Untamed, but then he was a 2nd billing there too, and the story belonged to Wei Wu Xian, not his character. He has movies, but none has been shown so far.

    I personally thought XLS should slow down and put more works into knowing her characters, rather than rush to everything. I see deterioration in her acting esp the 2nd part of LLG. And I associate that with her not having enough time to emerge herself into the role. It was very obvious when WL was acting alongside her.

    If it is WYB, who just doesn’t have the acting capability at this point, and XLS doing her rush-rush thing, it’ll be interesting to see the finish product. But even more so about the very possible fan war bw the 2 fandom.

    • Can you imagine what kind of chaos it would be if these two worked together? They would slaughter each other.

      I’ll get the popcorn.

    • Yibo somehow managed to get great connections in the past few months and has been starring in a few movies with top stars like Tony Leung and Zhou Xun, and even top billing in the movie with Hu Jun. If he stars in this drama, no way he is gonna be second billing imo. His team would definitely fight for first or equal billing, but then again Lusi has Yang Xiaopei backing her up. The fan war would definitely be interesting to watch; Yibo with his BL fandom and Lusi with her crazy shipper fans.

      • Let’s talk about how awesome Yibo’s movies are when they actually see the light of day. I know his fans love to talk about his glorious movie career but back here in the real world we prefer to actually see a movie before we start even talking about the quality, never mind him as a movie star .

        I mean I understand why you toilets are pressed and fantasizing but give it a break.

      • How did you interpret me as a fan of Yibo from the comment above? I’m not a fan of ugly stuff unlike an uncultured whore like you, who stan a pig-looking actress. Yibo and Lusi would be a perfect pairing because they would match each other visually, and therefore I am rooting for him to be the actor that gets cast in Hidden God. Because then, not only would we have a clown fest of a drama, we would have a shitshow outside of it too.

      • @Anna

        I am not a Zhao Lusi fan and even they are not so bad to call people “uncultured whore” – this is the sign of toilets and only toilets. The way you give yourselves away is amazingly funny.

      • Well you do seem to love dirty talk with your mention of toilets, so I’m just going by your standards. Anyway since you are not a fan of Zhao Lusi, I believe you would be happy if Wang Yibo is the male lead (or Yu Shuxin as the female lead would be nice too). Let the ugly people star together so we can get visual pairings.

      • @Anna “uncultured whore”… for stanning an actress? Are you for real? The misogyny in that comment lmao

      • “uncultured whore” lol yikes on bikes. you should check yourself because that comment is… holy sh*t at this point you haters are the more deranged ones than the supposedly “deranged” ZLS fans, at least they’re not calling others gross names for liking an actress

  5. Wang HeDi, WuLei and Wang AnYu are out because they have projects at the same time. Wang YiBo is said won’t be do any drama anytime soon because he aims to be a movie actor. So who ever Mr W will be most likely won’t be a big name or liuliang.

  6. I don’t think We Lei will take this role if he will be a 2nd top billed only and as a fan of him I won’t like that. He is way deserving a great drama that will be his only, his brand, his trademark. He is so good being just a flower in Lusi’s drama. For Wang Yibo, he has a large fandom in China so this drama will be having a great fan wars if WYB put his name in here. For Jing Boran, he is a decent man. He has a good reputation in the industry. I think there is a depper and very reasonable reason why he resigned from the role in the last minute.

  7. It can’t be Wu lei cos he is confirmed for another project with Zhao JinMai. I read somewhere Wang Yibo is gonna do a movie next (not confirmed). Both Wang Anyu and Wang Hedi are booked for their next project.

  8. I am not a fan of JBR, so I don’t mind the change at all.

    Gossip tends to make people feel negative, because it is not helpful and often negative. That simply “ran off” will cost them a lot. Could have been “pulled out” , but noooo “ran off” , make it juicier!

    Xu Kai’s drama is also left damaged, we’ll never know what is really happening in that industry.

  9. As an older person I find this whole situation likened onto a soap opera in America. All I wanted was to see a sequel to “Ancient Poetry”, because I enjoyed it so much. I’m sure Jing Boran is a nice person. I’ve not seen one of his dramas, so I can’t make a statement to his acting. My question is why collaborate in the first place, if terms weren’t to his liking. He’s a veteran actor who knows the ins and outs. Per usual the blame is always pushed onto Zhao Lusi. I’m so tired of it.

