K-netizens Hilariously Cast the Cut Rate Version of Reborn Rich with Familiar Daily Drama Faces

It’s been a few months since the end of hit jTBC drama Reborn Rich and one of the reasons for its success is the incredible cast from Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki down to every single chaebol family member. Recently K-netizens posted about an alterna-version of RR if it was a daily K-drama and here are those frequent daily drama actors and actresses playing the same roles. I don’t even need to write names because these stars are so familiar by face lololol, I don’t watch that many dailies but even the few I’ve watched these are definitely the go to actors and actresses in the usual role of rich grandpa, calculating grandma, greedy uncle/aunt, upright male lead, and poor plucky female lead. But it does also make RR seem like it would be just your garden variety makjang daily if the same plot was changed to a daily drama format.

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Good Data Releases the Buzziest K-dramas in 2022 Per Network with the Longest Time on the #1 Spot Being tvN’s Twenty Five, Twenty One and ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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K-ent Discusses How the Big Three Network Year End Drama Daesang Awards Look Meaningless in Light of the Best Performances in 2022 Come in Cable Dramas with Lee Sung Min and Park Eun Bin

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Shin Hyun Bin Crowned the Ignominious Title of Most Hated Female Lead in a Mega Hit Drama Due to the Unfortunately Forced Love Line

K-actress Shin Hyun Bin is facing the opposite audience feedback of second female lead Park Ji Hyun in Reborn Rich which has increased as the drama ratings have gone up and heading into the finale. This may feel like been … Continue reading

TVING Has Great 2022 Getting Slew of Hit K-dramas for Exclusive Streaming Including Reborn Rich, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and More

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Reborn Rich Hits New Ratings High of 22.456% in Episode 13 as the Story Loses the Magnetic Grandpa and Heads into Final Stretch

jTBC weekend drama Reborn Rich continues to redefine certain aspects of K-dramas, from its fast-paced plot development to dropping three episodes a week so next week is actually the finale already. Can’t believe it, me too! Every weekend the drama … Continue reading