Reborn Rich Jumps to 8.845% Ratings in Episode 2 and 10.826% in Episode 3 as jTBC Has Another Hit on its Hands Maximizing Momentum with Airing 3 Episodes Each Week

I didn’t pay attention to the airing schedule for Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) so it was like a treat from the drama gods to wake up on Sunday with a new episode 3! jTBC is airing three episodes each week from Fri-Sun and what a great way to kick off a ratings hit and critically lauded new drama. Episode 2 on Saturday went up over 2% in ratings to 8.845% and that’s a certified hit for the cable network. Then episode 3 went through the roof with 10.826% ratings. Even better was how insanely good episode 2 was, it blew everything out of the water when Lee Sung Min‘s patriarch arrived and stole every scene without even needing to, he’s that good and charismatic and also plays a fascinating character. The way the entire family revolves around him, needs him, fears him, craves his attention, the interpersonal connections are well laid out from the get go and the incredible supporting cast nails each unique son/daughter/in-law role. Kim Kang Hoon was epic as young Song Joong Ki in the body of the youngest grandson, going toe-to-toe with acting god Lee Sung Min and holding his own. It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings go but as far as quality and an interesting story this drama has it enough to keep me hook hopefully for the duration of its run.


Reborn Rich Jumps to 8.845% Ratings in Episode 2 and 10.826% in Episode 3 as jTBC Has Another Hit on its Hands Maximizing Momentum with Airing 3 Episodes Each Week — 17 Comments

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  2. Those ratings are crazy! SJK and LSM delivering JTBC it’s first big hit in years. The whole family and their dynamic is riveting. I hope SJK’s character will get his revenge.

  3. Lee Sung Min is amazing in this drama – i know SJK is the biggest draw in the show, but LSM is surely gonna be the award winner for this drama. His acting is very captivating

    • LSM’s acting is sweeping the floor with everyone else. Even SJK is falling short against him. It’s a treat to see a veteran actor flex their abilities like this.

      He will be nominated for sure, but in what category?

      • Lee Sung Min is on fire in episode 2. But Song Joong Ki and Kim Nam-Hee stole the spotlight in episode 1. They are really killing it. It sadden me many don’t don’t like episode 1, because that episode is filled with good performances. I don’t think Lee SUng Min will stand the acting alone. This drama fill with great actor. if they get a chance to show their skills, this drama will be fire.

        Kim Jung Nan seems underutilized here, she is barely shown huhu. I’m sad sad fangirl

  4. It hit all the right notes. People watch dramas because they want to see their fantasies come to life onscreen. Hope this will become the next massive hit.

  5. The story has similitaries with recent dramas a la Again my life, golden spoon,…but that’s all . The quality is above and Lee Sung Min is killing it . He has been always a fantastic actor and in this drama he is ” the godfather” that’s all ! I swear that at one moment when he was was watching the kid , i was hypnotised as he was a snake charmer . I recommend to the rookies or even some popular and established actors to learn acting from LSM’s masterclass .

    • I wonder if the writer of Again My Life would agree that there are “similarities.” Having seen Again My Life twice (and liked it) I feel like the hero of both stories, who knows what’s coming because he’s been there, done that.

  6. The greatness of Joong Ji to stand beside a legend, I’m at awe of how good an actor he is. Go go Joong Ki ride as high as you can and take home lots of awards. You are awesome.

  7. Hehehe song joong ki doing well after divorce.Artdhal the one and only flop in his career. I wonder what lydia saying about him get hit drama back to back.

  8. The background music and directing is crazy good. Isekai revenge fantasy have been the trend lately, but this is really good on how it is being directed, and love parts where there is no music too, just makes the drama more intense, and everyone’s acting is really good, and the story is not dumb like Again my life, or golden spoon.

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