    Is she overworked-maybe, but she’s not the only actress/actor with more than one drama out in the same year. She has that “it” factor which can’t be denied whether dramas, livestreams, etc. She’s on every top ten list there is….in fact she’s now #1 on the livestream pyramid. Her numerous dramas are still making news on twitter and other social platforms.

    Fans can say whatever they want, but when has being a ML of Zhao Lusi hurt their reputation??? Yang Yang has been talked about since April and it’s now November because of WRTW. Tencent award, top ten drama lists, Netflix… Oh, that is so terrible. BTS videos show they had an excellent rapport. Dating rumor??? So what. Again, they are not the only CP with dating rumors. It happens every time after a drama is completed. It’s to hype the drama. Wu Lei is a sweetheart, but being in drama with Zhao Lusi has not hurt him either. LLTG has been in news since July until now, still no #1 on lists. A lot of awards garnered already with more to come I’m sure. He’s already gotten 4 new projects lined up. Hurt him…think not. Check BTS videos-no conflict. The one who has been hurt is Zhao Lusi who is constantly being bombarded by anti fans. You’re judging her by headlines written by paparazzi and some not so reliable Youtube channels, and sites. If you don’t want to watch her dramas, fine. Watch someone elses PLEASE! Don’t disrespect her or the male actor who chose to work with her. That’s the key word chose. Her male best friend is the only one I know of that has stood up for her online. Kudos to him for having the guts to do that.

    Maybe the Chinese entertainment business should stop worrying about costumes & the amount of kissing in a drama, and concentrate on protecting actresses/actors from bullying and hate messages from fans.

    • She willingly exchanged her own reputation and likeability for fame in the first place, so don’t complain when people don’t like her or don’t want to work with her. If she and her fandom continue acting like this, she will become the next Wang Yibo – vehemently shunned by previous co-stars and their fans when news of a second collaboration came.

      Talk about blowing your own trumpet. Yang Yang is more famous and has always been talked about. He doesn’t need WRTW, you don’t see his fans talk about this drama anymore except for his costume. Wu Lei was bombarded by the RPS shipper fandom who all put on profile photo of him and Zhao Lusi in LLTG kissing when his studio (or similar) requested no images of any other person except Wu Lei for some birthday picture submission.

      So please stop making out Zhao Lusi to be a victim. The dislikes that she’s garnering from C-ent are a result of her own actions. We didn’t judge Zhao Lusi based on headlines, it’s directly from her and her fandom’s antics on weibo and chinese forums.

    • IKR? Is it just me or these haters are bored AF because I feel like they check Koalas vlogs everyday then look if she writes something about Lusi then start these nonsense attack towards Lusi? 🤔 I mean no one is forcing them to read Koalas page. I’ve been reading Koalas page since 2010 since I started watching K-Dramas because I’d like to read her reviews, first impressions or any drama recommendations before I start my K-Drama marathon, I may not agree with some of Koalas opinions but I never disrespected her on her very own page.

    • Here’s a helpful hint – you will look less like a stan big you write stuff that aren’t delusional.

      Yang Yang isn’t being talked about because of Who rules the world and Zhao Lusi. He is talked about because he has been around for a decade or so and has had other massively successful shows, the kind of Zhao Lusi can only dream about.

      Oh and your famous major hit LLG, never seen before it was so huge, was so amazing that Tencent is reporting big losses due to low quality shows. Galaxy was a fake hit, with fake heat and fake views and literally everyone in the fan circles knows this.

      Welcome to reality, enjoy your stay.

      • @smh what fandom are you belong to? you hate love like the galaxy so much arent you? fake views, fake hit hahahah. oh I wonder why tencent has so much energy to fake everything for the SAKE of love like the galaxy. are you saying this because your fav’s show flop or what lol

      • Wow this is how I can tell you’re a stan and hopelessly devoid of acting standards. Yang Yang being talked about – yea – for being a good looking vase and that’s about it. He has the honor of having no emotional output and wooden acting. He only gets talked about because his acting sucks! That’s something to be proud of, huh?

