Joynews Poll of K-netizens Picks The Glory as Best K-drama of 2023

Alrighty, we’re in November already and 2023 will soon be in the rearview mirror. There will be plenty of time for Best Of lists and posts but Joynews got a kick start by polling 200 plus entertainment industry folks including PDs, agencies, and production heads for their vote for the Best K-drama of 2023. The experts pick came in with The Glory on top with 73 votes followed close by Moving with 64 votes. I actually agree with this choice but Moving made me happier to watch might switch the order for sheer happiness value alone. Third place was a tie at 11 votes between Reborn Rich and Revenant, and it’s a testament to how much people HATED the ending of Reborn Rich for it to fall that low. Next is 6 votes for Mask Girl and Bad Mom, and finally The Interest of Love, Agency, King the Land, Doctor Cha, and Crash Course in Romance tie with 4 votes. I’m just happy I watched most of these dramas already haha.

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Shin Hyun Bin Crowned the Ignominious Title of Most Hated Female Lead in a Mega Hit Drama Due to the Unfortunately Forced Love Line

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TVING Has Great 2022 Getting Slew of Hit K-dramas for Exclusive Streaming Including Reborn Rich, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and More

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