Song Joong Ki and Other Stars Attend 2022 International Emmy’s as The King Affection Wins Best Telenovela in a First for a K-drama

The Korean drama expansion continues into the end of the year as the K-ent contingent made their presence known at this week’s 2022 International Emmy Awards. Not to be confused with the Primetime Emmy’s which are more prestigious covering top US shows, the International Emmy’s are more run the entire spectrum and probably harder to compare shows and performances across various countries. Sageuk drama The King’s Affection took home Best Telenovela in a first for a K-drama, though Squid Game being a Netflix produced show was nominated for a US Emmy and lost out to Succession. Song Joong Ki flew out to New York and attended as a presenter for the Directorate Award, Lee Seon Kyun was there as a nominee for Best Actor, and also present were Korean actor Im Shi Wan and actor-singer Rain. I’m so so proud to see how far K-dramas are being recognized in major international level events.


Song Joong Ki and Other Stars Attend 2022 International Emmy’s as The King Affection Wins Best Telenovela in a First for a K-drama — 16 Comments

  1. They nominated “The King’s Affection” in the telenovela category despite being a 20-episode series just to get a better shot at winning. This feels unfair to the countries that actually produce decent long-form soap operas. Surely, TKA is not comparable to, say, Brazil’s 154-episode “Side by Side”?

    • Telenova category just means TV show that are not US and with only one season. It’s why there a Brazilian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean nominated shows. And 154 episodes doesn’t mean quality…

  2. I was surprised he can speak long english speach for 2 minutes in Emmy awards. His english is getting better I guess… So Proud of Him as a fan become a presenter one of nominee in emmy award.s…. wahhhh…

  3. Idk, perhaps just me but the king’s affection is bad, mediocre at best and the saeguk feels flat, it works mainly because of Pak Eun Bin.

    How I wish different drama wins

    • The first episodes and the premise of twin royals exchanging only for one to die and the the female royal becoming crown prince was interesting. However, the rest of the drama became an average sageuk.
      I feel like it won an emmy as Korea has better chances of winning compared to years before. I started to wonder if a drama like Painter of the Wind, Tree with Deep Roots or even Sungkyunkwan Scandal would have won something like this if Korea had good chances 10 years ago

  4. It would have been nice to see Park Eun-Bin and Rowoon getting the award! They deserved it. They worked so hard for this drama.

  5. I am so happy for him.His career recover so fast,he’s stable right now. 2 hit drama back to back and landed with so many Cf.2 movie after reborn rich,i hope he chose new drama soon.

  6. Like I said before, why just now? The quality is better now? Meh, it’s even better several years ago. K-dramas are already around for decades. So why just now. And I’m sure there’re also other superb international dramas out there that worthy to win but they didn’t. Why? It first needs to be mainstream and be acknowledged by the minority group that think they’re the best in the world.

    • Corea do Sul é realmente um dos melhores em muitos quesitos. Cultura e civilização. E sua indústria cinematográfica vem se destacando no mundo inteiro, uma vez que produções de Hollywood são impossíveis de serem assistidas e/aplaudidas.

  7. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Song Joong Ki’s English. I heard him speak English a couple of years ago and it was pretty bad. He must have been studying hard because he has improved so much.

    Baffled that “The King’s Affection’ won in the telenovela category. Park Eun Bin is a great actress but Korea has made much, much better dramas than that one.

  8. You Should Post

    1. the picture of Micky Lee and Song Joong Ki together
    2. the video of the presentation so that everyone can watch when Vincenzo is mentioned. But not mentioned are the masterpieces Lawless Lawyer and Flower of Evil. All three are produced by Studio Dragon.

    Vincenzo (2021) is the plagiarized version of Lawless Lawyer (2018) and Flower of Evil (2020).

    It’s a conspiracy to boost and bolster Song Joong Ki’s image.

    What does a conspiracy involve?

    The media (writers news, magazines, internet etc; the keyboard warriors, the awards industry from lowest organization till the top political leader, Korean Netflix, the conglomerate that produces the 3 kdrama and so on.

    it is quite shameless.

    • Reborn rich similiar to again my life and its was hit 14% rating now! Flower of evil get baeksang award but vicenzo get more popular in korea and international lol.But i can’t understand why lee joon gi agree take sjk role in artdhal lol lol.Song joong ki get more success and his ex keep decline in success and her acting was mediocre.

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