    • LLTG is a hit only in the minds of Zhao Lusi fans. Lots of “awards”. Which awards would that be, considering it wasn’t even mentioned in any actually reputable awards?

      In the rest of reality, Tencent recorded loss of subscribers, loss of advertising revenue by over a quarter, loss of investors. Someone is going to be answering to the shareholders soon why LLTG was given so much when the returns were all negative. Let’s not even mention who knocked on their door because of all the fake data.

      Your post truly is something extra when it comes to fans who have no contact with the real world.

      • lmao in the mind of zls fan your ass @wth. It is indeed a hit show not explosive but considered as hit this year. lltg is the only show that appear in q3 tencent’s financial report and the second drama that was mentioned at tencent group financial report this yr after AOS. number 1 bestseller drama in tencent classic subscriber this year. the highest single daily views at wetv in 2022. lltg is a flop in the mind of zhao lusi haters lmao. they just cant stand seeing zls becoming more popular after lltg

    • So basically, according to you Zhao Lusi made Yang Yang happen? Made Wu Lei happen too.

      I am choking with laughter here. Wow. Just wow.

    • lol.. the way you dragged yangyang’s name here as if it is thanks to zhao lusi that ppls are discussing abt him lmaoo. that’s why i can’t never like her even if I’m trying to like her. her fans always dragged her co-stars and at the same time make her looks more superior. I can’t with this narcissistic fandom behaviour

      • and fyi, you don’t care about the dating rumours because it’s beneficial to some peoples because it can gain more traffic to them. but apparently to yangyang’s side, it’s harmful coz otherwise, he’ll not sue those who spread the fake rumours about him dating her last year. and fyi again, yangyang is being discussed not just because wrtw like what your delusional thinking had thought. but because of so many other things like yamg achievements which continuously received awards till now, abt gosf, and soo many other things like his cfs and magazines. so stop with your delusional thinking that it’s thanks to zhao lusi that ppls are talking abt him because it is not. just please stop dragging her costar to make her superior.

        sometimes i felt sympathy towards zls because she has so many haters. but whenever i saw her fans dragged other actresses/actors to uplift her especially my favs one, the sympathy is totally gone.

  10. shame if this is true bc i really wanted to see jing boran as the male lead. he has a different vibe than zls’s more popular pairings, so i think the cp would have served up something unique and different. don’t think wu lei or wang yibo will be taking it instead though, they’ve got their own things going on.

  11. Okay peeps, my two cents about Zhao Lu Si, and take it for what I gleaned from C-fandom.

    Zhao Lu Si is one of the most successful young flowers of her generation, like 3 hit and 2 kinda buzzy dramas in 3 years. She’s either lucky or has the “It” factor. Either way, success breeds heightened scrutiny, it comes with her new territory.

    There have been innumerable instances of Zhao Lu Si’s agency, herself, or her fandom doing something to promote her seemingly at the expense of another (costar, friend, colleague, project), whatevers. Is it “wrong”? Not that I can tell after reading the details. It’ is kinda annoying her side seems so self-promoting? Maybe, but who isn’t. It’s like she’s Tracy Flick and we all want our starlets to be Rhett Butler who “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn” in how cool the ascension to stardom should be.

    Am I annoyed by her. Not at this time, and maybe not ever. I loved her performance in Love Like the Galaxy, full stop. Does knowing there is controversy around her taint it? No. Will it if in the future she, her agency, or her fandom does something supremely annoying? Maybe. So right now she’s talented enough to stand on her own, maybe wanted success too hard in the beginning and did some stuff to rightfully ruffle feathers, but the dichotomy between ZLS fans and ZLS haters is wildly polar opposites when it’s really just somewhere in between.

    I do worry her diehard C-fandom could turn into something similar to most annoying K-actor fandom of recent memory Kim Sun Ho’s fans after his Start-Up days. They nearly made casual fans of the actor annoyed by his presence onscreen by touting him akin to the second coming of Christ. Sure that’s an exaggeration but that’s exactly what the level of vehement KSH pushing that was happening. Sometimes its better to just ease the pedal on the gas a bit.

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